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Name: Amber
Age: 17
Country: USA

I’ve always wanted a penpal, um I’m in marching band. I am an only child. Pretty open minded. I have no clue what to write here.
I’m a huge reader, i’m into music. whales are my favorite animals. I hope to travel the world someday and just learn.

Preferences: I prefer any one from 17-about 26 i guess. No other preferences truthfully

tachibanaa-makoto  asked:

soumako? [how predictable lmao]


Alright, let’s get this started.  SouMako is one of my top ships for Sousuke and it’s a shame they don’t have quite so much interaction on the show, so I’m super happy to go on a mini rant right here.  

I think Sousuke and Makoto are amazing.  They are both these big guys with bigger hearts (although Sousuke has some serious resting bitch face going on) and I think that they really would compliment each other.   But it’s more than just size or the fact that they both have big mouths (and big other things) and are about the same height (although that does make this ship rather delicious).  

One of the things I love about them so much is that they’re both supports and shields. They’re incredibly supportive of the people they care about, they’re willing to go far out of their way to help someone, and they’re both intensely caring.  That would be the biggest benefit to this ship: Mutual Unquestioning Support, and Care.

Plus, I think Makoto would bring out the fluffiest side of Sousuke ever.  Sousuke can be grumpy and, honestly, lazy and I think dating someone like Rin or Haru or Ai, while those ships are also amazing (and I’ll be getting to the asks for them too in a bit!), would result in a bit more tension, while Makoto is so beautifully sweet that Sou would have a harder time being grumpy at him.  Lazy, yes; grumpy maybe not so much.  You can’t really be upset when you’re dating sunshine.  Also, I think Makoto is like one of the few people who could ever get Sousuke to actually blush and leave him at a loss for words and that’s just so powerful to me.   

That said, however, Sousuke wouldn’t take Makoto’s shit.  Makoto likes to hide his true feelings in order to avoid conflicts, but I think that would bother Sousuke.  Sou doesn’t want someone who’s just there to keep the peace and never argues at all ( He isn’t just a bigger version of Haru and Makoto needs to understand that ). Conflict is a part of life, it helps relationships to develop and expand rather than stay stagnant, and Sou would want to know Makoto’s true feelings about everything rather than just accept Makoto skirting around the subjects.  I think breaking down that part of Makoto would be essential to their relationship and it would be a really big signal of trust and love when Makoto could freely speak his mind without fear because he’d know Sou will love and accept him and would work through anything with him.

Also, look at these big mouth dorks:

They can hug and kiss and not have to bend down!


Diver Keri WIlk has been one of the few people to observe a strange sperm whale trait, described as a “poonado”.

This is thought to be a rarely used defence mechanism, which is different to when the whales defecate before their descent into deeper waters. The whale released an unusual amount of faeces, turned on its side and used its flipper to propel the excrement in a huge 30 metre arc.

This could be the first time this mechanism has been photographically documented, but has been observed in the wild previously.

(Via Daily Mail)