((w hy i did this))

  • Teacher: **shows picture of an egg heater** now, write on your whiteboards what that is.
  • Me: shit what the fuck is that?????
  • Groupmate 1: Uhhh I dont know??? I think its an egg boiler??
  • Groupmates: snRRKK PPFFF-
  • Me: guys, keep qui-
  • Me: oh.
  • Me: OH.
  • Groupmate 1: ang gm ninyo!! (gm means green minded/dirty minded)
  • Groupmate 2: Ahh!!! My innocence!! Stop it!
  • Me: I've lost my innocence long ago.

this girl that has a crush on me confessed last week and i turned her down and now she won’t even look at me unless she’s glaring at me when i speak and idk ive kinda….been spreading it around that she confessed to me because im impulsive and have no filter irl and she just sent me a snapchat and thought she was gonna confront me about it but when i opened it was like “i love your makeup here but maybe try X for a better effect!! ☺️ also you didnt a rlly good job, you look so good!!” and im just ?????