Exo Reaction: They hear stories about you from years before when you used to party, do drugs, etc.

Request:could you do an exo reaction to hearing stories about their girlfriend from years ago where she used to constantly get drunk, go to parties, use mild drugs, etc? Kinda like the show Skins

A/N: Being vaguely familiar with the show skins I can’t say I completely understand it, but I realize that while the characters on the show must have had moments where they are had a lot of fun, there was also a lot of emotional issues that go with living like that, so that’s what I’m basing this off of

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Uum… you see, I am tired…. and I needed victims… aaand yeah, Jean and Marco were PEEERFECT! :D my phantasie is today fucking crazy @_@ but this would be really funny with this two guys ^^

Marco: “now we are going to make the kids happy Mr. Christkind!”

Jean:”Whaaaaatttt??? But I HATE kids!!!! You NEVER said smth about that!”

Marco: “What did you think why I wanted you to wear this????” Óò

Jean:”…. “*blush* “I….. I thought NOTHING!!!” >///////<

AAAHAHAHAHA *cough cough* x___X


It’s short af but whaaaaatttt?? The beach??? Her RI home???? PIANO????? If we get a fucking acoustic piano song imma need somebody to dig my grave that’s all I’m sayin

Thats My Little Sister(part 4)

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Requested: What the hell do you think?? (part 1) (part 2) (part 3) want a part 5?

Writer: It’s me bitch! 

Warnings:  fucking smut, oh and swearing, Oral, idk 

A/N:sorry ^ too much Deadpool ( A little note about me)~ I really love Deadpool and when the movie came out I fucking flipped tables AND IT HAD MY BABY BOO RYAN IN IT!!! WHAAAAATTTT)

Stiles and I were currently making out in the kitchen, we stood to face each other me against the counter and him In front of me.  We both leaned into the kiss crashing into on another, he grabbed my butt picking me up and placing me on the counter as we made out.  My legs swung around him, pulling him closer to me making him moan into our kiss. 

 “Inappropriate…….For the..anywhere” I heard Sheriffs’ voice making me break away from Stiles.

 I blushed wildly not knowing what to do. 

“Sorry dad,” Stiles said smiling, grabbing our popcorn we had made earlier and dragging me upstairs.

 “Leave the door open you two,” Sheriff shouted from downstairs

. Once we had gotten to his room I turned to Stiles.

 “Oh. My. God.” I said as I hid my face in my hands sitting down on his bed.

 “I can’t believe that just happened!” I continued, looking to Stiles from behind my hands who was just laughing, making me hit his arm. 

“It’s not funny you ass,” I pouted.

 “It totally is,” he said trying to contain his laughter. 

“Okay, okay, It might be. So, maybe we should really study I have a test tomorrow in history,” I said reaching for my bag behind me and as I reached over the bed my butt was facing Stiles.

 Right as I was about to sit back up I felt a hard hand hit my ass making me jump. “Ow, what the hell Stiles?” I yelled at him. 

“What? I couldn’t resist,” he smirked, I just rolled my eyes.

 After Stiles and I had studied for an hour or two I decided I should go home before Scott gets big brotherly.

 “I’ll see you later babe,” Stiles said giving me a peck on the lips before I left his room making my way down the stairs to the front door. 

“By Sheriff,” I waved to him on the couch. 

“Drive safe please!” he called out.

 “Will do!” I smiled as I walked out of the door to my car. Once I got home I went straight to my room to get into PJs and got comfy.

The next morning Scott was being all big brother again,the one I liked more but more awkward than crazy Scott. 

“So, how’s your grades?” Scott asked looking up from his food that mom had made.

 “Really good actually,”  I smiled looking up from my phone. “All A’s and one B,” I continued.

  To be honest, is was super awkward like we just met and don’t know how to make small talk. 

“Well, I’ll see you at school because I don't want the awkward convo to go on any longer,” I said getting out of my seat making way over to the door. 

Later that day at school Stiles and I  were talking at his locker.

 “For some reason, it’s super awkward between Scott and me,” I said looking up at Stiles. 

“Maybe because his best friend is, you know, fucking you,” Stiles said smiling like a dork.

 “Stiles!” I scolded slapping his arm.

 “God, what happened to the dorky guy I fell for?” I questioned. 

“Hey! he’s still here,” he smiled making me smile.

 “Good,” I said leaning up to give him a kiss. 

“Mmm,” he hummed into our kiss.

 “I love you,” he slimed

 “I love you too,” I replied.

 “Okaaayy, you guys need to stop with all that it’s weird, and honestly, I would rather not see my sister and my best friend kissing,” I heard Scott say making me turn around to see my brother walking towards us.

 “Sorry,” I laughed a little.

 “Well I’m gonna get to class,” I said starting to walk away.

 “Okay, see you later,”  Stiles said as he turned to talk to Scott. 

“Hey girl,” I heard Allison’s voice from behind me. 

“Hi,” I Smiled as she came up to my side

. “So how’s Stiles?” She questioned pushing her shoulder into me smirking.

 “He’s just fine, you dirty bird,” I said smiling wrapping my arm around her shoulders

. As we walked down the halls we talked about classes and random things until she dropped me off at my class . Waving my goodbyes to her and sitting down in my seat. 

“Okay, class,” was all I heard before I started to drift off into my own thoughts. 

Not too long after I heard the loud last bell of the day. I got out of my seat making my way down the halls to the parking lot where Stiles usually meets me. I was waiting for him by his jeep when I heard his voice.

 “Hey pretty lady,” he said trying to lean up against the front side of the car, but missing it and falling, I gasped as he hit the ground.

 “Stiles are you okay?” I asked giggling.

 “Yup, I’m okay,” he groaned as he got back up. 

“I honestly don’t think the hole smooth guy thing goes well on you.”  I smirked

 “Hey, now,” he said doing some awkward movement.

 “I’m pretty smooth,” he said making me laugh.

 “Sure you are,” I said sarcastically as I got into his jeep.

 “So what are we going to do today?” I asked smirking a little Stiles just looked over at me with wide eyes.

 “W-What?” making me giggle.

 “Hmm,” I said fake thinking tapping my chin. 

“Want to go to that cool swimming hole we found last week?” He smiled, probably thinking of me naked… not to sound too full of myself but I’m pretty sure Stiles thinks I’m hot.

 “Why not,” he smiled breaking the brief silence. 

At The Swimming Hole Thing

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“Well,” I said sitting up on our picknick blanket we had set out.

 “you gonna join me?” I asked smirking.

 He smiled “Yeah, I’m coming.“ He said walking over, sitting next to me. 

“I’m gonna get in.” I smiled standing up and stripping down bare.

 “So are you just gonna stare at me or are we gonna swim?” I questioned

 “How about I stare at you while you swim” he flashed me a cheeky smile looking my bare body up and down. Pushing his shoulder playfully I walked off jumping into the body of water before me.

 “You coming handsome?” I asked smiling slightly after I had emerged from underwater. He just nodded taking his shoes, shirt, and pants off in a hurried manner tripping over his pants as he tried to walk over to me. Making me burst out laughing.

 “Don’t laugh! I’m just excited, okay,” he said stepping in. 

I smiled, wading over to him and wrapping my arms around his neck.

 “Hey, beautiful,” he whispered centimeters away from my lips 

“Hi, handsome” I smirked whispering back. Moments later we were in a heated kiss pulling each other closer. I hopped up wrapping my legs around his torso as we made out. I pulled away for a moment dropping my legs. 

“Want to fuck in the jeep?” I smirked biting my lip.

 “God, yes” he breathed out.

 We both ran out of the swimming hole toward the jeep, giggling on the way there. Climbing in into the back of the jeep he couldn’t wait to get his boxers off. I giggled at his erratic behavior. He was already rock hard. 

“It doesn’t take much to get you all hot and bothered, now does it?” I smirked, 

“You can give me a boner by saying my name baby.” He said spreading my thighs kissing the inside of them working his way down to my soaking heat kitten licking my clit.

 “Fuck Stiles.” I moaned out making him hum sending vibrations through me, I reached down grabbing a fist full of his soft brown locks while he fucked my cunt with his tongue. Right as I was about to cum he pulled away making me grunt at the un-satisfaction. Before he moved on he found a condom in his 

“Fuck” he grunted as he teased my pussy with the tip of his dick making me squirm under him. 

“You like that you dirty girl?” he questioned smirking, pushing the tip in. I moaned out waiting for him to trust into me, but he liked to tease me and draw it out to see how wet he could get me. I whimpered as he kept teasing me with his dick.

 “Stiles just fuck me already!” I scolded him

 “Anything for my baby girl” he smiled grabbing onto my hips slamming into me, gasping as he plowed into me at a fast pace making the jeep rock.

 “Fuck Stiles” I screamed out as he pulled all the way out then pushing back into me, by the third time he did this I squirted everything going blurry as he started thrusting again sending me into a wild orgasm. 

“Stiles!” I moaned out loudly coming down from my high not long after he came moaning out my name as I whimpered. 

“That was hot,” he said as he picked up his boxers placing them back on. 

“Thanks” I smiled sweetly at me 

 “No thank you, beautiful.” he smiled pecking my lips.