whack an egg challenge

Whack An Egg Challenge Beau

You sit next to Beau and look at the stack of raw eggs.

“Oh God, Beau this is going to get in my hair and all over my clothes,” you whine. 

“Put it up or something…and why’d you dress so nice?” he says gestering to your tight new sweater. 

“Well I didn’t know!” you argue back. “And why’d you wear your nice plaid and jacket?” you ask tilting your head and playing with the collar of his shirt. You accidentally brush the underside of his chin and he shivers. 

“Cause I wanted to look cute…and you look…” he stares at your sweater, glancing anxiously at your boobs. You roll your eyes, but secretly enjoy all the attention he gives you. 

“Do the damn challenge already,” Jai whines. You put your hair into a bun just as Beau tells you to start. You both start cracking the eggs with your forehead. The shell is hard and you feel the yoke seep into the top of your hair. 

“Ahhh” Beau cries beside you. “what is the point of this?”

“Ugh” you laugh, as the egg rolls across the table. When you finish the table is sprinkled with yoke and egg shells. You try wiping egg off your forehead as beau rubs his face in the liquid and sucks up some of the yoke. You mimic a gagging noise and he spits it back it. Then leans over and gives you a wet, dripping kiss on the mouth, spitting alittle egg onto your cheek. You shriek and wipe it off your face, giving him an awestuck glance.

Then you push his head onto the table and rub his face in the pile of yoke. 

“Oooooh” he cries out and leaps onto you pushing you back onto the ground, the boys and Sarah laughing behind you. He straddles you with his hands on either side of your face. Beau rubs his wet face into your neck making you giggle and squirm under him. You try to push him away but he’s got you pinned. He pushed his face back and forth trying to rub all the yoke off and simultaniously kissing and biting at the wet and tender skin. You give up on reisisting and giggled under his touch, wrapping your arms around his neck. He rubs the sids of his cheeks on your neck before full on sucking and kissing the skin. This being one of your more sensitive areas you tilt your head back and laugh. He stops knowing you ticklish you are on your neck and smiles, meeting your eyes with his shining green ones before kissing you on the lips.

“Since we had to see that, we’re adding it to your time,” Luke announced giving you two a face.