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I'll personally NEVER get tired of those two. But don't listen to me or others regardless of what they say, only stop drawing them when YOU want to stop, follow your heart and inspiration. Anyway thank you from the bottom of my heart, you're a blessing

Please fix this broken family Game Freak.

BTS reaction to you being their little sister and asking for help because of a boy you like

Anon said:  could i have a reaction to BTS where you are the little sister and you ask them for help, because of a boy you like

- This is soooo CUTE! Enjoy 

Jungkook: *sits down* “So tell me what you have on your mind. I am here”

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Jimin: “SO there is a guy huh?” *gets close to you, stares* *gif*

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Taehyung: “WAIT YOU LIKE SOMEONE?! WHAAA” *is shoot but happy af*

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J-Hope: “This is actually, happening… Oh my God” *gif + is happy for you*

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Suga: “Uuuuuuu my little sisterr is having a crushhh” *teases a lot*

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Jin: “Just before you say anything… If he hurts you I will kick his ass” *gif*

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Are you a part of the LGBT+ community?

This question is being asked in an odd way to my mind (I think?), but if the question is do I identify as something that falls in the LGBTQ+ spectrum, the answer is no. I’ve identified as male my whole life, and have been quite privileged to be referred to as male by everyone else since I was born. I can’t imagine what it’s like to identify as a particular gender and have others incessantly and insistently refer to you as a different one. That’s a hard road, and it has everything to do with the world, and nothing to do with the individual. It’s good to see that, at least in the communities I’m a part of, there’s a conscious effort to do others the “small” courtesy of accepting them at their word when they tell you what gender they are. (lol Can you imagine? Seriously, who’s supposed to know you better than yourself? The audacity of some people! It’d be like you meet somebody, and they say, “Hi! My name is Dan”, and you’re all like, “lol yeah right buddy, your name is James, I can tell”, like, whaaa…?!)

I’m also heterosexual. Again, this has afforded me a huge amount of privilege, since if you’re heterosexual, people tend to leave you alone, which is mostly what I enjoy. In general, it seems if you respond to any question the way that people expect, they’re happy and leave you alone; if you don’t, though, it becomes their business to either figure you out or fix you. The hell’s the deal with that? Interest is one thing, but there’s listening to listen, and then there’s listening to figure out what your next demand is going to be—basically a conversation vs. an interrogation. Sometimes interrogation is necessary (e.g. you go to get the last piece of pizza and it’s gone), but when it comes to something like one’s own sexuality, that’s private, and not up for negotiation.

So when it comes to my identity, I don’t fit into LGBTQ+. But the reason I didn’t want to say “no”, was because I didn’t know how you were using the word “community”. In the narrow sense (regarding identity), no, I am not, but in the broader sense, I try my best to be an ally, and support LGBTQ+ rights, because I don’t see any alternative. It honestly feels weird to say you support LGBTQ+ rights because it automatically suggests that there’s an opposing position, which there shouldn’t be. These are rights, and we’re talking about people. There shouldn’t even be a discussion, unless it’s working with a definition of “rights” and “people” that are alien to me. It’s depressing to think that in a country that prides itself on freedom there’s a struggle to ensure that certain groups within that country are able to achieve the bare minimum guaranteed to all citizens. It’s depressing because people my age went to school and learned “Back then [whether ‘back then’ was the 1860s or the 1960s] certain American citizens were discriminated against, but we fixed that!” We were lied to. A lot of things are better, but better is not perfect—in fact, better is not even adequate, a lot of times. And on top of all that, I think a lot of us also had the feeling, “Well, at least we’ve achieved this bare minimum standard, and it’ll never go back to the way it was”, but it is going back! No achievement is irreversible. So not only do we have to struggle to improve things, we have to struggle to maintain the status quo!

(Especially recently, the behavior of the radical right has baffled me. It’s like they woke up one day and said to themselves, “Hey! Hey everyone! It’s not illegal to be racist! It’s not illegal to say misogynist things to women! There was an amendment that says it’s not illegal!” And I’m like, “But it’s immoral? And disgusting?” And they’re all, “BUT IT’S NOT ILLEGAL!”, as if “immoral” doesn’t even mean anything anymore… As if the only possible standard for being a good human is whether the American government considers what you do to be technically legal.)

Bit of a tangent there, but the tl;dr of it is, no, I do not identify as LGBTQ+, but I am a huge supporter of the LGBTQ+ community, and try to be the best ally I can be. <3

whaaa? this isnt a compilation of clips that i kinda thought were suspicious and possibly/possibly not alluding to Anti? what makes you think that? *cough* *cough*