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Proposal // Dean x Reader FLUFF

A/N: sooooo after that mama performance of the holy trinity, I felt some type of way. This is the result, enjoy :)

Word count: 1.215

Dean started to pace around his dressing room, nervously playing with a tiny velvet box in his hands.

When the door suddenly swings open, he quickly put the box in his pocket, hiding his hands behind his back afraid you had walked in, but as he recognized the faces of his good friends Zico and Crush he immediately relaxed.

“What’re you hiding?” Zico says raising his eyebrow at him.

Crush closes the door behind him as he sits down on one of the nearby couches.

“It’s nothing” Dean says sighing, running his hand through his hair.

He couldn’t recall the last moment he was this nervous. Before performances he got healthy nerves, but the nerves he was feeling right now weren’t good for his blood pressure.

He quickly checked his appearance in the mirror and fixed a piece of hair which was parted from the rest.

“Okay, so you’re acting all kinds of weird bro, what’s going on?” Crush says crossing his arms.

Dean looked at the both of his friends who weren’t going to let his behavior slide. He put his hand in his pocket, revealing the black velvet box, opening it to reveal a 3 karat princess cut diamond ring.

Zico’s mouth dropped to the floor and Crush immediately jumped up from the couch in pure shock.

“W-wh-this? H-when? Who?” Zico stammered.

“(Y/n) obviously, dumbass.” Dean said closing the box again

“You’re asking her? Tonight?” Crush finally said, taking the box again to inspect the ring.

Dean nodded. “Do you think she’ll say yes?” he nervously asked biting on his lower lip

“That’s what you’re worried about? Of course she will.” Zico says putting an arm around Dean’s shoulder, comforting him.

“She’ll be crazy not to say yes to this” Crush says playing with the box.

Dean snatched the box out of his hands. “Don’t play with that, it cost more than my apartment” he frowns.

“No but seriously, you’ve been together for 4 years now, she’s not going anywhere. You’ve been through so much together, there is no way in hell she’ll say no” Crush says sitting back down.

“Yeah, yeah I guess.”
“Everybody! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you all so much for the support you have given me for the past couple of years. This year has been especially precious to me as I got to introduce you all to my beautiful girlfriend (y/n)”

The crowd went wild and all eyes were turned on you. You were shocked at his sudden public outburst of affection, something he rarely did. But given the fact it was your 4-year anniversary, you understood a little.

You get butterflies in your tummy as your boyfriend stares at you lovingly, smiling widely holding out his hand

“Will you please come up on stage with me?” he asked.

Your eyes widen and you furiously start to shake your head, trying to get him to stop whatever he was doing.

Zico laughed through the mic “Ah come on (y/n) don’t leave him hanging”

You stood frozen in your place as you felt thousands of cellphone camera’s pointed to you.

“(y/n)! (y/n)! (y/n)! (y/n)! (y/n)!” Crush chanted to get the crowd going.

They all joined in and with that your legs automatically started moving towards the stage.

As you walk up the stairs onto the stage Crush takes your hand leading you to Dean.

The smile on his face was contagious so you hide your face in with your long sleeves, eyeing the crowd. The ocean of lights was absolutely breathtaking and you heart started to pound harder and harder in your chest.

You had no idea what he was going to do, maybe serenade you? But you could already tell you were going to have a hard time trying not to pass out in front of thousands of people.

Dean took your left hand intertwining your fingers. You were still covering your gigantic smile with your other hand as he never lost eye contact with you.

“Jagi” he sighed

The crowd screamed in response to his voice.

“I just wanted to tell you that you make me so happy” he started.

“aaaaaaaaaaawwhhh” Crush said teasingly.

“Give me a moment guys” Dean joked to his friends who were standing next to the two of you, with their arms around each others shoulders, and with that you knew something else was up.

Dean smiled at you sweetly. “We have been through more then anyone can imagine in the short 5 years we’ve known each other and the 4 years we’ve been dating, I literally fell in love with my best friend and I don’t know what I did to deserve you” he says sighing and looking down.

Tears start to prickle your eyes at his sudden confession. You love him so much it’s almost annoying.

“With every choice I make I think of you, you just make me a better version of myself and I don’t know what I would do without you”

The crowd was silent but all of the flashlights were still focused on the two of you.

You looked around the crowd, people were looking behind you so your eyes followed.

A picture of you and Dean smiling at each other was displayed on a huge screen. You’ve never seen that picture before, but it was already your favorite picture of the two of you together.

You both looked truly happy and carefree. Something you wish to always be.

“That” he said pointing to the picture. “Is how I feel every single time I lay my eyes on you.”

He let go of your hand and from there on out everything went by so fast.

He got on one knee, revealing a black velvet box, opening it for you.

You were in complete and utter shock. You would have never seen this coming, as Dean didn’t seem like the type to feel the need to claim you with marriage.

Of course you’ve talked about it, but never in a serious matter, and since this was happening, he was down on one knee in front of you showing you such a beautiful ring held by the most beautiful man, you couldn’t stop the tears from flowing anymore.

How did you become so lucky? How did this even happen? Where did those 4 years of your life go, because to you your relationship with him never got old.

Every time you see him you fall in love all over again. You don’t know why but you were always a little self conscious about yourself, thinking he could find a better girlfriend, but this just took all of that insecurity away.

He wanted you. No. He needed you. And he is all you need as well.

“(y/n) would you make me the happiest man alive?” he smiled up at you.

“Will you marry me?” he says not believing he actually said those words out loud.

Your tears were streaming down your face as you kneel down with him, taking his face between your hands, placing a sloppy kiss on his lips, nodding, resting your forehead against his.


The crowd goes wild.

Zico and Crush started to jump around the stage like happy babies.

“Yes” you repeated.

Dean’s face lit up and he wraps his arms around your waist, pulling you in for one of his bear hugs as he kissed the top of your head.

“I love you so much jagiya, forever.”

“I love you too, forever” you say sniffling into his chest.

That, was the start of forever.

Derek- The Rest Of My Life

Request-  Hello, I know you get this a lot but I really enjoy reading your imagines. Your writing is awesome. I thank you for the time and dedication you put into these imagines. This is my first imagine request and I would love if you would do a fluffy Derek imagine where the reader y/n is engaged to Derek and Lydia is planning the wedding. Also can you write about the wedding from the start to end please. Thank you.

A/N- Hey, don’t worry I always appreciate support and it’s not often that people take time to thank authors for writing. So thank you for acknowledging that! Anyway, I hope you like this one. Also, sorry if this is kind of inaccurate. I’ve never actually been to a wedding. 

The sound of heels clicking rapidly echoed across the church, leaving Stiles to find exactly who he had been looking for for the past 20 minutes.
“Lydia!” he cried as he took a sharp turn down the hall.
He cried out her name just in time to see a flurry of strawberry blonde hair hit his face, and he just barely caught himself before slamming into her.
“Not now, Stiles!” Lydia cried as she continued to hurry down the hall.
“Wh-no, Lydia!” he yelled as he chased her down the hall. “Where the hell is Y/n?! Derek’s freaking out!”
“She’ll be there!” she hissed through gritted teeth. “Just calm him down!”
“Uh, do I look like I have a death wish?” he asked. “What’s going on?”
Lydia huffed and held up a tiny plastic box, filled with spools of string and several needles. “Malia is a klutz, that’s what’s going on. My sister’s dress is ripped!”
“What?” Stiles demanded. “That’s why she’s 20 minutes late to the alter?!”
He blinked in the middle of the hall, staring at Lydia with raised eyebrows, but apparently she didn’t have time to argue. She shot him an apologetic glance and raced back down the hall.
A few seconds later, she was shoving open a heavy wooden door and bursting into the room.
“Okay, Y/n, get over here,” Lydia ordered.
“Lydia, are you sure we can’t just-”
“No way!” the banshee cried. “Y/n, I did not plan this wedding for the past year for it to be ruined by a torn train!”
“I told you that you shouldn’t have made it so long,” Malia grumbled from the corner.
“Don’t even start with me,” Lydia practically growled as she knelt next to you. “I’ll stab you with this sewing needle.”
“You can try,” Malia threatened, flashing her blue eyes.
“Uh, guys,” Kira said from the corner. “I’m pretty sure we don’t want to have a funeral on the same day as Y/n’s wedding.”
Lydia and Malia both shot her a look, but you sent the kitsune a grateful smile.
“All I’m saying,” Kira continued. “Is that this is her day. She’s getting married and she’s supposed to be really excited, but everyone is freaking out and trying to kill each other. So…maybe let’s not try to make this about us?”
Lydia sighed and stood up, finished with the expert patch job she had done on your dress. “Perfect. Kira’s right, Y/n. I’m sorry I was freaking out. I guess I just wanted to make this day good for you because you’re my big sister, but I never thought about how we were making you feel.”
“And I’m sorry I ripped your dress,” Malia told you. “And that your sister is a control freak who insisted on having a train a mile long.”
“Guys?” you cut them off. “I don’t care. Can I just get married now?”
“Of course,” Lydia told you with a smile.

You took a deep breath as the heavy wooden doors opened in front of you, feeling the most nervous you had ever felt in your life. After nearly sprinting down the hall in your heels, you had met up with your father, quickly slipped your arm into his and headed down the aisle.
Lydia, Kira and Malia trailed behind you, all of them looking beautiful in their bridesmaid dresses. You were so caught up in the chaos of rushing into the chapel that you didn’t even get a chance to look at Derek until you started to walk. The moment you did, you felt your breath catch in your throat.
He was staring at you with those gorgeous green eyes, with a look that said that after this, he was planning on spending the rest of his life with you. Of course he would because you were getting married, but even if you weren’t surrounded by decorations and bridesmaids, you would know what that look meant.
Your breath may have caught in your throat, but Derek swore he felt his heart stop. He had lost so much of his family in the fire, but now he was getting the opportunity to start a new one with you. Even after dating for several years, Derek still couldn’t believe you had said yes to him, but when it came down to it, how could you say no?
Despite the fact that he looked broody and angry at first glance, Derek was a total sweetheart. And as he stared down at the gorgeous woman walking down the aisle, he knew there wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do for you.
You finally made it to the end of the aisle, and you shot Derek an apologetic look. “Sorry I’m late.”
“Lydia?” Derek asked with a smile.
“Lydia,” you agreed.
“Well, you look beautiful,” Derek informed you.
Even though you and Derek had been dating for a while, he never failed to make you blush with his compliments. It wasn’t necessarily his words, but the way he said them, like he was stating a definite fact.
“You’re not too bad yourself,” you told him.
Derek grinned at you, and you smiled back, only to hear someone clearing their throat. You and Derek both looked over to see the priest raising his eyebrows at you.
“Oh, right!” you said quickly. “Vows. Do you wanna go first or…?”
Derek nodded and pull an index card out of his tux. He took a deep breath as he looked down at you.
“Y/n,” he started. “When I first met you, I never thought we’d end up here.”
A soft wave of laughter spread through the guests, and you shot Derek a look, but you weren’t able to hide your smile.
“There were some crazy circumstances that brought us together and you were just trying to find your sister, and you sort of threatened to kill me if I didn’t tell you where she was. But after you found her and I got to know you, I realized that you were this…amazing girl. You made me laugh, which was something not a lot of people were able to do. And you were so kind, despite everything you had seen. You were strong too, stronger than any other woman I’ve ever met. You’re still all of those things, Y/n, and I couldn’t imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone else.”
You smiled and opened your mouth, noticing the furrow in Derek’s brow.
“I memorized them,” you informed him.
“Of course you did, Martin,” he said with a laugh.
“Okay,” you began. “Derek, when we met, I thought you were broody and angry, and hiding my sister from me. And I might have threatened to kill you-it’s a little hazy-but I’m glad I didn’t. I know I can be a little over-bearing sometimes, and I guess I came off as kind of crazy, but you weren’t even scared. Then when I spent more time around you, I found out that you weren’t always grumpy and angry, but that you were actually a giant teddy bear. And I’m really glad I met you.”
A collective “Aww” spread throughout the pews, and you felt tears pricking at your eyes. You had told yourself that you wouldn’t cry, that you wouldn’t become a wedding day cliche, but you couldn’t help it. You were about to start the rest of your life with a man that you loved more than anything and you couldn’t believe your wedding day was actually here.
“Derek Hale,” the priest started. “Do you take Y/n Martin to be your lawfully wedded wife?”
“I do,” Derek answered, but he was looking at you the whole time.
“And do you, Y/n Martin, take Derek Hale to be your lawfully wedded husband?”
“I do,” you told him.
“You may now kiss the bride.”
Upon hearing those words, Derek didn’t need to be told twice and in seconds he was grabbing your chin gently and pressing his lips onto yours. You threw your arms around his neck and kissed him fiercely, but your eyes widened as he wrapped an arm around your waist and dipped you.
Cheers erupted from the crowd, and you and Derek breathlessly pulled apart.
“Mr. and Mrs. Hale,” the priest announced, somewhat bashfully.
You grinned at Derek and reached out for his hand. “Are you ready to party?”
“Do I have to?” he joked. “What if I just want to whisk you away? We could go on an early honey moon.”
“Well, I think Lydia would be disappointed if we ditched her carefully planned party,” you told him. “Come on. I’ll cut you a big slice of cake.”
“Are you planning on shoving that in my face?” Derek asked with raised eyebrows.
“Hm,” you joked. “I don’t know. Let’s see how well you dance.”

“Congratulations, dude,” Scott told Derek as he clapped him on the back.
Derek sent the alpha a small smile and continued to turn with you in his arms. All night, various members of the pack had been on and off the dance floor, congratulating you and Derek. Your feet hurt from the heels Lydia had shoved you in, because while you loved your sister, you hardly ever took her advice and wore them. Despite the pain in your feet, you wouldn’t have traded that moment for anything.
“I love you so much,” Derek whispered into your hair. “And I can’t wait until we get out of here.”
You laughed into his shoulder. “Believe me, I feel the exact same way.”
The slow song you were dancing to quickly changed to something fast-paced, and that was when you noticed your sister, sitting at an empty table and staring at the wall. Your brow furrowed as you realized she was frowning.
“Hey, would it be okay if I took a break for a second?” you asked Derek. “I think something’s wrong with Lydia.”
Derek frowned. “Do you want me to come with you?”
You eyed the other side of the dance floor, where Stiles was trying to talk Malia into dancing. Lydia was alternating between sullenly staring at the walls of the banquet hall and staring at the two on the floor, but it was obvious she wasn’t upset about the paint color.
“Nah,” you told him. “I think I know what’s wrong.”
You squeezed his shoulder and slipped out of his arms, walking over to the empty table.
“Hey, Lyds,” you told her. “Everything okay?”
“It’s fine,” she told you, flashing you a brilliant smile. “My feet just hurt. New shoes.”
“Oh,” you said slowly. “That’s weird. They look kind of like a pair I gave you last year.”
“Y/n,” Lydia said softly. “This is your night. You should be having fun.”
“I am,” you told her. “But I’m not having too much fun to talk to my sister. You should just ask him to dance, you know.”
“I lost my chance,” Lydia whispered. “Besides, he’s dancing with Malia.”
You shot a look over your shoulder at the dance floor. “Uh, no he’s not.”
“What?” Lydia asked, her green eyes flicking up to you.
“Malia’s biting her nail polish off in the corner,” you informed her. “And now Stiles is all alone with no one to dance with…”
Lydia looked up to find Stiles leaning against the wall with a frown on his face, and then she looked back at you. “Thank you.”
She reached up to wrap her arms around you. “Derek’s a lucky guy, Y/n. And I’m a lucky sister.”
She hopped up from the chair and headed over to Stiles. You couldn’t help but notice the way his eyes lit up when he saw her and that was right when you felt a pair of arms wrap around you. You turned to the side just in time to meet Derek’s lips.
You smiled against him and when you pulled away you buried your face in his shoulder.
“She’s right, you know,” Derek told you. “I’m a very lucky guy.”
“Well, I’m a very lucky girl,” you informed him as you looked over at Stiles and Lydia. “Maybe we’ll be going to their wedding next.”
“We’ll see,” Derek said. “But for now I think we should just focus on ours.”
You smiled and leaned in, wrapping your arms around his neck and pressing your lips onto his again. His arms snaked around your waist and lifted you off your feet, causing you to giggle as he peppered kisses all over your face.
You giggled as you thought about how all the stress and planning leading up to this moment had been worth it. Weddings were stressful and required a lot of effort, but you wouldn’t have done anything differently. Now you were married to Derek and in the end, it was that, not the food, the decorations or the venue that mattered.

Happiest Place On Earth (Hoseok)

Requested: Yeah you guys can all go tell @gotbangtrashcollector I said fuck you for making me write this. like seriously. she begged me for this and this is the result. 

a/n: Requests are open still so if you got one let me know! ~Gabby
Genre: 100% fluff and trash
Word Count: 1,424

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