Jam’s updated Follow Forever;

So I decided to update my follow forever because the past months, I’ve lost friends but gained new ones here on Tumblr and this be my way of appreciating your perfection (for my new friends and for those who never unfollowed me). Most of you guys follow me, the rest, even tho our follow isn’t mutual, I still love you and your blog to bits. x

jumbojaybird + nareeshas + blamestyles + fly-sykes + ollymurs + nathansnicely + blazingskys + whackfrost + queenkeegan + kelseybelles + nathgasm + nethansykes + sykesified + darlingsykes + lovemelikethatsongontheradio + sykies + sykesblog + lawsoned + the-wantits + nidiotsykes + holeyground +  homoparker + steferine + thewanted + snowysiva + ohsykes + briandeneeve + sykies + syked + santansykes + dearparker + sharming + gladyoucamebrazil + gloucesters + gladyoucame + madguiness + lovesteadys + seeved + xxxchanelxxx + fuckyeahnsykes + nathanfknsykes + nathsykes + sykes4lyfe + warzones and ofc THEWANTEDBLOG

you’re all perfect people and i want to touch your bums. 

tumblr crushes:

sassynath ◆ whackfrost ◆ hellomylovely ◆ frostythesnowmax ◆ adorenath ◆ mcguinesses ◆ thevirginharry ◆ ericodness

people who make my dash a better place:

aguinnessformcguiness ◆ briandeneeve ◆ cheekymcguiness ◆ darlingsykes ◆ deadtoortles ◆ harryspankme ◆ ivashkovv ◆ jaysblueeyes ◆ legirlwholovesmusic ◆ nareeshas ◆ nathansnicely ◆ nathfrost ◆ nethansykes ◆ nayfansykes ◆ ohsykes ◆ ssequin ◆ syked ◆ sykesified ◆ wantedfaith ◆ thewantit 

if i forgot you it’s probably because of xmas urls and i don’t know who you are on my dash 

 whackfrost replied to your postyo wassup guys im currently drinking tea and…


it was awesome!! they got me an inflatable boyfriend that i forgot at my friends house but his name is Gilbert/Dean/Charles!! but then we went to the bar and i wanted to go home lmao

hellomylovely replied to your post: hellomylovely replied to your post: hellomylovely…

r u saying i need to get aids??? or AID.

aid like help you moron

nethansykes replied to your post: hellomylovely replied to your post: hellomylovely…

did u hear my accent challenge

no omgh!!