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anyone else felt really gobsmacked when only ot5 started up the choreo?? i was so confused and already shook my fist at tshit thinking that maybe they’d gonna promote as ot5 after all anD HOW DARE YOU SEND HIM ON TOUR WH- oh never mind there he is! where was he in that first part thoooooooo i bet he went to the loo 

Now over 12,000 news articles about the sequester cite the cancellation of White House tours, while less than 1,000 cite the cuts to housing assistance for the poor.

And reporters were all over the ‘tour’ story in today’s White House press briefing.

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[TRANS] Xports News - INFINITE “We never take 1st place as granted”

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It’s been a while since your group comeback.
: Yes. We came back to Inspirits after a year. We’ll show our realistic, cool sides. Watch our choreography too. We’ll do our best.
WH: You talk so fast. Are you in ‘Show Me the Money’?

You’re preparing for your concert while doing album promotions. Isn’t it hard?
: It’s always been like this
DW: Concert is something we often suggest first. We’re having fun preparing for it.
SJ: I want the concert to come soon

Anything you’re watching out for during this world tour?
: Whether L will bring his camera with him or not. I’m curious to see if he’s still interested in photography.
SY: Woohyun usually sings the songs that he composed during the concert, so I’m looking forward to his performance.
WH: There was once when I was bangkok-ing (T/N: spending time stuck in a room) that I composed this song called ‘Together’ while in Bangkok.
L: I published a book with photos that I took. It was a best seller, so I wonder if you know!

This song is really different from INFINITE’s usual style.
: We’ve always sang songs of many different genres, as you can tell from our other tracks. We tried different styles through our unit and solo activities too. We sing whatever genre that we come across. It happened so that we’re promoting ‘Bad’ because ‘Bad’ and its lyrics were compatible. It wasn’t like we were aiming to change our style.

You always sing as the clingy man. Don’t you feel aggrieved?
: It’s a different type of clingy this time. Of course we’re not aggrieved. There’s no pride in face of love.
WH: I can even kneel.
DW: You should think more about what you can give to the other person instead.

Let’s talk about your individual activities. Sungjong came out on ‘Real Man’.
: I want to go again so I’m aiming for another opportunity. It’s tough, but there’s a type of healing that can be achieved only there. I like that feeling of overcoming a difficult obstacle and going beyond my limitations, so I want to go again.

Fans wish that you wouldn’t suffer.
: I saw some fans wishing that I wouldn’t go, because it’s really tough. But they don’t have to worry. When I go next time, I want to do better.
WH: Sungjong really likes the fact that he’s been nicknamed ‘Chorong’.
SY: Sungjong bet half of his life when he went there.
SJ: I’m really thankful to the ‘Real Man’ production crew. I want to go again, when I have the time in between our tour.

Sungyeol and Dongwoo came out on ‘Law of the Jungle’.
: Actor Lim Wonhee came out in both ‘Law of the Jungle’ and ‘Real Man’, and he said that the army is a lot tougher.
DW: Not true! At least army gives you food. I had a hard time.

Woohyun said at the showcase that he wants to release his own solo album.
: In one’s life, there’s fate and timing; so won’t it come out eventually? Or maybe I’m not good enough yet.
SJ: I’m dying to hear his solo songs.

Sunggyu came out on ‘Take Care of My Fridge’ after his solo activities. I was shocked by your fridge.
: My mother was shocked too. She asked, ‘Why do you guys live like that?’
DW: We always put food into our fridge, saying ‘Let’s eat this!’, but we forget about them completely.
SG: I could’ve bought more ingredients, considering the show’s concept. I have the money too. But the screenwriter emphasized that I needed to be real, so our fridge was transferred without any consideration to my will. The other dorm’s fridge is somewhat better. We don’t cook at all at our dorm.

Hoya is coming out on ‘Mask’. How is it acting side by side with Sooae?
: It was my first time feeling like the shoots were actual real-life situations. I felt like I really became Sooae’s brother.
L: I also thought that Hoya was Sooae’s brother while watching the drama.

Sungyeol is coming out on ‘D-Day’ soon. Any advice from L or Hoya?
: Actually, we have no advice for him since he started acting before us.
L: I hope that he’d take care of his health by taking some vitamins, since it’ll be difficult to do both acting and promotional activities.
All: Whoa~

Back to INFINITE’s activities. The “July Music War” must be a blessing but a burden at the same time, since so many outstanding singers are coming back.
: I think that means that K-pop has more power now. I learn so many things through this promotion. I feel fired up too, since it’s been a while since our comeback. You don’t get first place just because you’re a sunbae or a hoobae. I’m sure that other groups don’t take 1st place granted like us. As long as our music is heard, I think it’s a successful promotion.
WH: We’re going to focus on putting out good music.

Any comment or reaction you want during this promotion?
: 5 stars on music sites.
DW: “INFINITE is like a sponge, just as their name indicates. Even a different style of music suits them and you can tell that this is INFINITE”, those are what I want to hear.
WH: Amazing. This is birth of a wordsmith.

Source: Xsports News
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