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This guy wakes up, puts on his lying suit, eats a bowl of fruity lies and has a cup of coffee spiked with lies and sugar before heading to work where he regurgitates lie after lie on the WH press corps.

Opinion | Trump’s budget makes perfect sense and will fix America, and I will tell you why
It is the best budget ever.
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Washington Post dragging the hell out of the Trump “administration”. And then an article about how the Trump White House took it seriously, because they only read headlines, and even then they move their lips.



And some more shade:



If this is what happens when you ban a news outlet from WH press briefings, I hope he bans all of them.

Now over 12,000 news articles about the sequester cite the cancellation of White House tours, while less than 1,000 cite the cuts to housing assistance for the poor.

And reporters were all over the ‘tour’ story in today’s White House press briefing.

[Ari Melber via Google News.]