White humpback whale, thought to only be one of four, caught on camera

A white humpback whale spotted over the weekend is believed to be Migaloo, the most famous of the four known whales of its kind.

A group conducting the annual Cook Strait Whale Survey Sunday spotted the animal off the coast of New Zealand. They said when they approached a normal black humpback whale with their boat, they were delighted to discover that it was swimming alongside an extremely rare white humpback whale.

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Have you ever wondered how animals can live in super cold places all the time? Jessi shows you how some cool animals like whales, polar bears, and penguins, keep warm!

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We’ll have to conduct some studies to be sure, but we suspect that the cuter a planter is, the better the plants inside of it will grow. These awesomely adorable animal-shaped planters are the perfect subjects for our tests. They’re the handmade creations of São Paulo, Brazil-based sculptor and ceramics artist Priscilla Ramos of Cumbuca Chic. What little plant wouldn’t want to grow out of an anteater, capybara or a fox? If your theory is correct then seeds probably sprout overnight when planted in a miniature pot with an even tinier bird perched on the side.

This one reminds us of the asteroid that was home to The Little Prince:

Ramos sells her planters, vases, and jewelry via her website and the Cumbuca Chic Etsy shop. Check out the Cumbuca Chic Facebook page for more photos of her kawaii creations, including lots of behind-the-scenes peeks at new works in process:

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