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Don't Tell The Girls We're Drinking Fruity Stuff: A Solangelo Request

(( requested by @bailci ))

“This….is….a disaster.” Nico observed as he watched Jason and Percy trying to out karaoke each other.

Percy was dramatically on his knees, shirt ripped open to reveal his toned chest with the mic up close to his face as he sang the woman parts to Lay All Your Love On Me from the Mamma Mia soundtrack, as Jason was, shirtless of course, his tie around his head, with a hand over his heart as he sang out the male parts to counter Percy.

This is what happens when you get a bartender who can only make fruity drinks for a bachelor party.

Oh yeah. Percy was getting married. Hence the bachelor party.

“I think it’s fantastic!” Will laughed as he continued to record the two demigods singing very off key and slurring some words.

Most of the people at the party were already drunk off the fruity drinks while the others wished for what they liked to call “manly” liquor. Nico liked the fruity alcoholic drinks though so he wasn’t going to complain.

Nico looked around the room to see nearly two thirds of it filled with absolutely smashed people. Leo was trying to fix the hotel room’s massage chair to go up to five speeds and also serenade the person, Nico had no idea why though, Frank was passed out on the couch cuddling a pillow, and there was that little group of demigods that Nico could not remember their names for the life of him, having what looked like a dance off, and of course Jason and Percy picking another song on the karaoke machine, as Will and he stood off to the side sipping their drinks and watching the world burn. Not really but that’s how this felt to the dark haired italian.

“Oh god…..they’re singing Hallelujah now….”

“OoooooOoooo it’s the one from Shrek!” Will giggled out as he finished his drink and went to grab another. “Want another drink honey?”

Nico nodded as he placed his empty glass on the table beside him and waited.

The whole night went like this on repeat. Karaoke, dance off, slight smoke coming from Leo, and Nico and Will joining the ranks of the drunk people. But significantly worse than them. If it was a contest to see who could get more drunk, Nico was hands down in first place, While Will was in second place.

It was bad.

They didn’t even remember who they were, that they were dating, or where they were, but thank the gods they remembered their room number.

But here was the funny part. They were flirting hardcore with one another.

“Gods, you’re so gorgeous…you look like a Greek god.” Nico lamented as he caressed Will’s cheek.

Will smirked as leaned down like he was going to share the biggest secret ever to be known, “Well not to brag,” he whispered, “but my dad is Apollo.” And then he flexed. Oh yes dear readers, our adorable sunshine child, the cinnamon roll of all cinnamon rolls, flexed his arms and winked down at the flushed son of Hades. Who in turn smirked seductively as he ran his hands over Will’s biceps, “No wonder you’re so hot.” He purred.

Will just looked smug and shrugged like he knew it all along.

“But I must say, darlin, that you look like you were carved out of the finest marble. All chiseled and sharp featured. You’re a beauty.”

Nico giggled, “Did you just call me a booty?”

Now the son of Apollo laughed, “No I called you a beauty. Ya know, like beautiful?”

“Oh.” Nico giggled out as he pressed himself to Will’s chest. “Since we’re both pieces of art I think it’d be a waste to not enjoy each other.” Nico cooed as Will smirked down at him as one sneaky hand traveled south and squeezed the Italian’s toned bum.

“I like the way you think. So your room or mine?”

“How about mine?”

“Well which is closer? Because I don’t think I can wait much longer to get you out of these skinny jeans.”

“Mmmm, my room is 503.”

“Oh my gods no wayyyyyyy, that’s my room!”

“Whaaaat? No way! How weird….”

“Let’s go. I’m gonna make love to you.”

Again Nico let out a round of giggles as he was led out of the room down the hall and to his and Will’s room. The door was hastily, if not clumsily, opened and Nico was shoved inside. Before he could say even a word, he was pushed against the nearest wall and pulled into a deep kiss.

He let out a soft moan as he wrapped his arms around the tanned boy’s neck and buried his pale hands into the curly blond locks as the blond had one hand on the back of his neck and the other on his hip, squeezing every now and then.

Things quickly escalated from there as they made there way to their bedroom, a trail of clothes following them.

Tongues wrapped around each other, pushed each other, fought for dominance as they both fell onto the bed. They giggled before locking lips once again as hands roamed around bare skin freely, lighting a trail of arousal everywhere they went. Nico had had enough teasing as he pulled away from the kiss and Will chased his lips only to come in contact with Nico’s finger. He didn’t say a word as he slipped down the taller boys body down, down, down, till he was face to face with the blond’s throbbing erection. He was eager to get started so took the whole thing in the mouth, moaning at the feeling of it sliding down his throat.

Nico didn’t have a gag reflex.

Way to go Will.

Will let out a groan as his fingers weaved themselves into a sea of dark waves. “Oh gods!”

Nico hummed in approval when the blind tugged on his hair and began to bob his head up and down Will’s shaft.

Will was on cloud nine until the dark haired demigod abruptly stopped and pulled away. Will was confused until the smaller boy straddled him and began to roll his hips over the others. He was whimpering and whining everytime Will’s member slid against his eager entrance. “Please! I want it! Please!” He begged as he reached a hand behind him and began to finger himself. Will shivered at the sight as he gripped his hips roughly with a growl he didn’t know he was capable of. Nico moaned and slid his fingers out of him only to be replaced by Will.

They wasted no time in adjusting, in slow movements, they were eager, they were lustful, and they were drunk.

Nico bounced on the blond’s length with his hands braced on his tan chest, lip between his teeth, head tilted back, and eyes closed. Will had a good grip on his hips as he thrusted upwards to meet the bounces of the Italian, he just knew that the attractive demigod would have bruises tomorrow. Without so much as a warning, Will flipped them over so he was staring down at the moaning son of Hades.

He licked his lips as he lifted a toned pale, smooth leg over his shoulder and thrusted into the small boy at an alarmingly fast past leaving him a moaning mess. Nico couldn’t from any thoughts other than, ‘feels so good,’ or something along those lines. All he could do was moan and yell out in pleasure as his hands grabbed harsh handfuls of the sheets.

Soon, too soon. They finished with shameless cries. And then passed out.


They awoke at noon to the worst hangovers they had ever experienced. It literally took them about ten minutes to just open their eyes and stare at one another.

They both looked at each other in confusion, as they could not remember anything about last night.

But they were relieved to know that even in their drunken haze they slept with the right person.

So with sheepish grins and soft chuckle they both whispered to one another, “Good morning.”

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run your fingertips along my collar bone
like a blade that cuts through
my frozen skin – sending ripples
of unwanted desire. kiss the hollow
of my chest, fill the emptiness
with self proclaimed unadulterated
love. caress the shallow dip on
the small of my back and plant sunflowers
in it. let their roots make a home
out of my bones. let them steal away
the remnants of my soul and when
summer ends, let me wither with
the garden you forgot about
when you saw the butterfly flutter away.

Deku/Ochako Family Headcanons part 2

So last night we got kinda skype-happy with Deku/Ochako headcanons (including their son Tohru who’s a ray of sunshine) and now there is a  l o t more. Lengthy headcanoning under the cut

Chrissy  also im trash but i really want Ochako and Deku to also have a healing-quirk child.

Deku’s worried that he and Ochako have a 50% chance of having a quirkless child because he’s technically quirkless, and he’s afraid of raising a kid in a superhero household who just realistically can’t be super… Turns out that gap in quirkiness is exactly what allowed a variety of new and different quirks to develop back when quirks were new. Deku’s afraid his daughter is quirkless until one day he and Ochako are in the hospital getting bandaged, and Deku like slams both his hands down on the bed and whips his head to Ochako “IVE NEVER EVER HAD TO KISS KAIYO’S BOOBOOS”

And Ochako’s just “????” so Deku starts spinning his hands “Okay so yeah Tohru was more banged up as a child with his quirk so he always had bandaids somewhere but have you EVER had to put a bandaid on Kaiyo!?”

And Ochako thinks about this just “……. !!!!! !!!!! ”

So they get home, pay the babysitter (with whatever arm isn’t in a sling) go nudge Kaiyo awake like “Honey….have you ever gotten a booboo?” Bleary eyed, this four year old little girl wakes up “Huh…Mommy? ………Yeah I get booboos but I don’t like them so I make them go away.”

She’s just extremely confused while both Deku and Ochako are crouched there in the dark room going “ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ” at each other

Fast forward a few years and Kaiyo takes up the responsibility of being her parents’ first aid kit. (First aid kid haaaaaaaaaaah anyway). Like Deku comes home after going way too far with One fo All and his arm is smashed to pieces. Ochako’s telling him to go to the damn hospital but he’s “wait a minute honey I wanna give Kaiyo a chance to shine.” She looks at him, with all her 6 year old sass she rolls her eyes and goes “Daddy you’re such a dumbhead.” And touches his arm. Does it heal all the way? No. Does it get a hell of a lot better? Yeah.

Recovery girl is still alive and kicking cuz she’s Recovery Girl, and years down the line she takes Kaiyo as an apprentice
Chrissy  AAAAAAAAAAAAANYWAY so thats what i had to say
Becca  good name picking btw
Chrissy  i looked it up this time

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So Some Stuff Happened While You Were Gone

It was strange to come home.

Except it wasn’t home anymore. Somewhere in the intervening years of grinding through undergrad and graduate coursework, the house Jazz grew up in had stopped being home.

Danielle had been given Jazz’s room when she left halfway across the country to Yale. During holiday visits they would share, Dani insisting that all her time “camping out” under overpasses and old mausoleums as proper precedent for her to sleep on the floor.

A few times Jazz caught herself thinking of it as her room, instead of Danielle’s. She could still recognize the room she’d stayed in for seventeen years, an old imprint she felt in the air, pins and needles in her scalp; her hands itched with the impression that if they just peeled away the sci-fi posters and anime wall-scrolls and the global Polaroid collage the old room would still be there, waiting beneath like a layer of wallpaper.

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wait what do you mean you didn't think many people liked that car scene? it's a true blessing and one of the best scenes of pandemonium so far

Whaaaat no way!! I literally had no idea, I was disapointed with it and rewrote it a few times but still thought it was naff haha thank you so much!

Yukiko: Thinking it that way, Naoto-kun and Kanji-kun might have a lot in common.
Chie: Whaaaat? No way!
Chie: No way! Wait, actually…
Kanji: H-huh?
Naoto: Kanji-kun and myself are…?
Yosuke: Ohh, I think I get it. They’re good with their hands, but totally awkward in every other way.
(note: they were talking about Kanji’s knitted dolls and Naoto fixing stuff)
Kanji: Every other way!?
Yukiko: Mm-hm, that’s right: You two are very similar!
Kanji: But, well…That’s… I doubt Naoto would agree…
Naoto: On the contrary… I can’t tell for myself, but if everyone else says so, who am I to argue?
Naoto: When I’m with you all, I always see a different side of myself…
Naoto: And somehow, it’s never as distasteful as I might expect.
Naoto: …It’s quite mysterious.
Minato: …..?
Minato: I don’t think it’s so strange. That’s what being companions is all about.
Yukari: It is…?
Minato: I don’t think just getting along and having conversations makes you companions.
Minato: Then again, just gathering for a common goal doesn’t seem to do the trick either…
Minato: Hmm…
Junpai: Wait, you don’t get it either!?
Yosuke: What makes people companions varies from person to person, no?
Yosuke: For me, companions are the ones who help to pull me up.
Yosuke: That’s why I try to be someone who can pull everyone else up too.
Naoto: Yosuke-senpai…
Minato: If you find something about yourself that you like, isn’t that because you have companions with you?
Minato: You wouldn’t ever find anything new about yourself alone, after all.
Naoto: Which means… everyone else is causing changes in me.
Naoto: Seeing it that way is exciting. It makes me wonder how I’ve changed, and how I might continue to do so.

> Let’s change together
> You can stay like you are.
> Let’s keep being friends.

Naoto: *chuckle* Yes. I look forward to watching you change as well, Senpai.

OKAY, it's time a clarification masterpost was made:

There’s been a trend lately in the DW fandom where people are scrutinizing relatively minor characters/scenes and linking them to HUGE events/easter eggs, usually by way of claiming the actors are the same or the characters are the same people in different dimensions or something.

Let’s clear up the three that I’ve seen recently:

1. I’ve already mentioned the inconsistency with this “theory” in a reblog from a few weeks ago, so I’ll keep it brief here. It’s this gif set:

followed by several comments saying things like"WHAAAAT" “OH MY GOD” “nO WAY!” “brain exploded” and so on.

The “theory” of these two women being the same person is wrong because:

A) The soldier, Lorna, already has been given an established backstory.

B) Those are two different actresses.

Moving on.

2. Then there’s this image set, that appeared the day after The Time of the Doctor aired:

Amy is not Clara’s grandmother because:

A) To me, the ring Clara’s grandmother wears seems thicker than Amy’s ring, but if it is the same ring, it’s been established that the BBC reuses props and sets like no other. If it is the same ring, well, that’s because of a small wardrobe department.

B) Amy remained married to Rory for the rest of her life, and they died within a few years of each other. How does that correlate with the line about the man this woman loved being in front of her “long ago”?

C) (The reason why this cannot be true) Amy and Rory have been dead and buried in a New York City cemetery since before 2012. Amy Pond was born in 1989, and she was 23 years old when she was sent back to 1938. If she was still alive in 2013, she would be 98 years old, give or take a year. We know this can’t be, since Amy was 87 years old when she died, prior to the year 2012.

3. And lastly, there’s this post that I saw about fifteen minutes ago on my dash, which inspired the writing of this theory busting of sorts:

These women are entirely unrelated to each other because:

1) The actress who plays Mrs. Angelo (the woman in the second set of gifs) in The Eleventh Hour is not the same actress as either of the women pictured above her.

2) Mrs. Angelo recognized the Doctor from little Amelia’s drawings and dolls.

3) This cannot be physically impossible, seeing as the women in the first gifset are younger in 2013 than Mrs. Angelo in 2010, and the only way Mrs. Angelo could have been older in 2010 than she was in 2013 is if she ever travelled in the TARDIS with the Doctor, and seeing as he never forgets a face and has nothing to gain by pretending not to know her/it’s never been established that they’ve traveled together, this just doesn’t add up.

(Also, there was a theory revolving around her and River Song that they were the same person due to a distinctive brooch that they both wore at some point, and I thought that was a cool theory too until I was clued into the fact that the costume department is tiny and often recycled.)

So yeah. If there are any other posts in this nature that I see, I’ll either add them to this one or make a part 2.

(And if any of these “theories" are proven true, well…you see my evidence and reasons for why they almost certainly can’t be. So while I’ll obviously accept that I was wrong, I’ll just point to this post and still be annoyed by the logic inconstancies that are just too obvious to be overlooked, even by Doctor Who.)

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A fic where somebody keeps pranking Genesis.

“Give me your keycard. Immediately.”

Angeal was concerned. He had come to nag encourage Zack to complete an overdue mission report, only to find Genesis Rhapsodos standing outside Zack’s apartment in what could only be described as a fit of righteous indignation.

“What has Zack done now?”

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Sans the blaster are super sentient and they kinda hate u

Whaaaat? No way, they know I love em. Besides, we did preliminary tests and they only seem capable of understanding basic commands and cant really speak any known language

*Collective blaster groaning in background*