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Mermaid moodboard : Inuit mermaids

Like Sedna, or Sanna; the drowned goddess, Inuit mermaids were once humans. They were women from all ages who drowned by falling under the ice or being washed away by a powerful wave. 
Sedna welcomed thoses women she saw as sisters and granted them the gift of breathing underwater and an orca tail to show that they belonged to the underwater world. She painted their hands with black lines with her hair which symbolizes her own fingers and hands which were cut by her father and from which all the fish sprang out.
Inuit mermaids are benevolent spirits guiding fishermen in winter, leading the fish where they will be needed and calming Sedna when she is angry because of her hair entangled by the currents..

I love it when people take pictures of dead animals they find so they can excitedly show you, and be proud of themselves for identifying it like yes, that is indeed a fox, how awesome!! Shared happiness spawned from an animal carcass


I wanted to draw orca and ended up drawing J54 Dipper and his mother, J28 Polaris. Dipper would have been one of the first orca I could have watched growing up, losing his yellow, getting big and strong, sprouting a tall dorsal fin… Now the only thing I can think of is that their pod is missing both of them.

loudlypalebouquet  asked:

hi!i just want to let you know im so impressed by the pic in "Whale Waching " post! May In know that how do you compose this fascinating ocean and scene in the pic? Thanks

Thank you soooooo much💓

I’ll try to explain this :))

- this scene is the view that you have from the biggest lot on that little island in Windenburg…ofc  you have to wait for that sunset :)) 

- i’ve builded pool on second or third level so i don’t see all those trees around 

- download non transparent pool water (it gives you this reflection of sky and everything else) …i have that first snow mod… i also have sky replacement from alf-si (but now i see that this blog is deleted) :(((

- at the edge of a pool put some stones (that way you camouflage this edge of a pool)… but one part is still exposed (that i’ll fix later with a finger/smudge tool in Photoshop and then it will look like it’s connected with ocean)

- and last thing are angles when you take pics - so important :)))

i just killed the magic with this second pic…hahahha

these 2 pics are not photoshoped…