whale texts

My mother always sends me a random whale emoji when texting. And I always found them annoying since I am just not fond of emojis period. But today I decided to ask her why she keeps doing that, and apparently it’s just her way of telling me she got my message and couldn’t think of anything else to say back. Plus she thinks the whale is cute. So I really shouldn’t be getting bothered over nothing, and accept the whales. Just thought I share this revelation of mine.

one thing I really hate about teachers is their unwillingness to apologize when they did something wrong and instead act like because they are the teachers I am the one that should learn something from the situation and not them

In Which I am Thicker than a Whale Omelete
  • Me: (texting) I know you'll be coming up late, but would you like me to have some dinner ready.
  • FWB: No dinner, but dessert would be nice ;)
  • ME: (Bakes brownies. Then, as I am pulling them out of the oven realize what was ACTUALLY meant.) I am an idiot.