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Ong Seongwoo Mafia AU

warnings: blood, guns, violence, cars, street racing-ish 

  • you’re a freelance hacker/coder 
  • having heard about you and your amazing abilities, someone sends you a a letter asking for you to “affiliate” yourself with the 101, the reigning mafia in your town, 
  • while you’re in no way eager to get involved in organized crime once again, the pay attached to it is very good, so you agree
  • the one condition is that you get to work from your own office space instead of moving to their hq, as you have a lot of equipment and stuff that would take a long time to rewire
  • the first “day” on the job, three guys show up at your house, one of them carrying a large briefcase
  • they ring your doorbell, and you watch in slight amusement through the security camera as one of them pulls out a cushion foundation and starts touching up his makeup
  • you allow to come in, sitting in your special rolling chair, surrounded by various screens
  • they file into your room, and introduce themselves one after another
  • the guy with the makeup was ong seongwoo, and he leans over to hand you the briefcase
  • as you pop it open, they explain that it’s the laptop of someone within the 101 who’s trying to betray them, so they need to surreptitiously hack into the laptop without the owner knowing 
  • there really isn’t any kind of special encryption or anything, so you apply an access key and you’re in
  • when you hand the computer back to seongwoo a minute after he gave it to you, the three guys just kind of stare at you in disbelief
  • “what, you want me to do a handstand too?”
  • as they go to leave, seongwoo turns to you
  • “you know, i knew you were good, but i didn’t know you were that good”
  • you kind of smirk at him from the door, waving as they walked off
  • “i’m not just good, sweetie, i’m the best”
  • (naeGA JEIL JAL NAGA) 
  • every couple weeks, they’ll either bring you a phone or computer to get into, or ask you to hack into someone’s email or social media account, all very low level stuff
  • seongwoo always insists on bringing you the task for some reason, and he starts hanging around even after you’re done
  • you don’t really mind, though, he’s funny and entertaining to the max
  • he then discovers that while you may be practically a genuis, you’re terrible at taking care of yourself
  • you start getting texts from him “did you eat?”
  • if you tell him you didn’t, he’ll show up at your house with takeout food
  • checks to makes sure you’re sleeping properly
  • when you get sick and he brings you soup and cold medicine, you realize that maybe, just maybe, you like him
  • then one night, you’re asleep and rudely awoken by the sound of your doorbell being rung about a million times
  • seongwoo is standing there looking extremely stressed
  • “no time to explain, grab your laptop and let’s go” he yelled loudly
  • you grabbed the laptop and a backup battery, following him outside to where a black bmw was waiting, purring loudly
  • seongwoo opened the back door for you before getting into the passenger’s seat quickly
  • the driver had been to your house a couple times before with seongwoo, and his name was sungwoon
  • “can you tell me what exactly i’m supposed to be doing?” you asked loudly, firing up your laptop
  • “one of our guys, kang daniel, got kidnapped” seongwoo explained “we need you to track his phone
  • you nodded, pulling your hair up into a ponytail before opening up the proper program, asking seongwoo for the phone model and number
  • once the program found daniel’s location, you handed the laptop up to seongwoo in the front seat so that sungwoon could follow him
  • his location was moving quickly, and sungwoon pressed down on the gas pedal, going dangerously fast
  • “(y/n), if anything happens, i want you to stay down and don’t make a sound” seongwoo commanded, looking back at you
  • you sent him a look
  • “like hell i will”
  • sungwoon snorted at that, reaching over to the glove box and taking out a pistol, handing it to you
  • “hope you remember how to fire a gun”
  • “hyung, no” seongwoo snapped, glaring at sungwoon
  • you grinned, clicking the safety off of the gun
  • “let’s do this”
  • it had been a while since you’d held a gun, and the feeling of power that rushed through your body was exhilirating
  • “we’re getting close to the car that has daniel” sungwoon said “get ready”
  • you watched as you got closer to the little dot’s location, heart pounding in your chest
  • seongwoo rolled down his window, aiming his pistol
  • once your car was in range, he started firing at the tires, making their car sharply swerve to the right, weaving in between cars
  • the speed picked up, and sungwoon cackled, revving the engine even more
  • seongwoo went through the rounds in the gun before reloading quickly, leaning out of the window to aim again
  • “seongwoo, no!” sungwoon yelled loudly, reaching over to yank seongwoo back into the speeding vehicle
  • he was too late, though– someone from the car ahead of you had rolled down his own video and was sporting his own gun, shooting several rounds at seongwoo
  • most of them missed or hit the car frame, but one clipped him in the shoulder
  • sungwoon looked into the rearview mirror, trading a look with you
  • “get in the backseat” you snapped at seongwoo 
  • “no, i can do this” he said stubbornly, pushing through the obvious pain 
  • sungwoon rolled his eyes and rolled up the window, forcing seongwoo in
  • he reluctantly crawled into the back and you took his place in the front seat, checking your location and daniel’s
  • “they’re heading for the pier” you said to sungwoon “head down that alley”
  • sungwoon yanked the steering wheel to the left, heading down the small alley that you’d directed him
  • “you’re back” sungwoon laughed, sending you a slighly crazed look “i wonder if you still got it?”
  • “whaddya mean, back?” seongwoo slurred, still in extreme pain
  • as you leaned out of the window, aiming at a garbage can a good 50 meters in front of you, sungwoon chuckled at seongwoo’s obliviousness
  • “you didn’t know? (y/n)’s daniel’s half sister, the one who left the 101 to attend school”
  • “the one who erased herself from existence?” seongwoo gaped at you as you fired, one bullet burying itself into the thick plastic where the ‘b’ of garbage was printed on the plastic 
  • “i still got it” you smirked, leaning back into the car
  • “okay, we’re approaching target” sungwoon said loudly, and you rifled through the glove compartment quickly, finding the extra magazines of ammo so that you would be able to reload quickly
  • “do it like in the movies, bud” you grinned, riding the adrenaline as sungwoon nodded, the car shooting out of the small alley onto the large, empty pier
  • just like you predicted, about five seconds later, the car you’d been tailing squealed out of the main road onto the pier
  • sungwoon yanked the wheel violently, sending the car into a chaotic drift
  • as the car barreled forward, your own car squealed, tires snapping so that the car drifted around the curve of the pier
  • right before your car was exactly perpendicular to the one daniel was in, you stuck your body out of the window, aiming and firing, unloading one full magazine into the front window and hood
  • once that magazine was through, you got back inside the car and sungwoon shifted gears, pulling the car out of the drift so that you were parallel to their car
  • one of their windows was unrolled and the guy was aiming his gun at you
  • “wow, what a dumbass” you grinned, popping back up to aim at him
  • your shot hit and he fell back into the driver with a scream, making the car swerve
  • after blowing out one of the tires of their car, sungwoon stopped the car, grabbing his own gun before you two approached the car, seongwoo joining as well despite his shoulder injury
  • only one of the three guys was still concious, the one in the backseat with daniel, as you’d managed to land shots on the other two
  • he didn’t put up much of a fight as sungwoon tied him up before calling in for backup
  • when daniel saw you, he just smiled in thanks, understanding immediately what had happened
  • “welcome back to the family, sis”
  • seongwoo is still in shock about who you are 
  • this whole time he’d been thinking that you were just an innocent gamer
  • lmao sike
  • you visit him in the hospital with food because you feel bad
  • “why wouldn’t you tell me?” he complained, pouting up at you
  • “you never asked” you laughed, flicking him on the forehead
  • “you know how you could make it up to me?”
  • “how?”
  • “feed me~”
  • you roll your eyes at his cheesiness, but you end up feeding him
  • then out of nowhere
  • “hey, (y/N)
  • “yes?”
  • “are you mcdonalds? cuz i’m loving it” 
  • seongwoo winks
  • “yah… did you hurt your head too?”
  • “is your name wifi? cuz i’m feeling a CONNECTION”
  • “seongwoo, if you keep talking, there’s no way in hell i’ll ever go on a date with you”
  • “so you admit that i have a chance?”
  • it takes a lot of pestering on seongwoo’s part, but you finally agree to date him
  • daniel is suspicious of letting his best friend date his half-sister but he can get over it
  • seongwoo’s the type to think he’s protecting you when in reality you’re stronger than him lol
  • still texts you to make sure you’re eating/sleeping and brings you food for at-home dates watching netflix and cuddling
  • super sweet and just does his best to be the best boyfriend he can be

this was super messy i’m sorry lol

Future Leaf: Nylander Edition

William Nylander x Reader

Team: Toronto Maple Leafs

Warnings: Children

POV: Second

I saw your requests are open so i was wondering if you could write william nylander imagine where you have a couple of years old son together who comes to a practise with you two and interacting with uncle mitch and uncle austin and coach being like wow future leaf right there and just kill me with cuteness im ready

Lowkey wanna make this into a series of different Leafs with their children

Originally posted by wagnerhockey

“Can I skate with Aus and Mitch?”

“Honey, no, we didn’t bring you any skates,” You replied for what felt like the millionth time. 

Your son only whined and squirmed in your lap, extending his hands on the glass and slapping it. “I wanna skate!”

“I know,” You soothed, running a hand down your son’s back. “I know you do, but daddy’s practicing right now, okay?”

Not happy with your response, your son groaned and threw his body back, slowly sliding down your lap, making you scoff. 

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Prompt: “Why is your hand on my ass?”

Characters: Dean Winchester x Reader


Originally posted by itsokaysammy

Standing at the bar looking around you glance across the room to see Sam asking the bouncer some questions while Dean was on the other side flirting with the waitresses. You roll your eyes not surprised.

You had just asked the bartender a bunch of questions about the victim, as he spent a lot of time here. Waiting for Sam and Dean to be done, you didn’t notice the guy slowly inching his way closer to you. Not until he was practically breathing on you. “Hey there beautiful” he whispers at you.

Turning to face him you give a polite smile and turning away, you really weren’t interested.

“Didn’t you hear me? I said hello” he seemed a little irritated at your dismissal of him.

Yes, I heard you, but I’m not interested in talking to anyone right now, sorry.”

Then why the fuck are you in a bar?” he was getting angrier.

Shes here with me dick-wad” you turn to see Dean standing behind you. He got closer to you, leaning against you being protective, while his hand ended up in an…inappropriate place.

The guy looked Dean over “Sorry, man” and left, but not before tripping over his own bar stool. Dean laughed a this.

“You okay” he said not moving himself..or his hand.

Dean..” you say looking at him.

What?” he asked innocently.

Why is your hand on my ass?” not that you didn’t enjoy it, but he had never done anything like that before.

oh, sorry” he took his hand off “I wanted to make it look real ya know?” he said raising a finger at the bartender for a drink.

“He couldn’t see my butt Dean he wouldn’t have known.” you said suspiciously. “Were you just looking for an excuse?” you held back a smile.

Dean was quiet as he briefly looked at you. Glancing behind you, you saw brief look of relief pass his face “Sam! Whaddya got?” Sam came up to you and asked for a drink, he moved to sit next to Dean. 

You glance at Dean and see he is avoiding your gaze. But what you weren’t expecting was his arm wrapping around your waist. Looking at his arm and then looking up, you see Dean make eye contact and then motion his head to across the bar. 

You look over to see the same guy watching you closely. Realizing he was still trying to help, you leaned into Dean. Noticing how he held back a smile, Sam just watching you two curiously. “I’ll explain later” he said to Sam as he just nodded and started talking about the case.


dodie mentioned something about this song being a bit disappointing or bittersweet, maybe longing? so this was my take on it, I guess. changed up a few chords and the melody, made things minor (if you’d even consider this anything like that), but yeah?

also, I just woke up, excuse my mistakes.

okay cool back to bed then

a tout alors!

Choi Minki Mafia AU
  • you narrowed your eyes at the case file in front of you before glancing up at the chief of police
  • “no way in hell am I taking this case,” you snapped, pushing the case file back towards the officer, who groaned
  • “look, (y/l/n), this is the first charge we’ve gotten on ren in years,” he snapped, rifling through the file, “this is our chance to lock up one of the most powerful members of the 101.”
  • “yeah, and I work for the legal system, Choi,” you replied as you folded your arms across your chest, “meaning, I’m not going to do anything illegal.”
  • “it wouldn’t be illegal,” Choi, the head of police, made a face, “and besides, you wouldn’t get caught. the judge is in on it.”
  • you frowned, “I’m not falsifying evidence.” you got up, buttoning the middle button of your suit jacket 
  • as you collected your briefcase, heading out of Choi’s office, you paused at the door
  • “Choi, this is crossing the line,” you said bluntly, “you’ve come real close before, but I’m not letting you get away with this.”
  • Choi Minjun, head of the police department, had always been involved in shady business, and you had always been aware of it as a prosecutor for the government
  • but Choi had called you in, asking you to make up evidence to throw Ren, a high member of the 101, into jail, and you’d had enough
  • you flagged down a taxi, getting in the backseat as you mused over what had happened
  • suddenly, an idea occurred to you
  • you dug through your briefcase, finding the report that choi had given you
  • you punched the number on the top in carefully, slightly wary of what might happened
  • “This is Ren, who’s calling?”
  • you cleared your throat, surprised that he’d picked up before the first ring
  • “I’m an… informant. I may have something of value to you.”
  • The two of you made arrangements to meet for dinner, and you gestured for your taxi to turn around, heading downtown instead
  • and that was how you found yourself sitting across from Ren in one of the most expensive restaurants in town, feeling a bit in awe at the sheer handsomeness present
  • “So,” Ren began, a small smirk making its way across his face, “when you introduced yourself as ‘an informant’, I wasn’t expecting one of the most powerful lawyers in town to show up.”
  • You smiled, taking a slow sip of wine, “I live to surprise, I suppose.”
  • the two of you made small talk for a bit, waiting for the food to arrive so that you knew you wouldn’t be disrupted by the waitress
  • “So,” Ren gestured towards you, “whaddya got?”
  • You smiled, reaching into your briefcase and pulling out the thick file on Choi Minki, alias Ren
  • “they’re hauling you in tomorrow morning for tax evasion,” you said easily, flipping through the file
  • across from you, Ren tensed, eyes trained on the file
  • “and they asked me to prosecute the case,” you explained
  • “I don’t have any operations that would, ah, fall under the citizen tax bracket, though,” Ren said shamelessly with a shrug
  • “I’m aware,” you replied, “they wanted me to falsify evidence, to prep a witness or two to say that you had a civilian day job that you didn’t.”
  • Ren raised an eyebrow, “Chief must have offered you a pretty big payoff. Why are you sitting here instead of your office?”
  • “Call me a lover of the law, Ren,” you said with a smile, “or I guess, the more fitting title would be a hatred for cheap police officers who don’t do their jobs right.”
  • Ren smiled at that, taking a bite of his dinner
  • “So, Ren, tell me,” you said, handing him the file, “what exactly did you do to Chief Choi to make him want to lock you up? He doesn’t go after Lai Guanlin or Kang Daniel with this kind of vigor.”
  • Ren’s eyes darted over the pages, “let’s just say that we have a… dark past.”
  • over the next few days, you helped Ren develop a case for himself against the police department, even going in to visit the judge who issued a warrant for the police to search his apartment and getting the judge to recall it
  • you found yourself charmed by his sweet words and interesting personality, forgetting at times that he was a dangerous member of the 101
  • one night, you were walking from your office to your car when you heard something click behind you
  • Chief Choi stood there, pointing his police-issued gun at you
  • he wasn’t in uniform, clad instead in plain jeans and a t-shirt
  • “Minjun, what the hell are you doing?” you stared in fear at the gun pointing at you, slowly reaching into your purse for the pepper spray that you always carried around with you
  • “you’ve been getting too nosy, (y/n),” Choi said plainly, moving forward a bit, causing you to step back, “ren was supposed to be in jail a long time ago, but you keep getting in the way of our plan, you bitch.”
  • you frowned at that– our plan?
  • his lose t-shirt revealed the beginnings of a tattoo, one that looked almost like a diamond, a very familiar diamond
  • “you’re working with svt,” you accused, narrowing your eyes, “that’s why you were so eager to lock ren up, because he was working to outsource the svt’s arms deals.”
  • “you finally caught on,” choi smirked, waving his gun, “now put your hands behind your back, bitch, so i can take you back to hq.”
  • “not so fast, minjun,” you heard minki say, his own gun clicking as he raised it to point it at Choi, whose head whipped around to look at where the voice was coming from
  • Right as Choi did that, you whipped out your pepper spray, spraying him in the eyes and kicking him in the groin, grabbing the gun from his hands and pointing it right back at you
  • “that was slick, (y/n),” Ren said appreciatively, coming up next to you
  • “and I have you on tape confessing to working with svt,” you added, waving your phone, which had been recording the whole time, “no falsifying evidence– I have all the evidence I need right here. See you in court, Chief.”
  • You saluted him before getting into the car, Ren getting in on the other side
  • “I still can’t believe you’re willing to help out someone involved in the mafia,” Ren shook his head, looking over at you, making you smile as you pulled out of the parking lot
  • As you carefully pulled onto the road, heading towards your office to start working on the case, Ren looked over at you curiously
  • “so you’re really not weirded out by the fact that I’m in the 101?”  he asked, pushing his hair back with his hand
  • You glanced over him as you reached a red light, shaking your head.
  • “Believe me, I have bigger things to worry about than a man who can definitely take care of himself,” you said with a laugh, pressing the gas pedal down as the light turned green
  • “Then you should go on a date with me.”
  • You almost crashed the car as you looked over at him in shock, mouth agape
  • Ren giggled at your shocked expression, gesturing to the road
  • “light’s green, (y/n).”
  • you started driving again, trying to regain your composure
  • “i was serious, (y/n).”
  • “yeah, i kNOW”
  • “so i’ll pick you up at 8 tomorrow night?”
  • “choi minki, you’re insufferable.”

minki is 100% the type of person to just go for it, no fucks given

and thank you so much to @ohkaypopthis for the ideas GOD BLESS YOUR SOUL

{RP Starters} MST3K: Space Mutiny

❝ This movie totally sucks. ❞  

❝ Put your helmet on, we’ll be reaching speeds of three!  ❞  

❝ A severely impaired box turtle with a very busy schedule, just give him a camera for a day, he’d come up with something better than this. ❞

❝ Gentlemen, it seems we are not all in agreement.  ❞  

❝ I disagree! ❞

❝ I don’t know if this helps, but Ho Ho Ho. ❞

❝ You know, they shouldn’t have set their phasers to ‘miss.’ ❞

❝ You have two choices. ❞

❝ Soup or muffin. ❞

❝ You’re too stupid to know anything about dentistry. ❞

❝ How dare you insult my knowledge of ancient dentistry! ❞

❝ Come on, skull, pop out of my skin! ❞

❝ I have a whole colony of people living in my beard. ❞

❝ My father and his father before him… Also taped wool to their faces. ❞

❝ Hey… Hey, she’s dead! She died! ❞

❝ I think it’s very nice of you to give that dead woman another chance! ❞

❝ It’s gonna blow! It’s gonna blow! ❞

❝ This is mutiny! This is treason! Which I warn you I must report! ❞

❝ WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH. Well, anyway, got that out of my system.  ❞  

❝ Why is he so impossible to hit? ❞

❝ Oh, good thing there’s so much gravity in space. ❞

❝ I clogged up the toilet, but we’re going in! ❞

❝ Don’t get smart with me, ceiling! ❞

❝ Listen, uh, I understand how you feel. ❞

❝ That’s DOCTOR Listen Uh I Understand How You Feel! ❞

❝ Oi! ❞

❝ Too right! ❞

❝ Death by snicker-snag! ❞

❝ God, I love Pac-Man. ❞

❝ Whaddya got for me, Rick Astley. ❞


❝ Finally, Christmas comes to Santa. ❞

❝ Wanna see me shake like a bowl full of jelly? ❞

❝ I am a right jolly old elf. ❞

❝ Let me just check you twice, dear. ❞

❝ I had to eject! I had no other choice! ❞

❝ I just wish I had Jessie’s Giiiiiiiiiiirl! ❞

❝ We need both horsepowers on this thing! ❞

❝ I can’t go any faster, I’d have to drop the waxing compound!  ❞

❝ There goes a big, brave brick of meat. ❞

❝ Toro! Toro! ❞

❝ Wall-mounted keyboards … it must be the future!

❝ This music kind of really gets your blood going? ❞

❝ What’re you picking on me for? ❞    

Incorrect Ugin Quotes

OK, so over the next few days I’m going to be recording my lines as Ugin for the @voiceofallmtg story podcast, and I thought it would be a lot of fun to record some “Incorrect Ugin Quotes” while my voice is in Ugin mode.

So send me your ideas! Reblog this post with your suggestions of things that Ugin has never said (but totally would.)

If it all goes according to plan, I’ll pick some of my favorites to record, and then post the sound file here on Tumblr and give people credit for their submissions.

So whaddya think? Anybody got any quotes?!

Ending campfire scene of new Gladio DLC.

lol at Noct’s “I’m worth the wait” line.

Prompto: So that’s how you got it.

Gladio: Whaddya think?

Prompto: Very perpendicular. Really compliments the one you got when you saved Noct from that bully.

Gladio: Yeah. Only difference is, this time,  I ended up taking a pretty bad beating, too.

Ignis: Not unlike the licking the marshal received back when he was a lad.

Prompto: Musta had a lot of guts to go up against Gilgamesh back then.

Noctis: Yeah, Dad said he used to be a real firecracker.

Prompto: The more you know.

Ignis: If the Blademaster sequestered himself during the Founder King’s reign, then he’s haunted those halls for some two millennia.

Noctis: That’s a long time.

Gladio: All those years waiting for the Chosen King to arise. You sure know how to take your sweet old time.

Noctis: What can I say? I’m worth the wait.

Prompto: Gimme a break.

Ignis: And I, as well.

Gladio: Just because you got a Shield to protect you know doesn’t mean you get to slack off. But if you do, I’ll be ready.

Reasons Why Leo RULES OOTS:
  • That fiending grin as he snatches the pizza box from Mikey. Whaddya mean he’s got no playful side??
  • Chilling with his bros to watch a Nicks game. Leo, it’s all the times you are the leader that makes the times you’re not so beautiful <3
  • Actually, that whole from-the-top-of-empire-state city run, what was that about? Was that Leo’s idea? Why did they have to go to the top of the Chrysler in order to get to the stadium? Was this Leo’s way of sneaking in some training? Or did he just want to show off? I think he just wanted to show off. 
  • “We got the best seats in the house right here, anyone can sit down there” - Leo’s gonna do everything he can to convince his bros they got it sweet. You just know he’s been doing it since they were five: “But this Peaches N Cream Barbie has a missing arm!” “Hey Mikey, you’re the only kid in the world with a one-armed Peaches N Cream Barbie! Your Barbie is totally unique! Your Barbie is the special one!”
  • The brief look that passes his face when Raph talks about how they saved the city. Nice try, Leo, but you can’t hide everything.
  • Mr. Portrait of Sensible Responsibility is right there cheering his pea-shooting bros on, not to mention flapping his arms and chirping like a goon. We saw you, Leo. You’re too goddamn cute.
  • He makes the ‘F’ sound with his lips when Mikey drops the pizza. Don’t go judging your little bro, Fearless Leader, you were all set to drop a goddamn F-Bomb!
  • “We’re ninjas, we live in the shadows! Let’s go!” Yeah, you tried so hard to make that sound more fun than it is when you don’t have a choice, Leo. E for Effort.
  • Trying desperately to get control over Mikey. Leo, you’re so cute when your authority is being undermined. <3 <3
  • His smile when Splinter says “go get him!”
  • “Thanks Dad!”
    that! Stop! You’re killing us, Leo! You’re killing us with your adorable cuteness! We’re dying, on the floor, like dying flowers.
  • Leo the Sass Master #1: “which button, there are a million buttons!”
  • Barking orders in the truck like a Boss. *fans self*
  • The dirty he gives Raph when he leaps back into the truck. “Fuck you, and your showing off, and your disobeying me, and your recklessness and fuck you generally Raph because, fuck you.”
  • “Wuuuuhere’d he go?” I just really love the way he delivers that line.
  • His crushing, consuming guilt and shame that he ‘failed’ to prevent Shredder’s escape. And notice - he says “I” failed. NOT “we”. “I”. That’s so important to understand. Leo really sees this wholeheartedly as HIS failure. He did not lead the team effectively, because if he had, they would’ve stopped Shredder. It’s his fault. He was responsible and so he failed. He believes he failed his brothers and betrayed his sensei and father’s trust in appointing him in charge, and that this is unforgiveable. This is Lpo. This is what twists at the heart of him and explains so much about the decision he consequently makes. He will not fail again.
  • Just standing there. Arms folded. Like a tower of muscle and don’t-fuck-with-meness. Silent. But deadly. Do you feel it, Casey?
  • Leo the Sass Master #2: “are you done?”
  • “Sorry we’re late, April. Wanna walk me through what’s going on here?” He’s just so nonchalantly authoritative, and it gives me butterflies.
  • Leo the Sass Master #3: “ - grab Friday the 13th here - “ And the up and down he gives Casey, ooooohhhhhhhhhhh!  That should probably count as #4, right?
  • Trying to shut down his bro’s shennaningans, but in the end he can’t stop himself cracking a smile.  Leeeeooo! <3 <3
  • Polishing his sword. I mean, he’s just so attentive
  • How he walks away from Donnie so his bro can’t see the struggle he’s going through at Don’s revelation about the ooze. I mean, this is IT. This is THE thing. That’s gonna risk the unity of the family. He knows it. Yet - it’s also a fucking miracle. But he can’t show any feeling that might compromise his authority. He can’t show any weakness. He can’t show any indecision, or excitement, or wonder or conflict. He has to be strong, no matter how he feels inside.
  • The way he looks down after he breaks Donnie’s heart. Leo. You’re FUCKING KILLING ME.
  • He’s giving Don an order, but his eyes are begging him to obey.
  • Practicing. Guh. Just. GUH.
  • Goddamn that smug little grin that sidles up his face before he launches into his practical demonstration of the most important traits of the ninja. Oh, you’re a bad ass, Raph? Are you a bad ass WITH SWORDS?
  • “I don’t know what you’re talking about” - holy shit, you can fucking hear he’s ashamed of himself. But he can’t back down. He can’t concede. He made a decision and he’s gotta stick by it. Otherwise he’s a weak leader as well as a failed one. 
  • “MINE”. Guuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh. Why are you so sexy when you’re an ass, Leo?
  • Leo the Sass Master #5: “No. I don’t, Donnie.” squeeeeeeee!
  • The way Leo looks when he hears Mikey’s heartbreak at being called a monster. He wants to break some cops, BIG TIME. This is what he’s been trying to protect you from, Mikey, goddamn it, why wouldn’t you just listen to mama Leo!?!?!
  • “You’re a mess”. Fucking CALL IT, Leo. Raph did a fucking reckless thing and their best friend - and hogosha - is in jail.
  • His frustration and turmoil at Mikey’s pain is so immense all he can do is walk away. He couldn’t protect his little bro. *cries*
  • Leo covering his anguish for his brothers with bullheaded self-righteousness. Oh, Leo, you choose such a hard path for yourself. <3
  • Fearless Leader panicking mid-plummet: “I’m off! I’m off! I’M OFF-TARGET!!!!!” You goon, Leo!
  • Saving Raph. (*o*)
  • Actually fighting Bebop instead of just brawling like the others. Look, he’s got ninjitsu skills and he’s damn well going to use them! He doesn’t do all that practice so no one ever gets to see him okay! Sssspin-KICK!
  • Leo the Sass Master #6: “Thanks guys. Real team effort.” LEO, YOU FUCK.
  • “Fair enough”. He’s the only one none of the others defends. He waits. IT DOESN’T HAPPEN. OH MY GOODDDDDD! And because he never lets it show just how much it fucking hurts to always be so fucking alone, he just hits them back. GODDAMN IT LEO YOU’RE BREAKING MY FUCKING HEART STOP IT.
  • Handing the decision over to his brothers and trusting them with it. SEE, you CAN learn new tricks, Leo. <3 <3
  • Handing out orders so fast and sure he blows the panties right off Chief Vincent. Whoooooosh, there they go!
  • If Leo ever looked at me like that, I’d be a puddle of goo. guh.
  • Checking in on Raph. “You got this?” That’s just fucking sweet.
  • Leo the Sass Master #7: “Let’s send this jacked-up disco ball back where it came from.”
  • Leo the Sass Master #8: “Hey Bubbalicious! Let’s see what you got.”
  • “Turtles BITE!” *zing* Yay, Leo got to use his swords!
  • “Hang on, little bro!” awwwwwwwwwwmmmyyyyyygooooddddddddddddd! <3
  • “Yeah. I knew that would work”. God bless you, Leo. After how hard you were on your bros, and you KNOW they all look up to you even if they try not to (lookinatchu Raph!), being all casual we’re-the-rockingest-team ever and giving them all a surprise boost of supreme self-confidence and pride, you’re making up for your assery and being a damn awesome leader and brother at the same time.  You really are the leader of our hearts. <3
  • HIS GODDAMN GOOFY SMILE AS HE STANDS THERE PLAYING WITH HIS KEY TO THE CITY!!! He can’t get over it! He can’t even stop touching that thing! He’s just turning it over in his hands and being all “holy shit I got a key to the city, hee hee hee!” He’s so proud and happy and Leo you’re just so pretty when you let your feelings show! <3
  • Fortunately, the still-pantyless Chief Vincent is there to exchange a meaningful look with him and save his dignity. 
  • “You ever need us - “ *suggestive eyes* 
  • Leo is the prettiest.
  • Leo is also the one who makes the hardest decisions for what he truly believes is for the good of the family, regardless of whether or not the others appreciate him for it. And yeah, he can be an ass. He can be a prideful, arrogant, stubborn jerk who can’t admit when he’s wrong. But he’s gonna protect his bros and keep them together no matter what, and if that makes him unpopular so be it. Because he loves them more than anything else in the whole damn world and if that means keeping his inner heart under lock and key, then he’ll do it, because that’s how much they’re worth to him.
  • And that just makes it all the sweeter when he comes around. LEO WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH! 

A/N: I’m going to be brave and post this thing. Based on this imagine from @imaginexhobbit because I have super long hair so this was beyond easy to imagine, and it caught my attention.

Word count: 519

You were the first of the Company to wake that morning. Though you were by no means fond of morning, it was not unusual for you to wake early when you slept in unfamiliar places. And this forest was certainly not familiar. You would be nowhere near it if Gandalf had not persuaded you to join Thorin’s Company. But, here you were, sleeping on a bed of dirt and rocks, softened by a thin layer of dead leaves and the one cloak you owned.

You clenched your eyes shut against the pale light of sunrise and uncurled your legs under your blanket. Knowing you would not fall back asleep again, you opened your eyes reluctantly to find a familiar, bulky figure covered in a dramatically furry cloak lying startlingly close.

You could have sworn that Thorin’s bedroll was much farther away when you went to sleep the night before. Shrugging the thought away, you sat upright with the intention of getting breakfast started once you were more awake, when there was a sharp, painful tug to your scalp. You winced and leaned away from the pressure, but the figure next to you shot up roaring curses in Khuzdul.

Thorin’s noise woke the rest of the Company, setting them to grumbling, but you were preoccupied by the new and painful yanks on your hair. “Ow, ow,” you said, hissing through your teeth.

“Be still, Thorin. You’ll pull her scalp clean off,” Gandalf mumbled, his voice low from sleep.

Thorin froze, his blue eyes moving between you and himself. Your heart sank in dismay and embarrassment, realizing what had happened. During the night your hair and his had become a tangled rat’s nest. You’d been so exhausted from the efforts of the day before that you’d forgotten to braid or knot it before you sought sleep.

“I’m so sorry,” you hurried to say, your fingers going immediately to the tangled mess of your hair and his raven locks. He shied away from the movement, harshly yanking your hair again.

“Fools,” Gandalf said, the epithet punctuated by the amused chuckles of the company.

“I’ll untangle it,” you said, warning Thorin before you reached for the mess again. He watched you warily as you worked the knot and apologized with every strand you freed.

His glower had burned holes right through you by the time the two of you were two distinct heads of hair again. You had run out of apologies, and silently watched the handsome dwarf stand, muttering about vain females keeping their pretty hair too long for such quests as his. Thorin stalked into the woods, and you turned to look at the company with a guilty blush heating your cheeks. The bashful wince you sent them made them erupt in laughter.

You groaned. They would surely tease you about this for weeks, and every time they did, you would be skewered by the grumpy King’s baleful glower.

“Do you think he will hate me for it?” You asked Kili later, when Thorin walked ahead of the company and well out of earshot.

Kili grinned. “I guess we’ll find out.”

  • Jay: What do we do now?
  • Coach: Now we work together. You know, teamwork!
  • Jay: what's a "teeamwork"
  • Coach: No Jay, teamwork.
  • Jay: ...teeamwork
  • Coach: Teamwork.
  • Jay: tiamwork
  • Coach: Teamwork.
  • Jay: tie 'em up
  • Coach: Say "team" like a sports...
  • Jay: Team.
  • Coach: Team. Now say "work".
  • Jay: Work.
  • Coach: Put 'em together, whaddya got?
  • Jay: timebomb
  • Jay: ...work
  • Coach: gettin' better
Ladies In Love

Hiya, @ladybeug! Sorry for the wait, but I was your secret santa! ^^ One of your preferred pairings was Alyabug, and so I attempted to write a fluffy little aged up piece with them! I hope you enjoy it! And thanks to my pals who worked so hard for @mlsecretsanta to be such a success! :D <3


“-and she was just so amazing, Marinette!” Alya exclaimed, face aglow with admiration. She did a little twirl, similar to what Marinette herself did in the past when she would squeal over Adrien. With a sigh, she fell backwards, onto Marinette’s bed, and dramatically draped her arm over her eyes.

Marinette snorted at her friend ad sat down next to her, reaching out to pat her shoulder. “There, there, Als, I believe you. And I’m sure you and Ladybug will have another date soon,” she said, sounding more sure than she probably should.

Groaning, Alya rolled over until her head was planted in the covers and her limbs draped over her best friend. In a muffled voice, she said, “You’re right, but I need to do something special. She brings me to all these super romantic, if not cliche, places and I just- how can I top the top of the Eiffel Tower? Mari, it’s impossible! This girl’s just too good.”

At that statement, Marinette felt real sympathy. She hadn’t meant to make her friend feel such a way… but she did have an idea on how to help fix it.

“Alya, I am about to tell you top secret info, okay? Adrien told me not to tell anyone, but…”

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