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Oh Queen of Gramander fanart...would you be willing to grace your loving followers with a hint of some sort of what (if anything) you are currently creating with your amazing skills? Also can this particular peasant get a hug from either you, Newt, or both??

*gushes* whaaaa- me?? aslkfdkandf stahp it you-

RIGHT *claps hands together*


asdlasdkfnsuu *dyinnnggg*
sorry my friend, I am currently not feeling it siiighh maybe tomorrow will be better



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WAIT Whaaaa? The boys have kissed each other before? Whennnnnn I need deetsss and receipts 😆

When Jimin wanted to kiss JK

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When Jhope and Jimin where faking making out (Look at the hands and head movements)

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We still don’t know to this day what JK was doing here

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Or when V suddenly had to kiss JK’s ear 

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That time when you could hear the screams of ARMYs from the moon because

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When V was kissed by Jimin and he liked it

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And when Rapmon was kissed by Jin and he loved it

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BUT THE BEST ONE, THE REAL ONE, THE PASSIONATE ONE, Is when Jhope and V kissed for real (while suga was shipping it) 

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BONUS: Jungkook and suga are all of us (two types of ARMYs)

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May this post make your ship kiss 


Bad quality, just waiting for a better quality vid to be posted but……


Alright ladies, I need your input!

This is the first time I’ve had PMS/been in my lady time and felt so freakin MATERNAL. Like I bought pool toys for my neighbors young son because he didn’t have any. And I keep thinking about babies and I just feel so friggen mama like.

What is going on with me?!? Normally I just get irritable and want to eat all the things but this time I want all the babies…?

@couldnthandleit replied to your post “A S7 theory I made up based on dramanons: Captain Swan is…

*fake gasp* XcuZE U u ddNt T@g sp0ilERs &amp; JuST ruiNEd D pl0t 4 ME hdU

uuuUUUMMM?? EXCUBES ME?? you dARE say to mE that i SPOILIED it for you?!? i did SO tag it. it’s 104% your fault if you didn’t want the whole of s7 revealed to you. i won’t stand for this attACK on my honor