The Westfjords (Icelandic: Vestfirðir) is the name of a large peninsula in northwestern Iceland. It lies on the Denmark Strait, facing the east coast of Greenland. It is connected to the rest of Iceland by a 7-km-wide isthmus between Gilsfjörður and Bitrufjörður. The Westfjords are very mountainous; the coastline is heavily indented by dozens of fjords surrounded by steep hills. I spent a few weeks traveling through the Westfjords region in late summer 2016. I was blown away with its stunning beauty along with it sense of solitude, (The Westfjords are very sparsely populated with a total population of 7,380). Being able to drive for hours or walk for days without seeing others was a strange but wondrous feeling. A truly unspoiled wilderness that is all too rare in this modern age.


Drone captures a whale opening its mouth to feed. That is a big mouth.

The Space Whale consists of two stained glass life-sized humpback whales, one a mother and one a calf, weighing 30,000 pounds altogether and reaching 50 feet high. Artist Matt Schultz dreamed up the Space Whale project in 2008, after swimming alongside whales on a vacation in the Philippines. (Source | Photo)


Humpback whale breaching from below and above the water


Humpback whale makes an appearance, Glacier bay, Alaska