There is dead silence in my house...

It’s sincerely creepy.  An episode of TV has ended, and no one is getting up to fix it.
No one is putting music on.
No one is talking.
We’re just sitting here, in this silent shroud of outrage and disbelief.  And I am so, so tired.

Like, the thing is…  The thing is… There is no way to avoid the fact that this is exactly what we all know it is.  A cheap ploy to get attention that will, very really, very truly, be gone. Probably soon.  Maybe by the end of this arc.

But that is…  That does not fundamentally alter or reduce…  Anything about why this is a problem.  Not the willingness to do harm.  Not the ugliness of spirit.  Not the obliviousness to the power that popular literature has in people’s lives/the culture.  Not the violent appropriation of Steve as a symbol.  

Not the failure to recognize that we are locked in a progressive cycle of artistic decay centred around the publishing arm’s belief that being ‘shocking’ will boost numbers that are flagging because of a fundamental unwillingness to rise to the challenges of a new era in the existence of a complex medium.  That it’s not working.  At all.  We would not have reached ‘Captain America is a Nazi’ if any of your previous shock tactics had developed you a stable fan base that you actually understood how to produce for, how to motivate. 

 Fundamentally, this hatefulness, in addition to being rooted in all the things that racism and its vile compatriots are rooted in, is rooted in the same blindness that insists that relaunching every six months will address issues of profitability by keeping you constantly in the sweet spot of look-in numbers.  It’s a mind set of short-term profit-seeking with no sense to the long-term building of a fan base, or a universe, or… anything.

Look, this is anecdata, I get that, but I know more lapsed Marvel fans than I know any other sort of used-to-bes.  This doesn’t work.  You can’t drag them in, slap them around (not my language.  I actually would not have brought violence into this conversation.  Why am I not surprised that some people were comfortable with that, though?), and expect them to keep giving you money.  

Look, I get it, mixing commerce and art warps things.  It makes them difficult and dangerous and dirty. It’s right at the core of every tortured creative archetype, it’s in most writer’s nervous breakdowns.  This is a barrel I’m personally staring down.  There are no easy answers and nothing is sacred.  

Except…  Captain America is not a Nazi.  You and I and everybody at Marvel, we all know this.  Captain America was created not to be a Nazi.  Take everything else away and what remains is that Captain America fights Nazis. There is a very natural revulsion and fury that an audience who have known for 75 years that Captain America fights Nazis feels when you don’t just make it so that Captain America is now a Nazi, you employ a retcon to say that it was always true.  75 years ago, Captain America was a Nazi.

Captain America was a Nazi plant under the hands of his Jewish creators, who created him to fight Nazis.  Who created him in a country that wanted to refuse to fight Nazis, refuse to stand against their violence and their hatred and their corruptness.  Captain America was an aggressive appropriation of everything that was American (and arguably of everything in American iconology that was and is uncomfortably close to Nazi iconology) for the defense of people who most Americans refused to consider worthy of that ideal and that defense.  And at the same time, so canon now reads, he was a Nazi.

Marvel is counting on outrage as publicity, and it is short sighted.  Because publicity only matters if you have something to sell.  Because you may intend to fix this in six issues, but that’s three months of your comic having no core.  Of it being unmoored from the central fact of its existence.  Because, in the end, even when you “repair” your canon, your continuity, you will still have revealed yourselves as people who do not understand what you are selling.  Who do not understand your power, who do not understand your legacy, your heritage, your relationship to history or your readers.

Think about this, for a moment.  Marvel is counting on people to talk about the book because they’re angry.  Because they’re hurt.  Because they hate it. This is the problem, now, the over-arching problem that ties all the other problems together.  You’re supposed to write what you love.  Hell, you’re supposed to publish what you love (I’m not making this up. A publishing executive told me this.  He said no one goes into this field to make money, they do it because they love books.)  And that love of the content is what’s supposed to sanctify- yes, fine, some things do have to be sacred. I’m a naive idealist and I think it’s an article of faith for Captain America readers that he was not always secretly a Nazi - sanctify the pact between creator and consumer. You are supposed to buy and read and recommend things because you love them.

Somewhere along the the line, cape comics, at least, became about capitalizing on outrage, rather than building on a shared joy in the material*.  And nothing good has come of that.  And nothing good ever will.

I have written so many angry screeds at Marvel over the years.  Most of them never make it past my hard drive.  Because I’m self-conscious, because I’m uncertain I’m right.  Because whatever they’ve done now, they’ll just take it back next year.

Except… Comics in the age of the internet cannot survive the disposability of earlier eras.  Because everybody hears when you make Steve Rogers a Nazi, and nobody reads a retraction.  Nobody.  Except that whatever the plot resolution, this is still a very public act of violence - both to the property, and to the people who have loved and leaned on the property for what it is supposed to be.  Except that cape comics cannot thrive on making their audiences unhappy, and it’s corrosive, disrespectful, and morally reprehensible that they’re trying.  Except I’m through apologizing for loving the stories that come out of this company when it’s working right because of all the times its head is up its ass.  


*Do feel free to bring me back to the corporate nature of the enterprise.  To the fact that a huge amount of the creating and producing of mainstream comics was rooted in crass commercialism.  That’s all true and there’s some very valid arguments to be made about the inherent artistic corruption in the system, but none of it changes the fact that if the joy was not shared, then at least it was understood as a necessary element.  Bad stories used to be told to amuse, to please, to inspire happiness and brand loyalty.  Good stories were told for the same reason good stories are always told.

Where There's a Fever

Where There’s a Fever

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She was incredible… maybe more woman than I could handle, more woman than I was worthy of, but she was looking at me and I was looking at her. She was smiling at me and I was smiling at her. She was talking to me and I was talking to her. Yet I had no idea why this had happened. I knew how this had happened. We were in the elevator together and I started my usual nonsense about anything and…

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We always talk about the reasons why Drarry is so valid and great and all that, but one that escaped me for a long time and nowadays is one of my favourite things in the world is that Drarry allows me to make peace with the Slytherins in a way the books never will.

Sometimes I ask myself why I love so much when Blaise, Pansy, Theo, Millie and Greg are side characters, why I accept so easily when Ginny, Ron, Hermione, Luna or Neville is friends or dating one of the Slytherins.

It’s because I feel like Slytherin house is finally something real. It’s finally part of the story. They’re allowed to be complex, to have layers instead of being “bad” or “good”. They’re allowed forgiveness.

This is what fanfiction means to me. That is the fundamental reason why I feel so compelled to read it. 

When I read the books (and God knows I love them), sometimes I feel like there’s something missing. Like a big chunk of the story has not been told. It’s not something that diminishes my experience as a reader, because I love this series just the way it is, but it’s a hollowness I sometimes can’t ignore.

This chunk is all the fanfiction in the back of my mind. All the times the Slytherins were able to make friends with the Gryffindors. All the wounds that were healed through these two characters who symbolise the houses and the sides of the war so perfectly.

Before I became Drarry trash, I was embarrassed to say I was a Slytherin. In the 10 years or so I’ve been a shipper, I’ve learned to love my house through these characters. That’s why I love Draco so much, that’s why it bothers me when J.K. Rowling doesn’t understand how important he is. How important they all are.

Drarry is perfect because it’s more than two characters understanding they are attracted to each other. It’s about the realisation that instead of hurting, they can heal. It’s the idea that the way we’re taught doesn’t have to be the way we lead our lives. And it’s even greater when this is extended to everyone around them, because all those characters deserve a chance to really be complex and layered.

Just Drarry on, my pals.

Me: Disney?
Disney: What?
Me: Where’s Moana trailer?
Disney: What?
Me: I put it away.
[Beauty and the Beast teaser, Finding Dory trailers came]
​Me: Where?
Disney: Why do you need to know?
​Me: I need it!
Disney: Uh-uh! Don’t you think about running off doing no fangirl-do. We’ve been planning those movies for two years!
​Me: The fandom is in danger!
Disney: My success is in danger!
​Me: You tell me where that trailer is, company! We are talking about the greater good!
Disney: ‘Greater good?’ I am your obsession, your childhood and main entertaiment source! I’m the greatest good you are ever gonna get!

  • Castiel:Honey?
  • Dean:Yeah?
  • Castiel:Where's my angel blade?
  • Dean:What?
  • Castiel:WHERE. IS. MY. ANGEL. BLADE?
  • Dean:I uh... put it away.
  • Castiel:Where?
  • Castiel:I NEED IT.

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Read your Flashpoint meta an I love and agree with it. Yes I would like to hear about why you don't think they'll pursue other relationships bc one of my favorite things about fandom and talking to others and hearing their thought and perspective on things. Personally, since the show has been adamant about these two being together in every timeline they might not go the Iris/Barry married with someone else root.

Well, I think you have to look at what they HAVE done and ask the PURPOSE of what they’re doing with Flashpoint. Obviously, it has a number of potential purposes, so we’ll just look at Westallen.

They’ve known since Season 1 that they were going to do Flashpoint at the end of Season 2, I think. Cavanaugh has said he was told things about Season 3, and the fact that they go back to that moment so Season 3 Barry will be the one to eventually go back and try to warn his Season 1 self has clearly been their plan.

And yet they built up Westallen this season. They had them kiss and share their “I love you”s just before Barry went off and changed time. Why?

Flashpoint will put Barry in a position where he wants to put time back the way it was - not just for the sake of the world but for the sake of his own happiness. That happiness is intricately tied to Iris and his love for her - as well as hers for him. Even before they became romantic, they have always loved each other deeply and he won’t know how to cope without that.

That makes Westallen pretty important in Flashpoint - as much for its potential absence in that world as its potential to be explored in this one.

They didn’t write the discussion between Iris and Barry before he changes time for no reason, so look at what they tell each other and consider why the writers wanted them to exchange THOSE words in THAT moment:

“Because you’ve lost a lot in your life, Barry. More than most, but maybe you and me, seeing where this thing goes, maybe that can give you something for a change.

I think - and Gustin has confirmed - that these words will stay with Barry. I think he will remember them in Flashpoint and will realize he traded the future he wanted to build with Iris for the past he needs to accept.

“Wherever you need to go, whatever you need to do, do it. And when you get back, I’ll be here.“

Of course, Iris is telling Barry that she’ll wait for him because for her in that moment, she wants him to know that she’ll wait for him to be ready as he was for her. But consider what she’s telling him and its impact on Barry and what greater message they’re trying to send.

In a sense, without realizing it, Iris is giving Barry her permission to do what he needs to do. He knows doing this will unwrite the life she knows. Of course, she agreed to that last season, so he could have just acted on that memory. But I’m sure it gave him more confidence to have the comfort of knowing she was okay with him doing what he needs to do to heal. I’m sure she had something along the lines of “go relax on a beach somewhere” in mind, but what can you do?

She’s also promising to wait for him to be ready. That she’ll still love him and she’ll be patient. That she won’t give up on him. She’ll be there for him when he gets back…just as Westallen will be there waiting, when Flashpoint is done.

“I love you too. And, I always will.”

This doesn’t really need explaining, but it reaffirms what we already know. Barry will ALWAYS love Iris. She will ALWAYS be the person he chooses, that he wants to be with, that he needs to be happy.

Obviously, in this new reality, there are a few ways they can go with it in terms of relationships for Barry. Barry and Iris can be together. Barry can be with someone else. Iris can be with someone else. Or they can both be single.

Putting Barry with someone else wouldn’t really get you anything, would it? It’s not going to teach him that he can be happy without Iris because he can’t. If they wanted to use Flashpoint to put Westallen in the past so that they could go full steam ahead with SB, for example, I think they wouldn’t have had Westallen confess their enduring love for each other right before it happens. Instead, maybe Iris would have confessed her feelings to Barry, but he would have said he isn’t sure what he wants anymore. He struggles with not knowing, then takes a trip to Flashpoint and is with Caitlin and realizes THAT’S what he wants to pursue it when he gets back. They didn’t take that route, at all. Instead, they gave him everything he’s wanted (in terms of his romance with Iris) just to drive home his sorrow when he wakes up next year without it…as I think they’ll do.

I don’t think they’ll have Iris in a relationship with someone else. At least, I hope not. It would be too much of a rehash of season 1, and they can’t be ignorant of the fact that Candice and Iris got SO MUCH HATE for being with Eddie that year. Even though she had no way of knowing Barry had loved her all that time, people hated her anyway. I can only hope they wouldn’t do that to her again, and I think they are aware enough that she had to do it not to lose the ground that they struggled so hard to regain with those fans accepting Iris and Westallen this year.

Of course, while I would be happy if Iris and Barry are together, I think that would be something that would make him want to stay in that reality. I think knowing her but not having a relationship with her - maybe the two of them being casual acquaintances at this point in their lives at best - will remind him of the future he could have had with her (and almost had) and remind him of what he lost in gaining his mother back. Because I think he’ll try to “recreate” his relationship with Iris as it exists in our world, and maybe they’ll even start to date. But he can’t really recreate it because he can never get their history back or recreate it. She has been such an important part of his life for so long, you can never really recreate that experience and history with someone.

So I don’t have any concerns about long-term Westallen because I think they did such forward strides for a reason this season. I think they wanted him to be on the verge of getting all he ever wanted, in order to have the future he could have had call him back from the past he’s trying to hold onto.

The reasons they gave that speech in that moment, that they built up Westallen as they did and had Iris and Barry confess their feelings to each other just before Flashpoint are important. And if you ask yourself WHY they did all this, there’s no answer that could really be bad for Westallen in the long term.

They gave that speech for a reason, and it wasn’t so he could pop into another world, find someone else, and say “Oh, I think I’d like this better.” He’s going to want to return to this world to be with Iris. Not so he can come back, pop his head through the door to tell her, “Hey, Iris? That thing about always loving you? I lied! I’ve got a thing for another girl now.”

Everything they did in the back half with Westallen was to build to Flashpoint and show how he cannot handle the loss of Iris’s love and romantic Westallen, so that we can feel his desire to get it back. And if Westallen is that important, I don’t see any reason to worry about it in the Flashpoint universe.

  • boyfriend:but that's not LOGICAL! you don't behave logically, there is no pattern!
  • me:i literally cannot be "logical" sometimes.
  • boyfriend:i don't understand. why though???
  • me:maybe :) because :) i have :) a personality :) disorder :) that literally :) shuts down :) my brain :) we've talked :) about this :) a million times :) sweaty :)
  • boyfriend:...
  • boyfriend:... WHY though?
  • Marlene:but you know! That guy that we saw earlier !
  • Lily:Greengrass?
  • Marlene:no, not him! Argh it's on the tip of my tongue
  • Sirius:*shows up*
  • Marlene:the hot one! You know! he's got those nice eyes, sly smile but mysterious and
  • Lily:oh yeeeeah! That tall pale one?!
  • Marlene:exactly!
  • Sirius:why are you talking about Remus like he is some stranger?
  • Marlene:what? why would you think-
  • Sirius:-moving on!
Important (to me and hopefully to you)

Hi everyone! Today at my school we had an assembly that lasted and hour and fifteen minutes.

I thought this assembly was going to be stupid and crappy, but I am so glad we had this.

It was this man talking about his life, and how people think he is. How people see him instead of actually knowing him.

He told this story, about this OTHER man, who committed suicide on a bridge.

The man who committed suicide, had a therapist, and after the therapist found out about this, he went to his home, to find out any evidence about why he would kill himself.

In the man’s home, there was a suicide note. If I remember correctly, it said, “I’m going to jump off a bridge. If ONE person smiles at me while I’m on my way there, I won’t do it.”

No one smiled at him. No one. The man at the assembly asked us why. And someone said “Because they did what they were supposed to do. Not what they needed to do.” and I get it now…

Please guys. Smile at random people. Because a smile could’ve saved this man. If you smile to a person, you might just save their life too.

The man told us to repeat this to ourselves and others, “You. Are. Beautiful.”

Just remember this.

Love you all. :) Stay Gold.

Well…it’s officially over, guys. Adult Swim are dicks and no more Metalocalypse for us. Because they said so, that’s why.

I haven’t done anything fandom related in a while but I just want to say right here that this dumb show about metal and gore has given me so much. I’ve met some truly great, amazing people because of this fandom, people I still talk to almost ten years later. That’s so incredibly rare. Especially now where the internet is basically just people yelling at each other.

It really sucks that they took away our ending to one of the greatest stories ever told, but at least we have memories of good times. Epic fan fiction was written. Some of you got your fan art recognized by the creators and featured on the show, which was amazing. It’s because Brendon Small, Tommy Blacha, Jon Schnepp, everyone who gave their blood sweat and tears to make this show happen for as long as it did - at the end of the day, they were just one of us. Just fans of music, animation, movies, fantasy and sci-fi and horror - and they never lost sight of that. Which is probably why the network took advantage of them.

So, thanks to everyone I’ve ever met for being in this fandom with me. The show being cancelled won’t change the love I have for all of you.

alright so real theory talk here

what if juno and/or aphrodite put a love spell on jason?? not trying to be anti jasiper but hear me out

its why he couldnt concentrate on anything else? when he tried thinking about his past his thoughts always led to piper, esp one time he tried remembering reyna, a possible love interest. but like, its totally normal right? not really if its someone you just met a couple days ago

and it would be beneficial because its incentive for jason to stay sided with the greeks?? because with how little we know about his past its entirely possible he could have been racist to the greeks

and the way he acted in new rome was just ??? like boi we know u got a gf but one of the ONLY PEOPLE YOU REMEMBER is RIGHT THERE and yours in the PLACE YOU GREW UP and he doesnt even try to find out anything from his past, he just shows piper around and acts dickish to reyna, which is pretty ooc

tl;dr im petty abt jasons character development

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"I read somewhere that all men are a little bit autistic, which is why we can't multitask."

I had to put down my phone and take a breather after reading this one.

Translation: “I know nothing about autism and have no idea this is based off the ‘male mind’ stereotype. I think its not going to hurt anyone if I believe every article about autism without further research and think its a fun joke to undermine autistics experience by saying everyone is autistic based off of a trait that isn’t even primarily an autistic trait.”


I don’t think this person has any idea what they are talking about to be honest…

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Originally posted by butyugyeom

im pretty sure we all died at this (what i would do to be yugyeom tho)

he is such daddy material is makes me so weak. 

“who pussy is this baby girl?” 

“Who do you belong to baby”

“Does daddy have to punish you baby?”

-Admin M

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I never had that much of an issue with Clarke getting past L's personal betrayal against HER? But I had problems believing she could ever live with herself becoming involved with someone who basically sentenced Bellamy, Jasper, Raven, Octavia, all to death. I've always suspected even the writers knew that CL's relationship was a betrayal towards her friends & that's why we never got a "C talks about her relationship" scene w/the delinquents. There was no way to have them accept it and not be ooc

Maybe that’s why she compartmentalized her existence. What L and Clarke had could ONLY exist if there were no delinquents. She HAD to be separated from them. She had to forget about them. And because she was TRYING to forget about them and not remember herself, it was possible. 

I think Clarke’s choices in 3A don’t make sense if she is mentally healthy.

Clarke in 3A is NOT mentally healthy.

She’s broken. She begins her recovery facing her greatest sins, and lets face it, they are all because of L. L is why Clarke had to kill all those people. The only kill that was not caused in part by L is Atom, and that was a mercy killing. 

Forgiving L is a symbolic forgiveness of herself. 

Of course in reality, the girl needed an intervention. But Bellamy needed a vacation and Jasper needed a psychiatrist and Monty needed group therapy and Raven needed surgery and Octavia needed serious psychotherapy, but they didn’t get any of that at the end of the world.