I wish we could do away with this whole idea that POC (and/or any marginalized people) should only be represented if “the specific story needs them.” Not only does that ignore the multiple times stories that could portray our presence in historical events or movements have been minimized, erased, or white-washed, but it continues to perpetuate the idea of “white people as the default.” 

White people are allowed to be anywhere and everywhere for no reason at anytime, but an Asian man or Afro-Latinx woman better be able to explain why they’re here. We shouldn’t always have to justify our existence.

Yes, some of our experiences are specific to our races, cultures, ethnicities, classes, etc. But every story with a person of color does not always have to be about race or culture. Our lives aren’t always about “The Struggle.” We fall in and out love, fight, cry, navigate awkward friendships, tell stupid jokes, eat cereal, talk back to the TV, lose our keys, and get into wacky mischief to combat boredom, just like everyone else. I don’t “need” to be black to do any of that stuff, I simply am a black girl. 

We can be the faces of universal stories, too. 

-Mod Finn

Bioware we need to talk about the fact that you allowed a series of events to happen where Alistair and Fiona were in the same place at the same time and I couldn’t TELL THEM I COULDN’T GO ON A LONG AND COMPLICATED SIDEQUEST TO REUNITE THEM I WOULD HAVE DONE IT WHY WOULD YOU HURT ME THIS WAY

anonymous asked:

"Sit," Sherlock orders putting out the client's chair for John. "Why do I need to be in the client's chair?" John asks. "You don't have to sit in the client's chair," Sherlock replies, "but we're the client. So we're going to sit here and talk, and when I'm talking you're going to listen, and when you're talking I'm going to listen. And then we'll decide what we want to do." "About?" John gulps. "Us," Sherlock replies, "and the fact that we're in love with each other."

daysofblacksnow asked:

Hello! Thank you for interesting and inspiring posts. I want to ask about "Vertical Gardens" post. Do you think this idea will become more popular in the future? Or will remain one of the curiosities of our time, something like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon?

Good question, wish I had a crystal ball to answer correctly! Architects and designers are looking for options to keep nature in our cities. The living walls are an option that might evolve and improve or wither and disappear, it all depends on how well they can be maintained and if the public embraces the idea. I don’t consider the Hanging Gardens of Babylon a curiosity of their time though, it was an amazing idea that could not be sustained, that is why we are still talking about them.

I think we will continue to see experiments and innovations on this idea, hopefully one of those iterations will become a new standard so that nature not only inhabits the horizontal plane but becomes part of our vertical city living.

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why the types I personally don't find sexy are sexy to other people
  • ESFP:manic pixie dream girl alert
  • ESFJ:you've heard of the daddy kink, now get ready for... the mommy kink
  • ENTP:because they're smooth motherfuckers
  • ENFP:manic pixie dream girl #2 alert
  • ENFJ:we were just talking about kinks before; well, I have solid scientific evidence from Twitter that there was a girl with a Jesus kink once
  • ISFP:we're all waiting for that one person in our bed who will roll over naked and sleepy after a fun night and whisper those three words... "death is inevitable"
  • ISFJ:they're really sweet and they'll let you be right always.
  • INTP:they'll obsess over your weird obsession even if they've never heard of it and eventually become more obsessed with it than you
  • INFP:don't deny it. nicholas sparks novels turn you on.
  • INFJ:? ????????????????? ?? ?? ?? ? ? ?? ? ? ?????????

-maz and han talking about getting BB-8 to Leia

We need to talk about this moment from the novelisation because it is so important and so so overlooked:

‘Important decision’ and 'meaningful bonds’? What decision did Han Solo make? 'bonds’ (plural) that were 'yet to come’ when Maz first met him - why has the author got Maz talking so cryptically - we already know Kylo Ren is Han’s son at this point in the story. 

It’s expressed that Han has known Maz a long time and these bonds that were yet to come would definitely suggest to me the births of multiple children due to the blatantly plural nature of the comment. after all what bonds could be more 'meaningful’ than his bond to Leia? very possibly the bonds he has with their children.

There’s so much mystery around what happened between Han and Leia. There’s these hints toward Han having made a decision that changed the course of his entire life. ’You’ve left behind’ marks it out as Han as the one who left - this would seem like it doesn’t match up with referring to Kylo since it was Kylo who supposedly betrayed his family and left… but maybe Han did fail his family in some way? It seems pretty clear Maz is saying (since she’s trying to get him to go home to Leia) that 'what’ he left behind was his family. Then it should be pointed out that Kylo holds so much resentment toward Han. He calls him a coward. What did Han do? Kylo screams 'traitor’ at Finn with so much hatred despite Kylo himself being a traitor in the eyes of the Resistance - maybe this is because Kylo feels he was betrayed first. Maybe, as Leia feared, Han was the one to inadvertently push Kylo toward the darkness. Surely this has EVERYTHING to do with why Rey was left on Jakku -  because in movies it’s always, always all connected in the end. 

Everything in the above quote about who Han Solo deserted and the apparently terrible decision he made is pretty unnecessarily enigmatic if Rey isn’t his daughter because isn’t the focus of this entire film, this entire trilogy, 'Who is Rey?' 

It’s battle of the century in tomorrow’s upcoming episode of Miraculous!

During the week, @Ladybug_Cartoon on Twitter tweeted that revealed the synopsises for two upcoming episodes of Miraculous. I can seemed to find that tweet anymore (probably must’ve been removed due to copywright and/or spoiler reasons so in respect to that, I’ll talk about that part undercut just in case no one wants to be spoiled)

That being said. Let’s talk about this week’s new episode and that colossal teaser we received recently. 

Looks like it’s clash of the heroes in the new episode scheduled for tomorrow morning. What amuses me is how the fandom is just going ballistic over this fight.
I myself am quite pumped up for this epic showdown that is to come. However, while some fans are confused as to why our heroes are brawling it out like a game of Smash Bros, I think I know the reason behind the clash and it has to do with what I read from that synopsis post on Twitter. 

In order for me to talk about this, I will have to make a spoiler warning. I don’t know if it’s still considered spoiler information since it was made public on both Twitter and Tumblr social medias and I’m pretty sure that most of the fandom already knows about this by now. Nonetheless, in respect to the fans who may not know and might not want to know since they’ll probably want to wait to see the information themselves, I’ll talk about this stuff undercut

If you want to continue reading what I have to say, feel free to read on ahead. Mind you, it contains some spoiler information from today’s episode so just in case you don’t wanna know. You’ve been warned.

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arr-jim-lad asked:

your newest post (which is excellent, might i add) reminded me of something i'm curious about; why do you think asgore didn't just take the first human soul and cross the barrier to get the rest they'd need to break it? Toriel actually suggested he should do that - why would he not? because he wouldn't want to kill? what does that make tori then, who suggested he should? does she only care for the fallen ones because they were children? what's your take on that & did i maybe miss something?

I talked about this before and got a lot of hate for suggesting Toriel is capable of getting angry and possibly killing humans. We saw the look she gave Froggit and the way she blasted Flowey and Asgore, you know what she would do if she got a chance to meet the humans that killed Asriel, and it wouldn’t be making them write an apology like she promises to make all the ruins monsters write if Frisk shows up to her with 1 hp.

Asgore is a coward, he admits Toriel is right, he doesn’t want to go and hurt anyone, he has the power to do so as the most powerful type of monster, he could have gone after the first soul and left the barrier and killed 6 more and destroyed the barrier, then waged war and destroyed humanity. That’s not what he wanted. He called Chara the future of monsters and humans, he intended them to be an ambassador, which Frisk ends up having the choice of being.

As Toriel says, he merely waited hoping that another human never came down to be killed by his Royal guard, hoping a human like Frisk never made it to him and made him have to kill the human himself. It’s always easier to get upset and call for others to do your dirty work.

Either all the other monsters are very stupid and never considered Asgore just had to use one human soul to leave and go kill more souls and come back to free them, or maybe it’s just not common knowledge somehow, despite it literally being writing on the walls.

Scott McCall Imagine~Just shut up about it!



Ask or Request

 Words: 1.775


Paring: Scott x Reader 


Requested by: teenwolfaddictedthings


Request: Could you do an imagine where y/n is Scott’s girlfriend and he forgot her birthday because of all his trips to Mexico. When he comes back she is mad and he doesn’t know why. Then they have a fight about it. You can make it further. Could you also put a lot of fluff in it?


A/N: Well I did my best and I hope you like it. Italic lettertype are flashbacks and texts. 


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Y/n’s POV.

I’m sitting on the couch watching Netflix on my TV. My phone suddenly starts making noises. I grab my phone and I see that Scott sent me a text. ‘Can we talk?’ NO! Of course we can’t. He forgot my birthday! My eighteenth birthday! The others sent me a card and that is still something but Scott didn’t even do anything. When he came back he also didn’t do anything. I tried to give him hints but he didn’t understand them.


“Scott, you’re back!” I say. “I know. I missed you! Did something special happen when I was gone?” he asks. “Seriously?” I ask. Did he actually forget my birthday? “You’re right it’s Beacon Hills,” he says and he gives me a kiss on my cheek. He walks away and I stay standing with my mouth open of amazing. He actually forgot my birthday. “Did look at the calendar?” I ask. Maybe with a hint he remembers it. “No, but I know every important birthday and we don’t have one close,” he says. That’s just rude! “It’s cute how you think of everybody.” Apparently I’m the only one here who does that. He walks into the kitchen. “So do you have something for me?” I ask suddenly. Maybe another hint helps. “Of course I do!” he says. Yes! He didn’t forget my birthday after all. He kisses me. No, he forgot it. I pull myself out of the kiss and I grab my stuff. “What are you doing?” he asks. “I’m going,” I say and I walk away. “But… Y/N! Wait!” he calls but I go to my car and I drive away.


That happened a few hours ago. I don’t want to talk to him. I don’t want to see him. I don’t even want to think about him. I start an movie and I see another message coming on my phone. ’Y/n, come on!’ I put my phone with the screen down and I look back at the TV. My phone starts to make noises again and I see that Scott is calling. I make the noise stop but I get more and more frustrated. The phone starts to buzz and I grab it. Again Scott. Out of anger I throw my phone against the wall. The glass shatters and everything falls on the ground. The buzzing did stop but now my phone is dead. I grab a dustpan and a brush. I clean everything and I throw the pieces glass away. I put everything that is left of my phone on the table. I go back to the couch and I start the movie again.



Scott’s POV.


“But…Y/N! Wait!” I call while y/n is walking to her car. She steps in and she drives away.“Y/N!” I call again but her car is already gone. I have no idea what just happend. She said something about a calendar and over giving her something. Well I gave her a kiss. I walk back into my house and I see Stiles coming from upstairs. “Well that didn’t go well,”  he says. “You were listening?” I ask. “Malia was,” he says and Malia smiles. Lydia gives me a drink. “Why was she mad? Did I miss something?” I ask. “Dude, she’s a girl. They are just complicated,” Stiles says what is giving him death glares from Lydia. “Scott, don’t be so mean to her and give her, her present,” Lydia says. “Why should I give her a present?” I ask. “Scott! Stop it!”  Malia says. “Oh my god!” Stiles says and he face palms himself. Lydia hits me on the back of my head. My mother walks in and she stops walking. “What did I miss this time?” she asks. “Mister McCall here has forgotten y/n eighteenth birthday,” Stiles says. “OH MY GOD!” I say and I face palm myself. My mother also hits me on the back of my head. “I have to go to her right now!” I say and I grab my car keys. I run over to my car and I start it. I drive to her house but her car isn’t there. I get out of my car and I walk to the door. I ring the bell and I also knock on the door but there is no one opening it. I grab a piece of paper and I write something down on it. 'I’m so sorry! Let me make it up to you, please? Love Scott’ I put it on the doorstep and I walk back to my car. I drive back home but before I’m home it starts to rain. I walk back in the house and I jump on the couch. “She wasn’t home,” I tell them.


It has been a week since y/n and I had a fight and I hate it. I had tried to talk to her all week but on some way she is able to avoid me. I texted her, called her, wrote notes to her, messaged her on any social media thing that exists and I went to her home every day but I haven’t seen her or talked to her since the fight. It’s late in the night and I see the moon shining in the dark. I’m walking to herd door and I ring the bell.



Y/n’s POV.


I’m lying on my bed. I can’t sleep. I can’t stop thinking about Scott. It’s a week after our fight. I was really mad at him but I do miss him! I love him. Even after he forgot my birthday. I can’t call him because I broke my phone. Did I forgot to tell that my laptop is dead too? I had a bottle with water and I tripped. Last week I tried to avoid Scott and it did work. A bit.

I’m standing by my locker. I’ve had great excuses to avoid Scott but now I’m pretty much running out of them. “Scott, has been looking everywhere for you!” Malia says. She wants to continue talking but I raise my hand. “I’m officially mad at Scott so don’t try to change my mind with how he has to tried to contact me,” I say. “He is walking towards you,” Malia says. “WHAT?” I turn around and I see him walking slowly towards me. Meanwhile the others are standing with us. “What do I have to do?” I ask. “Talk to him,” Stiles says. “NO!” I grab my stuff. “Does anyone has an good excuse?” I ask. “You know he can here you?” Liam asks. “Good point,” I say and I start to run. “Y/N?” Liam calls but I ignore it and I run further. Just running away from him and them. I don’t care to what happens next. Just run.


I was panicking. I always run when I’m panicking. Suddenly I hear the bell ring. Why would someone stand for my door on this time of the day. Probably a rapist would. My parents where this week gone for some business trip. This week I haven’t been home lately. I stayed at the park. I walk downstairs and I open the door. It’s raining and a wet Scott is standing on my porch. “Come in!” I say and he walks in. “Come upstairs so you can dry yourself,” I tell him and we walk upstairs. I give him towels and some clothes from him that he gave to me when I needed them but I never returned them. I sit on the bed and he walks out of the bathroom. He goes sitting on my chair and there is an awkward silence. 

“I’m so sorry about forgetting your birthday,” he suddenly says. “I know you were just being busy with the pack so you forgot about someone else you cared about,” I tell him. “Cared?” he asks and he grabs my hands. He goes sitting on his knees in front of me. “I still care about you! I’ve never stopped caring about you and I never will!” I put my arms around Scott’s neck and I feel he is very surprised. He puts his arms around me too. I just needed to hear those words. I hoped and I knew he cared about me but I just needed to hear it. We stop hugging but he stays sitting in front of me. “I promise you I will make it up to you,” he says. “I know you would,” I tell him. “I have to admit that this was much more easier than I thought it would be,” he says. “I wasn’t mad just hurt. And all this day I wasn’t really mad anymore,” I say. “Why did you never respond or called me?” he asks. I grab a box where I put my phone in and I show it to him. “I also accidently killed my laptop,” I say. “Why did you ran away?” he asks. “I panicked,” I tell him and he start to laugh. “Last question, why did you never open the door?” he asks. “I wasn’t home but in the park,” I tell him. “So what did you thought about my notes?” he asks. “What notes?” I ask. “The ones I left at your door,” he says. “Never found them,” I tell him. “You know what. It doesn’t matter. I love you,” he says. “I love you too!” I tell him and I kiss him. After the kiss he grabs his jacket and he has a little box in his hands. “What’s that?” I ask. “I saw this in the store and I had one made. I wanted to give it to you for your birthday but I was being an asshole so I couldn’t give it to you,” he says. He gives me the little box and I open it. There is a small golden medallion. There is a wolf carved on it and I open it. There is photo of me and Scott in it. ‘y/n & Scott’ That’s standing on the other side. “It is beautiful!” I tell him. He puts the necklace around my neck and I kiss him. “I’m still really sorry and…” Before he could finish his sentence I kiss him. After a few minutes of kissing I pull back and I rest my forehead on his. “I forgive you. Now could you just please shut up about it?” I ask and he kisses me.

Why do I keep on feeling sad about the people whom I somehow been close with, and now we barely even talk. I just don’t know if they could still remember me or what.

This is a week late, but here are my observations on Chapters 7 and 8, and they’re mostly Everlark-centric:

Chapter 7:

I found it quite amusing that only sentences after Katniss is peeved at the stylists visually associating her outfits with Peeta, she’s genuinely perplexed why they might want to be coached separately. First it’s ‘don’t put us together,’ then it’s ‘why would we be apart?’

It’s so unbearably cute how Peeta can’t meet her eyes when he’s talking about the effect she has, and keeps his hands busy tracing the table’s wood-grain. I also like that he automatically assumes people can pick up on what he sees in her. They can, of course, but I like how he considers it so patently obvious!

Here again, we have Katniss behaving inconsistently with regards to Peeta. She says, “Don’t let’s pretend [to be friendly] when there’s no one around,” but the very next time they speak to each other in private, it’s Katniss who initiates it: “Remember what Haymitch said about being sure to throw the weights.”

I love this, because no matter what she resolves, Katniss can’t suppress her protective instinct, which already exists for Peeta before even entering the arena. “The words come out of my mouth without permission.”

She wants him to do his absolute best in the private sessions, even though that could put him in direct competition with her for sponsorship in the Games - if anyone is willing to bet on Twelve, and he scores well, that could mean funds would be diverted from her. That’s huge. Katniss swore to Prim she’d try, but she’s also looking out for Peeta. Even Katniss wonders at herself: “I don’t know why I said anything at all.”

Chapter 8:

And then, we have the post-private session scenes. Here, Katniss is again treating Peeta like an ally (more than the rest of her team), and he reciprocates in kind. After hiding in her room, she avoids everyone’s gaze at dinner, but Peeta is the first person she’ll willingly lock eyes with. His words are the first thing that makes her feel better about shooting the apple, and after he gets her to smile, her appetite returns. Tell me that’s not significant in a book called The Hunger Games.

Then we have a recollection of how Katniss and Gale became partners. We are told that Katniss first meets Gale in the fall. I love the fall, but Katniss describes the air as being “pungent with dying things.” It reminded me of when she kisses Gale in MJ, and his kiss tastes of “ashes and misery.” Ouch. I’m going to keep an eye out going forward for more foreshadowing language that is suggestive of death in relation to Gale.

Lastly, one more thing of note. Even when acting as hunting partners and working together, it took several months for Katniss to trust and open up to Gale enough to smile around him. Contrast that with Peeta. Katniss has had to remind herself endlessly that they’re enemies, not friends, and that she shouldn’t trust him. And after only a few days around him, on the night she feels she’s failed her team and her family, and doomed herself in the Games, Peeta is getting grins out of Katniss. SC is revealing a lot here.


WENDY: Stan, we need to talk.
STAN: Huh? What are you doing here?
WENDY: So, I think I waited long enough.
STAN: Long enough for… what?
WENDY: Stan, South Park is small.

STAN: What- why… When?!
WENDY: On the day it was posted. Bebe showed it to me.
STAN: Oh my god, that was weeks ago!
WENDY: I know. So, why haven’t you proposed to me yet?
STAN: I- I… haven’t found the right time to….
WENDY: You know, when I first found out about it, I was scared. I love you, but… we break up all the time.

I thought about it and then… I really liked the idea.
WENDY: And so I didn’t tell you. And waited. And waited. But you didn’t.

STAN: I mean, we had a fight and then I started to- I… I was just busy.
WENDY: I know.
STAN: What?

STAN: What- what are you talking about?



Hey @taylorswift, little life update for you, although it’s not necessarily the cheeriest so I don’t know why I want to share this. So I started talking to this guy on tinder and we were really hitting it off, and just by the way we were talking about plans and doing cute things together and some of the personal things I told him about because of something I wanted to be careful about before dating someone, I really had no reason to believe this guy didn’t want the same things I wanted. He even told me he had a feeling he could break the bad streak I was in with people I had dated. So we go on this date and it went good and he even talked about rescheduling dinner because we didn’t have time for it. Well days later I found out he wasn’t really looking for the same things as me and I just feel completely fooled and hurt that he wasn’t the person I thought I was getting to know for the last few weeks. So that’s kind of my life now, it just sucks you know? When you really thought you could see yourself spending time with someone who just had you fooled. But I’m so excited for the Grammys Tay you have no idea. Seeing you up there winning your awards is going to get my mind off this guy and remind me what I do have and that’s someone like you having my back and being there for me. That’s all I really expect from people, just be there for me and treat me right. I don’t expect people to never mess up, but I do expect them to fix what they broke. It’s because of you that I know I don’t need a guy to be happy, hence deciding to delete my tinder. Thank you Taylor for being a friend to me this year and good luck I know you’ll take home some all of your Grammys!

literally every fandom that gets popular has some weird fetish content if you dig enough, like why is undertale getting singled out as a “bad fandom” because of it. like we even have a specific alternate tag so we can keep that out of the main tag. not everyone is good about using it but it’s a heck of a lot more courtesy than most other fandoms show

I literally heard a kid the other day talk about how he proved samus aran and bb-8 were the same thing by seeing a picture on rule 34 about it. this is why we need bullies to stuff kids into lockers so they can understand the concept shame.

On Problematic Faves

Someone asked me recently which FF7 characters I find to be the most interesting, and which I find least interesting.

Most interesting to me were: Lucrecia, Vincent, Tseng, Reeve, Hojo. Least interesting: Cait Sith.

They asked me to justify my position, of course. How could I “like” those characters? Why didn’t I “like” Cait Sith? How could I find Reeve interesting but Cait Sith boring?

These questions do not make sense to me.

Let me identify a thing that I think happens here. When we talk about “favorite characters,” there seems to be an assumption that we have to agree with them as people. I’m not saying Cait Sith was an asshole; I’m saying I found him to be a dull character. I’m not saying I think Lucrecia, Hojo, and Tseng are moral paragons; I’m saying they intrigue me.

“Liking” the villains is not an uncommon thing; Sephiroth and Reno are amongst FF7’s most popular characters. But adopting a villain as one’s “fave” often comes with excuses. “Oh, but I headcanon that he was being mind-controlled by Jenova’s will and he’s actually not a bad person.” “Oh, but I headcanon that it gave him lots of grief to drop the Sector 7 plate on all those innocent people and anyway it wasn’t his fault because he was following orders.” “Oh, I like Sephiroth in this AU I have where he comes back from the dead and turns good so I pretend that’s canon because I like it better.” “Oh, the Turks really become good guys in the end, though!” Like, why can’t we just let the villains not necessarily be good people, and still like them as characters? Why do people find this to be so contradictory?

I don’t think I hand-wave Lucrecia’s faults (although I am very against people headcanoning new ones onto her and disliking her on the basis of their own imaginings, so it may seem like I do when I point that out). I certainly don’t hand-wave Hojo’s, I find Vincent and Tseng to be far more interesting characters when their Turk crimes are not hand-waved, and for that matter Reeve is far more interesting to me when I think of the possibility of him actually being a lot shadier and more manipulative than he probably is meant to be in canon.

I do not agree with these characters’ life choices. I don’t have to. They still fascinate me, perhaps for that very reason. And they still have admirable traits among their bad ones, too.

Absorb that. People can do things you hate, and still have admirable qualities. People can do things you hate, and still deserve to be respected as human beings. People can do things you hate, and that doesn’t even make them objectively wrong, because you are not the center of the universe’s compass for moral rightness. I very much mean this to apply to real life as much as it applies to fictional characters. Your political enemies, the people you know in real life who have done deplorable things, that person you’re arguing with on the internet and calling “human trash who doesn’t even deserve to live” because their ideologies differ from yours— they are all people who are a mixed package of good ideas and bad ideas and things they’ve gotten right and things they’ve gotten wrong, just like you are.

So instead of condemning people—and fictional characters! I truly believe these abilities are intertwined—you disagree with, why not try understanding them? Shit, yeah, that’s difficult, because they seem so wrong that their sense of rightness is absolutely alien to you, but I posit that that is what makes them interesting.

Give me all of the problematic faves. Those are the ones I’m interested in. Don’t give me the good guys who get an entire damn story about justifying their moral position; Give me the ones who are still left flailing in uncertainty because the lines that guide them aren’t as clear cut as the standard societally-prescribed guidelines of right vs. wrong. Give me the ones who forge a new path and have to figure it out on their own. Give me the ones who get it wrong, and how they deal with that.

Those are the characters who interest me, and the interesting characters will always be the ones I enjoy the most.