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Imagine Kingsman’s Enemies Break Into Yours and Eggsy’s House

A/N: More Eggsy because I would die for this egg srsly. Also, this is violent and swear a lot so you have been warned! Enjoy :P also - send in a request if you want, I’ll write anything tbh (as long as it’s Kingsman - doesn’t have to be Eggsy!)

“Hey, babe. You alright?”

“I’m good. What time are you getting home?” You replied, 

“‘Bout thirty minutes. I’ll bring take out?”

Now he was speaking your language. 

“Mhm, hell yes Unwin. Knew there was a reason I kept you around,” You heard Eggsy’s mock gasp down the phone, then a laugh. 

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You know, the three of us have been living on the edge way too long. When we’re not running from the police, we’re fending off some costumed whack-job. Gotham is worse than ever. That gives us a choice, we can get out, or band together.

When Angels Answer

Title: When Angels Answer

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 5,600(ish)

Warnings:Descriptions of spousal abuse, terminal cancer, character death, angsty, fluffy, smutty, tear your heart out stuff

A/N: I would love, love, LOVE, feedback on this!! Angst isn’t usually my thing so let me know how it is!! Enjoy!!

Today you’d been diagnosed with stage one breast cancer. And you were happy. How’s that for a fucked up life view?  This was the happiest drive home you’d had in 15 years.

Home was your own personal prison cell. You did as you were told because why would you further anger an already hate filled man?

This was your way out. You were only allowed one doctor’s appointment a year, apparently his care for you was enough to keep you healthy for ages. In reality, he didn’t want anyone seeing his fists handiwork. The one appointment a year meant you wouldn’t receive treatment. You could let the cancer grow and spread. You had a way out.

Sound extreme? Oh, it definitely is. Do you know what else is extreme though? Being thrown down a flight of stairs to be dragged back up by your hair, to take a steel toed boot to the gut and tumble right back down again. Why? You accidentally spilled his beer while he tried to have sex with you.

Running never worked, his grip on you was too tight. He tracked your cellphone that must be on you at all times. He counted the mileage on the car before and after you drove, only certain pre-approved routes were able to be used, so he would know if you spent any extra time out of the house. The neighbors all thought you were an adulterous slut, thanks to your lovely hubby of course, and whenever they saw you leave the house when he wasn’t home they assumed you were going to cheat and would call him right away.

There was no way out, until now.

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When Stiles said “I’m in love with a nut job.” I never took it as him referring to Lydia as a nut job, and more about how he knew the town saw her as a nut job. I know it wasn’t the nicest thing to say, but I don’t think Stiles himself thought of Lydia that way. He knows she’s not crazy. He was listing all the negatives that were happening to all of them when he mentioned it. There was also that conversation before in the episode between Stiles, Scott and Allison when he says “Or maybe nobody’s coming because Lydia’s turned into the town whack job.” So he’s pointing out that everyone else views her this way. Allison also says “She wouldn’t be the town whack job if it wasn’t for us.” They’re all aware of how wrong it is that Lydia’s being referred to as the “crazy person” by everyone else in town and they want to help repair the damages. That’s when Scott calls the lacrosse team and Stiles calls his drag queen friends from the club.  

And let’s not forget a few episode’s back Stiles told Lydia “Lydia, if you trust me on anything, you can trust me on this… There is nothing that you can say to me that will make you sound crazy. Literally nothing.

There are still people out there who use this as a way to say Stiles is abusive towards Lydia, so I wanted to make a post about it. 

Now I leave you with canon Stydia. They’re in love and that’s all that matters rn.

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why are people making bendy out to be a good character like, he's literally a killer in the game right? why are people trying to glorify that and make him sympathetic

LOL I’ve been joking about the same thing!  But in reality, it’s because of the first chapter having been released without Chapter 2 to illuminate a bit more of what’s going on for a while.  People began to theorize.

From the first chapter alone, and from the promotional works, it almost looks like the cartoon characters were brought to life against their own will.  Satanic summoning rituals aren’t exactly known for being pleasant, so people kind of unanimously assumed “oh hey, maybe Bendy and company are suffering.”  Add that to the fact that, at the time, all we saw of Boris was that he was dead – murdered, it looked like, and gruesomely dissected and left up for display.  We also had that graffiti to look at: “The Creator Lied to us.”

From the Sheep Songs poster, it looked as though Bendy and Boris might have been friends, so the assumption there was that Bendy might be trying to get revenge against the traitorous creators for whatever they did to him and Boris.

Of course, going off of these assumptions, it appears that the revenge sought by Bendy is justified, and Bendy wouldn’t have any way of knowing that Henry (another “creator”) was NOT in cahoots with the people torturing the toons.  Of COURSE he’d attack Henry, too!

Of course, with Chapter 2 out, we now can assume that the aforementioned graffiti was actually more likely the work of Sammy Lawrence (or some other whack-job who held the same beliefs as him), as Sammy’s key line “he will set us free” also appears in graffiti early on in Chapter 2.  Unless this line is also something written by Bendy or another toon and thus has a double-meaning, it looks like our Friendly Little Demon was not, in fact, the one who wrote the graffiti around the studio.  Perhaps it’s not the toons who were lied to by the Creator… but the staff members of the studio, like Sammy.

Add this to the satanic rituals all over the place and the fact that Bendy seems to be directly worshiped by former staff members in the studio, and Bendy is starting to look less and less like a sympathetic character.  But of course, at the time of Chapter 1′s release, we knew none of this.

Because of the fact that Chapter 1 had been released for quite some time before more story was revealed in Chapter 2, many of the game’s fans grew attached to the sympathetic-Bendy theories they had, and are still clinging to them in hopes that maybe Bendy will be at least SOMEWHAT sympathetic.  (I’m one of them, hahaha!)

But it’s not glorification of a killer, my dude – no need to take it so seriously.  It’s a matter of folks making optimistic theories early on and still hoping they’ll be somewhat true, even as they’re being disproved.


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“Hello Cherry” Y/N spoke when the fiery redhead walked into the gym for the River Vixen practice.

“Leave me alone, whack job.” She snarled like always at your remark. Earning a chuckle from you as you sat on the bleachers. “Why do you even come to our practices?”

“Maybe I just like to watch your moves, Cherrypie. But for real, I’m waiting on Veronica and Betty. We’re going to Pop’s with their boy toys.” You smirked, leaning forward on your knees. Cheryl scoffed at the response she received, rolling her eyes and crossing her arms. “Your girls are waiting on you.”

“Don’t distract my girls or I will make sure a few of the football boys drag you out of here.” Cheryl threatened, pointing one of her polished nails at her so-called nemesis.

“You have me so scared.” You teased, a soft smile playing on your lips. Cheryl rolled her eyes, walking towards the squad before screaming instructions the group.

Practice ended later then everyone had hoped, many left without even changing into their regular clothes. Veronica and Betty were two of those who left, meeting up with Jughead to wait for Archie. Y/N stayed behind to say goodbye to Cheryl, earning a head shake and a laugh from the two girls. Y/N walked into the locker room as Cheryl turned to leave.

“What the hell?” Cheryl almost growled out of fear and anger.

“Just wanted to make sure that you got to your car okay, Cherry.” You threw your arms up in defense, eyes widening at her balled fist.

“You need to seriously need to stop calling me that or else.” 

“Or else what?” You slightly furrowed your brows, taking a step towards her. She stared at you, eyes moving from your eyes to your lips.

“I don’t like when you call me that.” she huffed, crossing her arm.

“So make me stop… Cherry.” You trailed off, emphasizing the last word. You could see something flash in her eyes before she pushed you back, glaring at you as your back hit the wall. You were taken back at her sudden violence but that soon passed when she smashed her bright red lips against yours. “Well, that’ll do.” You smiled, reaching up to cup her cheek and wipe the smeared lipstick.

 “I change my mind…” she trailed off, making your racing heart stop. “You can call me Cherry but only if you also call me your girlfriend.”

“Why don’t you come to Pop’s with me?” You asked, making her smile before she replied.

“What about your wannabe mystery gang? They don’t like me.”

“I’m sure you all will manage to tolerate each other. Now, come on.” you nodded towards the door. She walked in front of you, going towards the door. “Maybe later, I can find out if you taste as sweet as a cherry.”

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“You know, the three of us have been living on the edge way too long. When we’re not running from the police, we’re fending off some costumed whack-job. Gotham is worse than ever. That gives us a choice — we can get out, or band together.” - Catwoman

Well, You Took Your Time

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Requested: Yes, by a very lovely anon

Pairings: Barry Allen x Reader (platonic, unless you squint really, really hard)

Warnings: Kidnapped!Reader

Word Count: 1,214

A/N: I hope that you guys enjoy another Barry fic, I can’t wait for this movie, why is it so far away??

“So you see, my dear, you are the exact pressure point I needed to hit in order to lure The Flash out of hiding.”

You held in a groan, wishing that this whack-job would just shut up and get on with whatever torture he had planned. He had been ranting on about how The Flash would never let you get hurt, but you were honestly starting to doubt this guy’s sanity even more, which is saying something.

You had met The Flash once, when he stopped some mugger from taking off with your purse. But honestly, that was no reason to think that he would show up again. But this guy somehow got it into his twisted mind that you were the ‘key to everything’.

As far as you could tell, this guy had been rambling for the better part of five minutes, and it didn’t seem like he was going to stop anytime soon. You struggled against the ropes, hoping that they would at least loosen enough for you to regain feeling in your hands, but it didn’t seem to be doing any good.

However enthusiastic this guy was about capturing you, he wasn’t exactly taking every precaution he could have. He simply tied your hands and feet together, and forced you to sit in a chair. If you could just get your hands loosened, you might be able to untie the rope around your feet and attempt making a run for it. At this point, anything seemed better than waiting for the fastest man alive, who seemed to be running late.

Eventually, the man’s loud speech broke through the mental barrier you had attempted to put up in order to block out the rest of his ridiculous ramblings. Regrettably, it seemed that you could only hold him off for so long, until his speech broke through again.

“You have known The Flash for so long,” the man said, stepping closer to you and grabbing your chin in his hands. “How could you have been so blind?”

“I have no idea what you are talking about,” you said, meeting your captor’s eyes. You knew that reasoning with him wasn’t going to do you much good, but it couldn’t hurt to try. “I met The Flash once, but I only met him for a few minutes. He probably doesn’t even remember me.” You insisted.

“My dear, dear Y/N,” he muttered finally releasing your chin from his hand and resuming his pacing around the room. “You are perhaps the most clueless girl to have ever stumbled into my hands.” You resisted the urge to roll your eyes. To say that you had stumbled into his hands was an exaggeration. He had knocked you out on your walk back to your apartment. When you got out of this, you were going to make someone walk you home, or at least take a cab.

Out of the corner of your eye, you saw a spark of light, but you quickly dismissed it, deciding that it was a trick of the light. You knew that this wasn’t going to end well, especially because The Flash had neglected to show up. But, after spotting the light second time, you felt your heart begin to pound.

Did he really come for you? It seemed implausible, but the kernel of hope in your stomach said otherwise. However, it was pretty hard to doubt him when a flash of lightening lit up the room, and a man in a red suit appeared in front of you.

You couldn’t help the grin that broke out onto your face as he made quick work of untying the rope around your hands and feet. He signaled you to be quiet, before scooping you into his arms and in the blink of an eye, you were outside of the warehouse the man had taken you to.

“I’ll be right back.” The superhero insisted, before zooming back into the building. A few minutes and three streaks of lightening later, The Flash was standing in front of you.

“I don’t know how I can even thank you.” you said, looking him up and down. You couldn’t put your finger on it, but something was definitely familiar about him.

“You don’t need to thank me, but why don’t I take you home?” he said, moving to pick you up again. “Ill feel better once your safe in your apartment again.”

Before you could tell him where you lived, you were standing in your living room. “How, how did you know where I lived?” you asked, glancing around at the familiar surroundings.

You were nearly certain before that you didn’t know him, but now it seemed impossible that he was a stranger.

“Well, I” he stuttered, rubbing the back of his neck. “I just thought that, um.”

You crossed your arms, raising an eyebrow at him. It was the same look that you gave your best friend Barry when he was trying to lie to you.

When the stuttering started and he was rubbing his neck, you knew that your best friend since childhood wasn’t telling the truth. Wait a second…

“Barry?” you asked quietly, moving towards him. It didn’t feel possible, but, looking at him again, he was about the same height, they had similar voices and, those eyes. You would know them anywhere.

Tentatively, you reached up to his helmet, and when he didn’t jerk away, you slowly lifted it to reveal the face of Barry Allen, your most trusted friend.

Immediately, he launched into an apology, trying to explain. “I didn’t want to tell you, because I thought that I was going crazy. And then when I finally figured out what was going on, I was already starting to accumulate enemies and then I figured that I didn’t want you to get hurt because I love you and I never wanted anything to happen to you and I just-”

He paused when he felt your hand gripping his shoulder, signaling him to relax. “Barry, I’m not angry.” You said quietly.

“But, I lied.” He said. You could hear the sadness in his voice, along with a twinge of confusion.

“I know, you said, stepping into him and placing your arms around his shoulders. “But you came, didn’t you.” you didn’t wait for an answer before continuing. “When that man had me and I was in danger, you showed up. You saved me from that man, Barry, and that’s all that matters. I know that you were trying to protect me, and because of that.” You released him from the hug to look into his eyes, pouring as much meaning as you could into your next few words, “all I can say is thank you.”  

“I was really scared tonight.” He said, looking down at the floor. “I thought that I was going to lose you.”
“Me too Bar.” You say quietly, ducking down, so that his eyes met yours. “But you found me, didn’t you?” All that he could do was nod.

“Well then, problem solved.” You said with a small smile, hoping that he would return it.

Your heart soared when the corners of his mouth turned up in the smallest of smiles. Even though it was small, you knew that it was a big victory.

Flashback - Steve Rogers

Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: You have been in a relationship with Steve for a while, and are reminiscing one of your favorite memories with him.

Word Count: 1558

Warnings: None. This is fluffy fluff fluff.

A/N: I hope you guys like my first imagine! Be sure to let me know what you thought of it. I know it’s kind of cheesy and corny and fluffy-poo, but I haven’t written in a while and I needed a warm-up piece, y’know? Well, anyway, I’m open to requests if you have any! Not my gif btw

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You stood in the kitchen, your hair haphazardly pulled up in the sloppiest of messy buns. You were at the sink, rinsing some green beans for dinner. Music filled the room, from the tiny little Bluetooth speaker in the corner. It was Frank Sinatra, Steve’s favorite. You weren’t much into jazz until you met Steve, and he started playing it for you. Now it was almost all you listened to. You hummed along quietly, smiling as you remembered the first time Steve played this song for you.


“Now, I know you said you don’t like jazz, but I really think you’re going to like this song.” he said, this excited grin present on his face. The two of you sat in his car, an old red convertible, in the parking lot of the restaurant you at which you just ate. The top was down, the sky was dark and clear, and your stomach was happily full of Italian food.

“If you say so,” you teased lightly, brushing some loose hair behind your ear. “But if I don’t like it, don’t be too disappointed.”

Steve just looked at you and shook his head. “You’re going to like it,” he said, determined, and pressed the play button. Soon the sounds of horns and strings filled the car, and Steve pulled out onto the street. The song, ‘April in Paris’, was beautiful, and you smiled as you listened to it. It was surprising, really, how much you liked it. You stared straight ahead, focusing on the music, but you could tell Steve was glancing over at you every few seconds to gauge whether or not you liked it.

Halfway through the song, you looked over at him and grinned. “I like it,” you said, and his face lit up like a dog getting a treat.

You started to say something else, but Steve reached over and covered your mouth with his hand. “Wait!” he cut you off as the sound of the horns slowly died. “This is the best part.” Within a moment, the horns and strings swelled back up, and Frank Sinatra’s voice rang out like church bells.

You glanced down at Steve’s hand, which was still over your mouth, and pushed it away. You stayed silent for the rest of the song, listening and thinking about this night- it was your fourth date with Steve, and you really, really liked him. He was sweet, and chivalrous, and old-fashioned, which was just adorable. And he was hot as hell, which was a nice bonus. You knew that dating a superhero would be complicated, but when it was all said and done, wasn’t every relationship at least a little complicated? You wanted to try and make it work with Steve, and it really seemed like he liked you as much as you liked him.

The song ended shortly after that, and you reached over and turned the volume down a little on the radio. “Where are we going now?” you asked, looking over at the broad-shouldered blond in the driver’s seat.

“To my favorite spot in the whole city,” Steve said, glancing over at you with this gleam in his eyes you had never seen before. Maybe it was the streetlights reflecting off of their baby blue tint, or maybe it was the stars, but you had never noticed just how beautiful his eyes were.

He drove you to the World War II Memorial, and you smiled softly as he parked the car. Of course this would be his favorite spot in the city. He opened your door for you and you walked together to the memorial. The moonlight reflecting off the water and the sounds of the fountains were calming.The World War II Memorial was right in between the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument, so you felt a sense of patriotism as you and Steve walked together. You didn’t say much to him as you walked around the memorial together, but instead listened as he explained the symbolism of all the arches and the pillars, the water and the lights, and told you all the facts about this memorial he could spew off the top of his head. He didn’t seem terribly overrun with grief as he talked about World War II, but there was definitely a glimmer of sadness in his tone. You couldn’t imagine how hard it all must have been for him. You slowly reached over and grabbed his hand as you passed Indiana’s pillar, not saying anything as you pressed your two palms together and interlaced your fingers. He looked down at you and smiled.

“God, there’s just… there’s something about you, (Y/N),” he said to you, stopped and turning to face you.

Your lips quirked up into a small smile, and he took a step closer to you. “I don’t know what it is,” Steve continued, releasing your hand so he could wrap his arms around your waist. “But I’m gonna find out.” You looked into his big, blue, Star-Spangled eyes, and you knew what was about to happen next.

Your heart was racing as he leaned in, and your eyes fluttered shut as you stood on your toes, pursing your lips. That song, ‘April in Paris’, started playing in your head, that part that Steve had loved so much. Your lips were just about to touch, barely centimeters away, and-

“Daddy, look, it’s Captain America!”

A small voice interrupted your thoughts, and Steve’s actions, and you turned to see a young boy and his father jogging towards you and Steve. ‘Shit,’ you thought to yourself. ‘Moment’s over. Kiss it goodbye.’

Steve stepped away from you and wiped his hands against his pants, smiling at the little boy, who couldn’t be more than six or seven. “Gee, I’m sorry, Mr. Rogers. But my son here is a big fan of yours- could we trouble you for an picture?” The father asked, eyes darting between Steve and you.

“Of course he can,” Steve grinned, squatting down so that the little boy was just barely taller than him. “What’s your name, little guy?”

“Bryce!” Said the young boy, grinning at his hero.

“Do you want to climb on my shoulders, Bryce?”


You laughed slightly, stepping off to the side so that Bryce’s father could snap a picture with his phone. After a few minutes of taking some pictures and small talk, Bryce and his father were soon on their way, and Steve looked at you. His expression was apologetic, and you could tell he was about to say he was sorry. “Hey, look, (Y/N), I’m real-”

“Don’t be,” you shrugged it off, reaching over and grabbing his hand. “I thought it was sweet how you let them ruin our moment,” you teased, placing his hand back on your waist. Steve’s cheeks turned pink and you stood on your toes once again, assuming the position. “Now, where were we?”

Steve chuckled and pulled you closer, lifting you up off the ground just slightly. His lips soon touched yours, and it was like a thousand fireworks lit off. It was a sweet, slow, lazy kiss, and you loved it. That was night you realized you could definitely see yourself falling in love with this goofy, old-fashioned, all-American hero.


“Those green beans aren’t going to rinse themselves, Doll.”

“Shit!” You jumped, turning around to see Steve in the doorway of the kitchen. Your eyes grew wide, and your cheeks turned pink when he started laughing at you. “That’s not funny,” you pouted, tossing a green bean at him. “You scared me.”

Steve was still chuckling. He crossed the kitchen and wrapped one arm around your waist, holding you so that your hip was touching his. “What were you thinking about?” he asked, tucking some hair behind your ear and pressing a loving kiss to your forehead.

“Nothing,” you said spitefully, sticking your tongue out before walking over to the stove and turning it on.

“Aw, come on, bug,” he cooed, wrapping his arms around your waist from behind. “It must have been pretty important to take your attention away from the beans like that.” You turned your head so that you could look at him and blew a raspberry in his face. “Now, there’s no need to be feisty,” Steve teased, burying his head in the crook of your neck.

You stirred the soup on the stovetop, trying your best to ignore him and his incessant, loving touches and kisses. “Oh, come on. I’m sorry I scared you, (Y/N). Now talk to me! I haven’t seen you in a week. What’s been on that pretty mind of yours?”

You turned so that you were facing him, and his hands were now on your lower back. “I was just thinking about you, and your stupid haircut.” You teased, smirking as you reached up and ruffled his blond locks.

He rolled his eyes, and leaned down to kiss you. “You’re a whack job sometimes, you know that?”

“I know,” you said proudly, reaching up and wrapping your arms around his neck. “But I’m your whack job.”

Another Sinatra song came on through the speaker, and Steve pulled you away from the stove so that your body was touching his. He swayed with you to the song, singing softly in your ear. “Fly me to the moon…”

The Girl From the Journal (Pt6)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 AO3

Jughead hadn’t written in his journal for twenty four hours. That was the longest he had gone without writing in nearly eight years. He felt his fingers twitching and his hands shaking, urging him to pick up a pen and paper and dive into writing about anything he could possibly think of that would bring him any sort of inspiration. But no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t keep his mind from drifting off to thoughts of Elizabeth Cooper, and the fact that he was going to have to lie to her about writing an article on her ex-boyfriend’s sudden career change.

His mind was cluttered with thoughts and images and feelings that he would have normally documented in the leather-bound book that held all of his most vulnerable ways of thinking and looking at the world through the eyes of Betty Cooper. But without the journal, he found that he physically could not write about her anymore. Not without the journal. 

Sometime after lunch, in his much-too-quiet office in the much-too-pristine building that was home to the Riverdale Register, he was hit with such an intense need to empty the images flitting through his thoughts like one of those fireflies he used to chase when he was a kid, that he had no choice but to sneak a stack of loose leaf paper from the work room and set it on his desk so that he could let the words flow from pen to paper like he normally could. 

But the pen wouldn’t move. The images remained trapped in his own head, screaming at him to release them the way he always had. It was like the journal and his own writing ability were connected somehow. Or at least that was the case when it came to writing about the girl from the journal. 

“Sorry, Betty, but I need that journal back,” Jughead declared, pushing away from his desk and shoving his laptop into his messenger bag. He had an hour before he was supposed to meet Betty at the pavilion, but he couldn’t sit at his desk not writing anything. Maybe some fresh air would clear his head. Or maybe it would just cause the thoughts and unspoken words to become more jumbled. Either way, he had to get out of that office. 

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A long ass rant coming

So my teen wolf followers probably know how salty I can be when it comes to stydia, but this time I’m really discussing something about their real that bothers me and keeps me from liking or shipping it. I can’t count how many times people say they have good development and “unlike the other ships, stydia will stay together forever because that’s how much they love each other” and all that. Of course, everyone wants to believe their OTP will stay together, but when I really think about it, how exactly would they achieve a long term relationship. With marriage and children like the shippers love to stress about stydia. Here’s what I see, and probably many others; Stiles and Lydia really don’t know each other at all, and definite not enough to make a romance work for long. I’m asking, what does Stiles know about Lydia from what we have seen? He knows that she is smart, pretty, a banshee, and she loves him. What does Lydia know about Stiles? That he used to be obsessed with her, that he loves to solve mysteries, and that he loves her. Honestly, I can’t really blame people for thinking stydia is this deep relationship with the whole “emotional tether”. It’s easy to think that that’s enough. But it really seems like they are going into a relationship because they confessed their love and that’s it. Not because they accept each other for who they are, not because they want to purely explore some potential romance, and not because they mutually fell in love at the same time. Stiles was pining for so long, and he quit. Lydia still didn’t return his feelings, so they became friends. Now she is in love with him. We already know how that makes no sense, but what exactly would make Lydia be in love with stiles? They have shown that Lydia knows what she deserves in the past seasons. She was confident and passionate about herself. So here is my question. What does she love about stiles other than the fact that he has saved her life a few times and that he loves her? What does stiles loves about Lydia other than the fact that she is smart and pretty? The show has given us nothing more than these reasons. People would probably say “oh he loves that she is strong and she loves that he would do anything for her”. I recall only one time that stiles told Lydia to believe in her instincts. The rest regarding her banshee abilities was him calling her crazy, a nutjob, a whack job, and the cause of suicides. And Lydia loving him just because he would do anything for her? That sounds like a kind of superficial reason if you ask me. My point is, stiles and Lydia seem to only focus on the surface of each other. They haven’t given me signs that they really KNOW each other as people. So them having a romance without having actual knowledge of what each of them is actually like? And instead starting the relationship after this big dramatic event of him disappearing, of course she’d believe she was deeply in love. And what would Stiles do? As long as he keeps saving her and all that, then she’ll keep loving him? It’s a recipe for disaster. Them jumping into this without knowing what exactly they are dealing with in each other. It’s been 6 seasons, and we’ve gotten all talk about how “deep” and “emotional” stydia is, but I haven’t been given PROOF. They haven’t had deep and meaningful conversations with or about each other. I’m not talking about the one time stiles told Lydia to believe that she’s right about her instincts. Where’s all the emotional tether stuff? I need more than a rift opening with no dialogue or actual reason behind it. I need solid reasoning as to why they are emotional tethers and why LYDIA of all people opened the rift. All the “soulmates” stuff isn’t gonna cut it. I know y'all are probably thinking “well stalia didn’t know each other and Scira and Marrish and Scallison didn’t know each other, so why is it different for stydia?”. That’s the thing. Stalia, Scira, Scallison, Marrish, they all literally knew NOTHING about each other. It was a blank canvas. None of them believed that they knew each other, they were strangers. The started fresh and learned what exactly they liked or loved about each other. But with stydia, they are making it seem like stiles and Lydia already have each other all figured out and are ready to be in this romantic relationship with all these false ideas about each other and that they’ll have some fairytale ending. But what happens later on? What will KEEP them together in the future? It takes more than an idea of them being automatic soulmates to make the relationship last and make sense. Malia loved that stiles believed in her from the start and let her feel loved for an amount of time. Stiles loved that Malia would never judge or leave him. Scott loved that Allison loved him despite him being a werewolf and her dad’s enemy. Scott loved Kira because he saw her for who she actually was, fox and all. Kira loved Scott for accepting every part of her without judgments. Lydia liked Parrish because he was the first person to really get her being a harbinger of death, Parrish liked Lydia because of how she helped him discover who he really was. Stiles loves Lydia because…she’s Lydia Martin. Lydia loves Stiles… because he has kissed and saved her ass too many times to count. All the other relationships learned to love/ accept each other’s flaws and move on to make the relationship work despite them. They went from knowing nothing about each other to knowing almost everything, or at least enough to continue and cooperate as a couple or a potential couple. Stydia is in reverse. They think they know each other and think they’re ready to love each other unconditionally, but haven’t actually discovered each other’s downsides yet. In other words, they’re pretty much going into this relationship blind with unrealistic expectations of each other as romantic partners. Thoughts and feedback @trolling-since-chernobyl @jobrdais @robwrecks @i-thought-you-and-i @girlmeetssterek @staliasupportsfeminism @itwillbekillian @shadowandbones @reddragonlilly7 @ross-torres @do-not-come-here1 @cel and anyone else wants to add or share their views on this

firesidoni  asked:

I've been repeatedly returning to your 'History may not repeat itself' post in ever-increasing horror. Any thoughts now that there was evidently a bill introduced today to withdraw from the United Nations?

Only that we knew this was coming. Trump openly said he’d do it; he’d already said it by the time I wrote History May Not Repeat Itself. Now he’s doing it, soooooo. (To be fair, apparently some whack job introduces this bill to leave the UN ever year. Still…this is not a normal year.) 

Maybe I’ve had time to become numb to it, but that’s why I wrote that post: because I saw the writing on the wall, and I wanted other people to see it in time. If my friends and loved ones have to flee this country, I would rather they flee than die, and I want to be ready to help them. If necessary, I want to be the one to say, go now. History May Not Repeat Itself reminds me that the time hasn’t come yet, and hopefully will never come, but at least I have a map. 

I can be numb to the ongoing anxiety of this country’s infestation of plague rats and still engage in activism and protest, so there’s that at least.

In some ways I’ve been watching this happen since Dubyah was president; the parallels between millennial America under Bush and the disintegrating Roman Empire are there for anyone who wants to plow through Tacitus. (It’s not the most engaging classical lit ever but it’s better than some.) I haven’t gone back to Tacitus in years because I find the parallels frightening and depressing, but I should check in on him, and I’m willing to bet I’d find a Donald Trump in the fall of Rome. 

This is why protest is so important now: because they’re going to try to do everything they said they’d do, and every single thing we stop, even temporarily, is one less brick in the road – or the wall – that they want to build. Fighting now is hard, but fighting now is a cake walk compared to what’ll happen if we don’t. And maybe it’ll happen anyway, but I don’t plan to go gently. 

I don’t have much money and I’m not that politically astute and I’m bad at debate. All I have are words, but I’m good at those, so the most powerful thing I can do is to keep writing and hope someone brighter and stronger than me can use what I say to do more than I can. And that those who have even less power than I do can use what I say to protect themselves because hell knows if I’ll be able to. 

So yeah – I guess the TLDR is that Trump, Pence, and his ilk are many things, but they’re pretty up front about what they want and how they mean to get it. Listen to them and fight as if every single thing they say is what they intend to do, because for all their propaganda, it probably is. 

anonymous asked:

I've really appreciated your criticisms of S2 of Supergirl (re: Sanvers and James and M*n-el specifically) and was wondering....what would you have done differently for the season, if you'd gotten to write it?

​ohhh buddy that’s one hefty request.

to be fair, let’s assume that the budget/timing/etc constraints still exist, so i can’t magically whizbang lucy and cat back in for the whole season.  ALAS.  and as a disclaimer, plotting individual episodes of television is vastly out of my wheelhouse and i fully acknowledge this, so i’m just going to…go with general overarching storylines for characters and try to hew as closely as possible to the major plot points for the season (re: cadmus, daxamite invasion, etc).  the general theme for the season is people trying to solidify their own understandings of their identities and both learning to be their own people without existing in the context of others (james, alex, winn, a wee bit of mon-el) and to lean on people when necessary (kara, j'onn, m'gann)*.

so, here we go:

kara: kara’s whole arc would have been figuring out who kara is in the context of supergirl.  s1 was very much of “who is supergirl?” thing, so this season, now that she finished more or less shaking into a level of comfort as supergirl, is her figuring out how to be kara.  cat’s gone, so her comfort zone at catco has disappeared, and she’s venturing into a new career track.  this means a lot more of snapper carr, bless his cranky soul, yelling at kara about being a proper journalist and sending her off to write puff pieces about like…a bakery feud downtown or some nonsense like that.  they butt heads a lot, as they do, because kara wants to be A Hard Hitting Journalist like clark but snapper is like yah no, so kara has to go off doing things like interviewing lena on her own time.  there are lots of issues with kara balancing her actual job, her supergirl job, and her moonlighting journalism that she’s doing to try and get some respect from snapper.  she doesn’t get any actual positive feedback on her work from snapper until somewhere in the back half of the season, and she starts getting assigned to some investigative pieces, and then fucks it all up by publishing the blog post against snapper’s orders anyways.  her whole thing at catco is a two steps forward/one step back situation.  

there isn’t really a front-and-center romantic arc for her in this season.  james is still on the backburner romantically for most of the season because tbh without mon-el i would have fully supported her deciding not to date him in 2x1 bc she’d just basically come back from the dead after sacrificing herself to save the world and THAT IS A LOT TO HANDLE EMOTIONALLY.  alex encourages her to date throughout the season bc what’s the point of trying to figure out how to be kara aside from supergirl if she doesn’t try to be happy as kara?  it’s an ongoing thing throughout the season that kara’s on tinder or whatever and goes on unsuccessful dates all the time that we never see but she’ll show up at things at the deo in huff bc her date told her romcoms were stupid or that she can’t, as a woman, really understand fight club ever.  s2 ends post-mon-el (more on him later but suffice to say they do not date in this version of things) having to disappear and kara is sad because her friend is gone and she goes to see james and actively chooses him this time and is like this is what i want and i needed some time and perspective and i don’t expect you to have been waiting around for me but– and then they kiss and live happily ever after (aka, next season they’re in full on couple-vs-the-world mode and also dealing with working in the same office and even though kara doesn’t work for him her still technically outranks her, generalized sexism in the workplace making people be assholes to her, etc etc etc, but they Come Out Of It Stronger Together ™).

alex: alex has always been gay as shit.  this doesn’t change maggie’s introduction to the show, just the way it proceeds, which is basically with a lot of teasing from kara about how alex normally has game but this time around she’s nothing but a flustered puddle of gay whenever maggie smiles at her. they get together around the middle of the season not because alex has some coming out situation to process and not because maggie is some asshole who’s like fresh off the boat ain’t my thing, but because maggie was working with james behind alex and kara’s backs to track down aliens before the deo got to them because neither of them have faith in the feds to offer a fair trial to anyone, especially aliens.  there’s a whole thing where alex finds out and is like wtf sawyer and kara eventually is like you do realize that you’re as angry at maggie as i am at james and that Means Something and alex is like NO and then …maybe and then they make out and start dating and it’s very adorable.  there are some subplots dealing with the fact that alex is terrible at relationships because she’s always both obsessed with keeping her sister safe and also throwing 100% of herself into making other people, including her partner, happy, which is unhealthy and a thing that has to be addressed.

her main arc for the season, though, is cadmus and her dad.  she gets a lot more screentime with lena, generally behind kara’s back, bc lillian is involved with cadmus and alex sees lena as her way in.  that’s the big conflict alex and kara have over the season– that alex is dangerously close to tunnel vision re: finding jeremiah and uninterested in collateral damage, even if it’s a friend kara cares a lot about like lena.  alex toes the lines with legality a lot right up until the point in exodus when she goes over it entirely, and has a complete crisis of faith over the fact that someone she’s been fighting so hard for had done something she viewed as unforgivable.  that whole thing takes place with eliza and kara, who lost something important too, and alex has to start rebuilding her faith in her own judgment and abilities after feeling like she failed so entirely regarding jeremiah and cadmus, which sets her up nicely for a build-back-up arc in s3.  it’s a way of introducing the whole identity crisis thing in alex that the coming out story did without, y'know, completely ignoring all of the existing characterization of alex danvers.

james: james still gets the idea to be the guardian.  he hits the ground running in episode 2 afte rthings fall apart with kara and throws himself into it, and is getting way too into it and then runs into this cop.  maggie.  who’s like what are you doing and then is ilke if you’re going to do this then do it smart and they work together, where she tips things to him and he keeps tabs on her and they take down criminals together because maggie doesn’t trust the mysterious deo and james is like oh yeah i know them me either bc of the whole thing with max lord last year.  eventually maggie finds out who he is and is like wait you’re out here doing penny ante shit when your day job is running the largest media outlet in the world and refuses to work with him anymore because she wants him to be more effective at getting the message out into the world about how important it is to treat aliens as people etc etc.  he hangs up his stupid suit of armor but keeps it around as necessary to pitch in when he need to (see: daxamite invasion).  

mon-el: basically his storyline is exactly the same, minus the falling in love with kara part.  he’s the prince of daxam and shows up in the pod and just kinda floats around the deo uselessly for a while until kara’s like GET A JOB and he’s terrible at working so he’s liek well what if i was a hero like you.  it goes exactly as well as it did in the actual show, because his heart isn’t in it, and the big conflict between him and kara is that kara feels a responsibility to fight for people and he just…doesn’t.  and there’s a lot of discussion in figuring out when/if people are required to be heroes, and if their capabilities mean they’re obligated to use them for things like putting themselves in danger to help others.  he winds up with a surprising rapport with james– after a very rocky start because, y'know, slave owner in his past life and james justifiably being Not Cool with that– because mon-el is like people want me to be a hero bc i have powers and james is like i want to be a hero but i don’t have powers.  they becoming buddies and have drinks nights with winn sometimes.

his parents show back up and he’s like why would i want to leave i like this place and these people because he’s found a family that, y'know, isn’t psychotic, and he’s a total cad who’s been sleeping aroudn the deo in a very cheerful manner and is bffs with winn and kara.  they still want him to leave and come rule daxam, and he’s like yah no and the invasion still happens, lena still builds the lead weapon, he still has to leave.  kara sends him off in the pod and gives him the necklace because her mother gave it to her so she wouldn’t be alone but she has a whole family here plus the fortress with the holograms of her parents to talk to so she’s not alone but he will be and he’s leaving this family behind.  it’s a teary goodbye from everyone in the deo, even alex who was the last to warm to him mostly because he’s a total ho who slept with all of her coworkers/friends.  

winn: winn’s plot is largely unchanged, save for lyra.  i could take or leave the concept of lyra but if she stays she’s not a violent abusive whack job.  

lena: i adore her and i haven’t really had many issues with her storyline this season, save for 1) desperately wanting more screentime for her, and 2) her interacting with alex because UNDERESTIMATED SIBLINGS and SCIENCE NERDS.  additionally even though i am definitely on board with the kara/lena ship enough to take wild stabs at writing them, even, the s2 i would have written for this show would have just gone all in on their friendship, because the intent of the showrunners really does seem to be kara/james as their endgame.  so, given that, hardcore friending between kara and lena, as well as significantly more interaction between alex and lena, winn and lena, and j'onn and lena.  maybe mon-el and lena, too, re: parental issues.  

maggie: maggie’s storyline is tied heavily to james’, almost as much as it’s tied to alex’s.  she spends more time being a cop than hanging out at an alien bar, asks james lots of pointed questions about alex bc she has a crush, etc.  her shortcomings as far as being a girlfriend (the fact that she has a history of infidelity and always presents herself as a victim in situations) are stil lthere, but they’re addressed– at first by kara, who’s like alex i’m gonna kill her for being a shit to you and alex is like no; then by james who’s like bro.  don’t treat alex like that, you’re better than that and she deserves better than that; finally alex is like yeah actually this is messed up and we need to talk about it and they actually, y'know, talk about it and address it and move forward.  

j'onn: is involved in just literally everything more.  like, so much more.  he’s tired of kara talking about all of her lame tinder dates, exasperated with how winn is always trying to rebuild things in the command center and how it only works 42% of the time, so done with walking in on his agents boning mon-el. his side of the storyline with m'gann is very much what it was, starting with his distrust and (much more slowly) moving to understanding, to respect, to affection, to trust, to hearteyes.

m'gann: m'gann is always part of the scenes at the bar, yells at maggie a lot for wallowing when her gf early on dumps her, and staunchly avoids dealing with j'onn for ages and ages.  when her gross ex husband shows up she still drops his ass and leaves to go start a revolution among the white martians, but doesn’t just vanish bc dammit i want there to be interplanetary skype and she and j'onn talk A Lot.  there’s none of the crap where’s like you taught me how to stand up and be brave given that she, y'know, stood up and was brave as a white martian when she disobeyed direct orders and went AWOL.  she comes back with her posse to help out during the invasion and doesn’t leave.  she and j'onn go on adorable dates all throughout s3. 

*deliberate delineation putting the survivors of lost planets in that category bc of course survivors of lost civilizations would be less likely to lean on people in their adopted home planet.


“ I don’t have a few years, wish to hell I did. ”
“ I’ve known you my entire life, you don’t have a violent bone in your body. ”
“ Given your lack of prior criminal conduct, I am inclined to a probation. ”
“ I find it incumbent that you see the inside of a prison cell. ”
“ As for the term of your sentence, I’m setting it at five years. ”
“ I’m telling you, the guards are the dirtiest gang in this whole place. ”
“ I believe in being part of the solution, not the problem. ”
“ Hmm. Be the change you want to see in the world. What? ”
“ You have a habit of answering a question with a question. ”
“ Uh, perhaps you’d be good enough to enlighten me? ”
“ Are you crazy? You think I wanna break out of here? ”
“ Man I oughta beat you six days till Sunday. ”
“ I had to test you. See if you could keep a secret. ”
“ You dig in my cell when I’m there and I’m gonna split your wig. ”
“ You know you’re going to get killed in here, right? ”
“ You see these hands? They’re digging machines. ”
“ You wanna protect your prison reputation, or do you wanna get out of here? ”
“ You have no choice. I’m one of the bad guys, remember? ”
“ This look like storage to you, you idiot? It’s a restricted area. ”
“ I’m comin’ along on this endeavor whether you like it or not. ”
“ Dump the phone, they’re tracking you. ”
“ I checked my balance online, it is looking seriously deficient. ”
“ I swear to God, it just gets deeper and deeper. ”
“ Keep talking like that, I’ll be forced to put a bullet in your head. ”
“ I don’t like getting attached to things if I know they won’t last. ”
“ Well, I’m a pack rat, I never throw anything out. ”
“ What’s that smell? It smells a little like… conspiracy. ”
“ So you’re just gonna make a run for it, in the middle of the day? ”
“ What you gonna do, blow the whistle on your own escape? ”
“ I told you, I didn’t burn him! I found him like that! ”
“ We’ll be like ducks in a shooting range, you feel me? ”
“ Rough night? I got your message, what’s the problem? ”
“ I heard you got fired a few weeks ago, what was it this time? ”
“ I don’t understand, all the evidence is lining up in a path that leads directly to you. ”
“ I’ve never seen one of these requests granted before….not ever. ”
“ Have you figured out how you’re gonna get the key to the infirmary yet? ”
“ I will not discuss morality with an addict and a thief. ”
“ I was part of your plan. Was it all an act? ”
“ Don’t you feel all warm inside now that we’re all working together? ”
“ Do you think he’s/she’s a genius or a whack job?