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I’m just picturing poor Finn feeling like he got trebuchet’d into the Twilight Zone when he wakes up

Finn: Where’s Rey?

Poe: She took the Millennium Falcon and is training with Luke to be a Jedi!

Finn: What! I’ve got to find her!

*one hyperspace jump later*

Finn: Luke! Where’s Rey?

Luke: You just missed her. She went chasing after Kylo Ren after he returned to the First Order.


*two hyperspace jumps and a pit stop later*

Finn: Ok Rose, we’ve got to get information on where the First Order is keeping Rey!

Rose: Ok, I got it and–hey, is that a Chrome Plated Stormtrooper?

*one fight with Phasma and lots of explosions later*

Finn: Rey! I finally found you!

Rey: Finn! You’re alive! Oh, I’m so happy! Sorry I didn’t look for you sooner, Kylo and I decided to join forces and now he’s defected from the First Order and wants to join the Resistance again.

Finn: WHAT

Kylo (with braided hair): Also we’re totally–how did you put it, Rey? “Besties”?


*one final hyperspace jump later*

Finn: I guess I shouldn’t complain too much. Rey’s back and alive and stronger than ever, Leia finally got to reunite with her son, Kylo is slowly dislodging the stick up his ass, I got to kick my ex-boss’ ass, and I’m back here safe with everyone.

Poe: I love you.

Finn: WHAAA-I’m kidding, I already knew that. <3

to know every single facet of your website is dysfunctional and have the gall to make the error loading message nothing but “whaaa?” i actually think tumblr devs are some of the ballsiest people in the world. not even pretending to give a single fuck goals

Bill Skarsgård x Reader Headcannons

Bill Skarsgård x Reader

Requester: Anonymous

Prompt: Bill headcannons

Warning: None

Note: I finished before 9 I’m happy. Enjoy! :D!

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-The first time you met with Bill was when you were an extra in Hemlock Grove

-You had a scene together where he’d bump into your purposely and spill the books everywhere only your stupid feet betrayed you and you tripped and hit your head on a locker

-You felt really embarrassed about it but Bill was with you the entire time in the infermey

-You had to get stitches so he had to hold your hand as they did it

-It wasn’t painful you were just nervous

-You contiued to see and talk to eachother randomkly after that until you finally became friends

-You once got drunk during a party and Bill drove you to his place

-For some reason you kept pawing at the windows like a cat

- When he arrived to his house you were  surprised that it a nice looking house in the suburbs

- When he was checking the house out he found you munching zombie-like on snacks

-He had to fight you to get into bed. Like legit you’d run from him and he’d have to grab you and pull you back

- You were shouting the entire time you needed to find Batman to save the army of frogs with purple nails

-Do frogs even have nails?

-Eventually he had came to an agreement with you and laid on the bed with you

-You wouldn’t stop snuggling to him

-In the middle of the night you said you loved him in your sleep and he just smiled and said he loved you back

-He meant to get out of bed and go to his own room but he ended up sleeping there for the rest of the night

-When you woke up with a slamming hangover had left a couple advils and a glass of water

-Bill was making breakfast which was sooo good

- He makes good waffles =P!

-When you had to leave he finally talked about what you had said and asked you if it was true

-You said yes and he kissed you

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I'll personally NEVER get tired of those two. But don't listen to me or others regardless of what they say, only stop drawing them when YOU want to stop, follow your heart and inspiration. Anyway thank you from the bottom of my heart, you're a blessing

Please fix this broken family Game Freak.