me, lying awake at 3am: if aces claim to be oppressed by allosexuals then are grey-aces and aces who are aceflux also allosexual? are they also oppressing the aces, despite being aces themselves? they still experience sexual attraction, though at varying intervals, but then again everyone (even the allosexuals) experiences varying degrees of sexual attraction… which means everyone could possibly identify with the ace spectrum in some way… and that means that the supposed oppression that aces face is effectively made up if anyone can just choose to start identifying as ace


Frisk lived with her parents, living the life of a very happy and loved puppy. They all lived in your average village, nothing out of the ordinary. Frisk was a quick learner, and picked up many words and what they meant. 3 years pass uneventful,  Frisk fast approaches the age of 4, parents plan out her education and take note of her needs as a werewolf as well. 

It’s the night before Frisk’s 4th birthday. Frisk is sleeping soundly in her bed, her parents getting everything perfect for their child. A window shatters in the kitchen, Two well equipped werewolf hunters begin searching the house. The parents are already on high alert, but they know that going towards their child would only endanger her more, so they try and calmly draw the threat away from Frisk. Frisk was woken by the shattering window and goes to investigate, after all, she’s still just a pup, she is small and light on her feet, something she gets from her father. She hears lots of noise downstairs, growling mostly, and takes a few steps down the stairs to peek through the railings.

Her parents are incapacitated on the carpet with two big unfamiliar figures standing over them, her mother and father give her a quick glance, fear in their eyes. Within seconds Frisk hides herself and realises the urgency of the situation, she must not be seen, she must hide so the predators cannot find her, The bad people do not turn around, Frisk’s mother mentally urges her child to go back upstairs, the father reinforces this as a click echoes through the dark hallways.

A loud gunshot pierces the silence, followed by another, and another.

The house is empty now, the two bad people left, Frisk shakily makes her way out of her hiding spot.

Everything feels wrong, so so wrong.

Some neighbours had heard the commotion and called the police. A faint crying is heard as the police arrive at the scene, they enter the house, even to them this feels so very wrong. An officer turns the corner into the living room. A small child can be seen curled up in a ball between two bigger, motionless figures. The child is asking for her mother and father to wake up, why won’t they wake up? She’s scared.

The officer awkwardly carries the sobbing child away from the scene, she’s hard to hold onto, she keeps trying to break free, she wants to stay with her parents, she has to be there with them when they wake up!

It’s the next day, the now 4 year old hasn’t moved very much since she arrived, She’s become much quieter, although that is to be expected. Her parents had to take a very long sleep.

9 months pass, nobody in the orphanage talks to her, the mentors are just about ready to start her education, A mentor opens the door to her room, the window is wide open and Frisk is nowhere to be seen. A search party is sent out immediately, everyone doing what they can to help the cause, posters are put out, money is raised, it even manages to get on the news.

It’s no use, she’s gone…

A young child marches through the snow covered forest, blood dripping from her claws and teeth. The bitterly cold wind snaps and swipes at her, she bites back at it and growls, it howls at her, she howls back louder. She is stronger than the wind, she doesn’t need to be locked up in a stone box and brainwashed, she refuses. She mutters nonsense under her breath, words slowly forming and growing louder into clear speech. “Kill or be killed, kill or be killed” she continues to mutter as she trudges forward.

She is angry, she is hungry.

She is filled with Determination.


Hope u enjoy the angst that is werewolf Frisk’s backstory uwu -Kry

Ludwig Beilschmidt AKA Bundesrpublik Deutschland 

Species: Nation 

Class: Economic Power

Strength: 10/10

Smarts: 8/10

Speed: 2/10

Attack: 7/10

Defense: 8/10

Abilities: Unify, Tank, Einsamkeit, Save

Feliciano Vargas AKA Repubblica Italiana 

Species: Nation

Class: Religious Centre

Strength: 4/10

Smarts: Unknown-This character is too obscure in nature

Speed: 10/10

Attack: 2/10

Defense: 8/10

Ablities: Heal, Aqua Alta, Venetian Carnival, Ally Call

Kiku Honda AKA Nihon koku 

Species: Nation

Class: Technological Power

Strength: 6/10

Smarts: 9/10

Speed: 7/10

Attack: 5/10

Defense: 10/10

Abilities: Cherry Blossom, Land Where the Sun Rises, Anime Blast, Shut-In

Hallowed ground, hollowed you. Words encumbered, slumbered through. Holding steady, trending ending. Mirrored hero, broken anew.

For -M! You’re a pain in the rear, but a good friend!!! A very good bad friend!!! Go ask @torrentialmonsoon things anonymously! She LOVES it!!!

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my mom, after watching just three episodes of shadowhunters and having never even heard of the books before told me that she could tell that jace and clary were siblings and its been multiple months and im still wondering how she knew??? wild


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cutelittlewarrior  asked:

Throws him a bag of Hersey Kisses cause Broyl should get all the kisses

There was a growl from the saiyan as the incoming bag smacks him right in the face. He would have resorted to pummeling the child into nothing were it not for the odd scent emitting from the bag distracting him.

With his focus elsewhere he opens the bag with great force, causing the kisses to spill at his feet. He curiously picks one up and gives it a light sniff before tossing it in his mouth. Wrapper and all. 

He didn’t quite understand what to call this flavor, but it was– good?

       “Kakarot! If you think I’ll spare your life just because you’re tempting me with treats, you’re wrong!

Meanwhile, he sits on the ground to gather the rest of the scattered kisses and pops another in his mouth. Then another.

If this was meant as a distraction, then Goten definitely succeeded.