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I'm sorry to be a bother, but I recently went through a bad breakup (I was cheated on) and I could really really use some cheering up. I'd appreciate help from any of you wonderful people.

Honey:  *chin wobble* That’s mean!  I can’t believe someone would do that to you!

Mori:  Or anyone for that matter.  

Tamaki: Oh Princess, fret no more!  Here at the Host Club we offer sanctuary to anyone in need!  Here’s my hanky, go ahead and dry your tears. *Hands guest a hanky even though his own eyes begin to water*

Twins:  Hey boss, I think we oughta teach this jerk some manners.  

Kyoya: As thoughtful as your suggestion may be, this is really a matter that needs to be handled discreetly.  And we need to keep our hands clean from any impending lawsuits.

Honey:  I think this jerk just needs to remember… I’ve killed intimidated before.  So has Takashi.  

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Mori:  Mhm.  

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Tamaki: That’s it, lads!  We’ll fight like gentlemen and settle this with a duel!  

Guest:  Wha…?

Tamaki: *throws glove*  AT DAWN WE FIGHT!  

Haruhi:  Ignore those losers.  They mean well but can honestly get a little carried away.  I think what they’re trying to say is that you’re worth too much to be with a person who disrespects you.  Remember that you are valuable and deserve much better, and if being single for a while is the only way to stay true to your shine, then that’s perfectly acceptable.  

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