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Lifeguard Au

My lame explanation for not posting on Tumblr. I only work 3 days a week, but I covered 3 shifts on top of my 3 full shifts.

“I’m here to relieve you.”
Lance doesn’t take his eyes off the ocean.
Shiro coughs into his hand, before he speaks up again.
“I said, I’m here to relieve you kid.”
“Go home Shiro, you’re still sick.”
He coughs harshly into his hand to support lance’s accusation.

“Yeah, well Hunks got it worse which is why I can’t have one of my guard open and close for 2 days straight.”
“It’s been 3 and I’m sure another day won’t kill me.”
“…but it does make the scene unsafe. I can’t trust my lifeguard to make the best judgement after 3 shifts in a row.”
Lance turns to face Shiro
“…and I can’t trust my supervisor to make the best decisions when he is still recovering from pneumonia.”
Their staring contest is short lived when Shiro turn his head to cough.
Lance takes this opportunity to hold his grounds.
“It doesn’t matter Shiro, I won’t be alone. The new lifeguard you hired starts today, and the last thing we want is for him to think this station is a living pétri dish.”
“New lifeguard?”
Lance looked agaped.
He loved Shiro, he became a lifeguard specifically to work with his team on the south side, and he could proudly admit that he learned everything he knew from him. So he knew the fuzzy memory was a side effect of his illness.
“Shiro. I’ve got this. Get some rest and I’ll handle the New guy and I’ll show him the run down too.”
The expression on the older boys face shows that he’s got a headache over this entire scenario, but he trust Lance’s advice and decided to head home after all.

He wouldn’t Leave Lance if he didn’t trust him. The boys worked with him for years now, and he has definitely made an impact on the community. The district had even offered him a station on the North Shore with a team of his own.
The North shore was just as gnarly as the South side, but they had sun kissed babes straight out of a magazine, so Shiro knows that Lance could leave anytime if he wanted.
“Thanks Lance, I appreciate this and lance…
Lance looks at Shiro with utmost respect and focus.
”…don’t push yourself. I don’t want another guard down.“

“Yes Sir.”

When Shiro is off the beach and out of sight, Lance can’t help but sigh. Hes down right exhausted, and he’s pretty sure he’s going to catch whatever his coworkers got. If he can just stay on his feet until Shiro is fully recovered, and for Hunk to get over the worse than Lance can crash and burn without any worry about who’s watching the beach.

He’s been working on this beach since he was a sophomore in High school. It was just a part time job for quick cash, but after his first rescue he fell in love with his job.

The beach always brings in tourist, But he is always friendly with the locals.
“Hey Pidge.”
He says while he walks the beach.
Pidge is a bright young boy who always sits and reads on the beach. Lance is pretty sure he has never seen him swim in all years that he worked as a Lifeguard, but he is never quick to Judge.

“Hey Lance, you here again?” Pidge asked with raised brows.
“I practically live here.” He laughs before it dies into a harsh cough.
“You okay? Your looking…” he stops to find the right words.
“You look pale.”
“Well I missed my classes today to be here, and Both my co-workers are patient zero. Your the genius you tell me.”

Pidge just grins.
“I don’t know if I’m a genius, but southside swells are coming in, and you don’t have to be a genius to know what that means.”

“The princess.” Lance whispers.

“Who’s the princess?” Lance turns to the unfamiliar voice. It’s his duty to be paying attention to the beach, so it catches him off guard that someone has been standing behind him, listening in.

“Only the greatest Surfer in this galaxy.”
Pidge scoffs.

“Oh.” The boy doesn’t say much more, but he’s wearing a red shirt with yellow shorts, and it only takes Lance a couple more glances to realize he’s the new Lifeguard Shiro hired.

“You must be Keith.” Lance puts his hand out to greet him formally.

“Yeah, but you’re not Shiro.”
“Lance actually. You’ll be shadowing me today, and hopefully Shiro will be back tomorrow to finish all the paperwork.”

The ebony hair boy just nods in agreement. He’s surprisingly quiet,and Lance can’t help but stare at his mullet.

“You look like you came out of an 80’s film with that hairstyle, you can tie it back can’t you?”
Pidge bubbles in laughter.

Keith on the other hand is self consciously touching his hair.

“I guess, if I need too?”
Lance just Waves off the conversation.

“Sorry Pidge, but we’ve got training to cover.”
“Feel better.”
Lance just Waves him off.

Keith follows closely behind Lance, as he moves towards the yellow station.
“Not to have listened in on a conversation that isn’t mine but who’s “Princess?” Keith asked, hoping to star small talk.

“You must be knew here.”
“Yeah, maybe like a month now?” He thinks.

“Princess Allura, she’s a professional surfer. She’s been traveling, catching waves around the world, but she’s grew up here.”
“Wow, thats cool to have a celebrity come to this beach.”

Lance just smiles.
“You’ve got a lot to learn.”

Keith doesn’t say much, just tilts his head to one side.
“Are you familiar with currents?”
Lance asked, to keep the conversation going but he know, the new guy has to know if Shiro hired him.
“Yeah, There was an earthquake a few weeks ago from Japan, I heard it was going to affect the Southside.”

“We call those Southside swells.”
Keith again just nods.
“Allura is in town, and she’s here for the surf, if you follow her twitter, then you would already know that, which means any of her local followers are probably going to be here to watch, or try to surf.”

“Which means…”
“A lot of amateur show offs who are going to need our help.”

Lance continues to go through the training regimen, and the protocols
“I think that’s everything, and if you have questions you can ask me.” Lance coughs.
“Are you okay?”
Lance just sighed in his own exhaustion.
“Yup, don’t worry I’ll be fine.”
“Do we normally have shifts by ourselves?” Keith asked.
Hes been extremely careful to give Lance and the beach his full attention, but now that he’s open to ask, he can’t help but let all his concerns and nerves bubble out.
“Your the only Lifeguard here, and we’ve been at it for a couple hours now, aren’t we suppose to be working at least in pairs?”

Lance knew the question would eventually come up, but he’s so tired of talking already and he can feel his throats get raw
“Matt went off to College, which is why we were hiring, unfortunately Shiro and Hunk our other guards are both out sick.” Lance explains after clearing his throat..

“Are you sick?”
The questions is curt, but it takes Lance by surprise.
“What! No… I, I’ve covered shifts all week I’m just tired.

The expression on Keith’s face is knowing, but he doesn’t voice it.

They manage to keep the area safe for most of the morning. Everyone once in a while, Lance tells Keith to announce when the shore breaks are unsafe over speakers, but everyone manages to follow direction.

It’s almost a boring morning, but Lance can’t help but be grateful. He doesn’t want to get in the water today, he’s already shivering under his uniform, even with the sun out.

“Are you sure your okay?”
“I’ll manage.”
“I know I’m new but I can…”

Lance shoots up from his slouched position.
He’s running on the hot sand, and he’s in the water almost instantly.

Keith Just stand awkwardly in the station watching as Lance pulls a little girl into his arms, slowly letting the waves bring him back in, head never letting the girls head bob under the water.

By the time the Keith is on the beach, Lance is already talked by with the girls parents.

“Is, um… Is she okay.”

Lance is drenches in sea water looking at Keith incredulously.

“Perfect. No thanks to you.”
He spits as he walks back to grab a towel.

“Are you okay?”
Keith asked handing him a dry towel.

“Stop. Let’s get this straight new guy. Stop, asking if I’m okay. I get that your new, but you need to stop worrying about and keep your eyes on this beach.”
Lance tell Keith between wet soggy coughs.
“We have a perfect record this year for no incidents that require any medical attention, and I trust Shiro wouldn’t hire an idiot so I need you to help us keep that record clear. Focus on the beach and the swimmers, not me.”

“… You look hot.”
An embarrassing blush runs across Lance’s cheeks.

Keith presses a hand on Lance’s forehead.
Then slides the back of his hand to the blush on lance’s face.

“I’m right, you have a fever.”

A New Chapter (Ch. 5): Under Different Circumstances

Characters: Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam Winchester x Platonic!Reader

Length: 1539+ words

TW: Descriptions of Torture, 

A/N: Feedback is encouraged, but not necessary. Let me know if you want to be tagged, or removed from the Tag List!

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A few days later, Y/N was just getting ready to start her shift in the university when there was a knock in the door. She opened the door, thinking it was just one of her neighbours. When she opened the door to find a man she didn’t recognize standing in front of her.

“May I help you?” she breathed out.

“Sure you can.” With a wave of a hand, she was knocked back to the wall. He looked around the room, finding all the salt lines, and demon traps that Sam had made when she first moved in. She kept up with the traps for a while until she figured since she wasn’t in the game anymore, she wouldn’t need it. Now, as Y/N watched the demon’s evil smirk, pinning her to the wall, and going through her kitchen drawers, she had regret her decision. He found a zip tie that she uses for some of her garbage to tie her arms and legs, rendering her powerless as he dragged her to her bedroom. The demon made his first hit, his fist colliding with her jaw. She fell against the side of her, her head colliding with her bedside table.

When Y/N woke up, she woke up to immense pain. As her eyes caught up with her brain, she looked at the demon in front of her, and a bloody knife in his hand. The metal was cool against her warm cheek as he grazed the tip down her jaw, putting more pressure as it ran against her collarbone and chest. A whimper escaped her lips as he pressed harder.

“Wh-What d-d-do yo-you want?” she croaked.

“Oh, nothing,” the demon answered. “I just wanna have fun with you to be honest.”


“I heard Crowley took a liking to you,” he replied, running the knife up her thigh and hipbone.

It was then that she realized he had removed her clothes, leaving her only in her bra and underwear. She swallowed thickly, trying to form a plan in her mind.

“And then I saw you talking with the Winchesters, being all chummy. So I thought, hey why not kidnap the girl to get back at both Crowley and the Winchesters! Two birds with one stone, right?” He grabbed a piece of cloth from the pile of torn pieces, and wrapped it around her face, stuffing the material between her lips to silence her. “Now for the fun part.” With a snap of a finger, a lighter appeared in his hand. In a swift motion, he made a shallow stab just underneath her left breast, slowly taking the knife out before placing the flames against her skin, not allowing the wound to bleed out, but causing horrible pain. Y/N screamed against the cloth, eyes tearing up at the torture. “This is just the beginning, sweetheart.”

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anonymous asked:

fred surprises hermione with his ukulele playing skills and as he starts to play, she quickly realizes that it's her favorite song. 'la vie an rose' maybe? something like that. then fred proceeds to sing? or hermione? I terribly want to read a scene where someone sings

Hermione recognized the notes as they floated through the open Burrow window. Slowly she put the book she had been reading down and wondered where the noise was coming from. Most of the Weasley family was gone. Molly and Arthur were off on a well deserved vacation. Ginny was with Blaise in Italy, Ron was touring with the Cannons… “Fred.” 

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tea time for @erurink. prompt: pianist

“does he look familiar to you?” levi says, leaning on the armrest of his seat into petra.

“shhhh.” she responds, shoving her elbow into his arm.

“no, i’m… shit.” levi sits back into his seat. he draws his hand down his face, holding his chin into his hand, his leg bouncing in nervous agitation. no. no, he fucking knew this guy, and it was driving him crazy that he couldn’t pinpoint it.

it’s the way the man’s fingers move across the keys. it’s like he’s tracing them over the ridges of a lover–fluid and gentle, quick and mesmerizing. levi licks his lips, crosses one arm over his chest and holds the side of his neck with the other. he feels his pulse railing under his thumb, and it’s out of time with the piece the man is playing. it just serves to rile him up more.

he watches as the man’s upper body sways with the movements of his hands, a strand of gelled blonde hair falling loose as the meter of the arrangement becomes more intense. he closes his eyes briefly, becomes one with the music as his fingers dance across ebony and ivory. his lips part as he opens his eyes again, his head jarring forward as the song falls into a quiet pause.

levi’s breath hitches.

“jesus, what’s wrong with you?” petra hisses a hushed warning at him. a neighbor shushs them, and she returns a glare at them before it rests back on levi.

“i need to leave.” levi says, abruptly standing up and shuffling his way out of the seats, choosing to leave the direction away from petra.

levi.” petra goes to grab for him but misses. she watches him rush up the aisle, clutches her purse in her hands before huffing out her nose and following. she finds levi pacing in the foyer, his hands waving and pantomiming a conversation he’s having in his head. “levi, what the hell?”

“i know him, pet.” he looks at her desperately, his fingers clawed and clutching, as if they’re waiting to snatch the answer out of the air at any moment.

“well, do you?”

“i don’t… know…”

“like deja vu?”

“i don’t fuckin’ know.” he swipes his hand through his hair and looks back at the double doors that go back into the into the concert hall. “i don’t…”

“we can leave.” petra says, but she’s clearly irritated. they’d planned this night for months, had wanted to go to the symphony together for years. finally the stars aligned and levi was being… levi.

“no… just… gimme a minute.”

petra looks him up and down. her mouth quirks into a frown before she nods. “ok. don’t be too long.”


levi finds himself against the wall. the foyer is carpeted in deep red, the grecian columns painted gold and reaching to the ceiling flourished with carved victorian ornamentation. he feels out of place, wearing his best clothing–a dark plain t-shirt and a pair of black slacks. he stands out like a black ink splotch on a white shirt, and his eyes nervously land on the exit.


levi’s head snaps to the voice. it sounds familiar enough to let his stomach feel hot, like it’s been gashed open and left to spill onto the floor–his brand of red to mix with the red of the plush. “wh…” levi presses his shoulder into the wall, curls himself into it when he sees it’s him.

tall, broad, handsome. black suit with a simple black tie. white shirt professionally cleaned and pressed. his blonde hair halos his head, his blue eyes contrasting against the golden ceiling. “i apologize if i startled you.”

“n-no… you’re fine.” levi tries to relax, but he can’t. his fingers catch into the grooves of the carvings on the wall. “what are you doin’ out here? weren’t you just playing?”

“my piece is over.” he smiles, and it makes levi shrink more. “and i saw you leave in a hurry.” he steps forward. “did you dislike my work?”

“what? no. what? why would you…”

“have we met before?”

“i uh… no?” levi moves against the wall, toward the exit.

“you look familiar.”

“i hear that a lot.”

“do you?”

levi stops, holds the man’s gaze until it settles around him like a blanket. “no.”

the man keeps looking at him, until finally his face breaks its stoicism and he rumbles out a laugh. “right right…”

“what do you want…? why are you…?” levi’s eyes fall onto the man’s hands. they’re big, but they look soft. delicate and well manicured. his played that piano like it had been an extension of himself, like he was born to play it. he imagined them on him, and the idea itself felt familiar. comforting. lovely.

“i’m not sure.”

levi swallows and straightens his back against the wall. he admitted to himself that he had never felt this affected by somebody in his life. that there was some kind of mystery shrouding this man and his perfect fingers. that there was a reason why he could feel the phantom touch of hands through his hair. “go out with me.” he blurts.

“all right.”

levi blinks. “really?”

“yes. right now.”

levi looks back at the double doors, then at the exit, then back at the man’s hands. “ok. yeah.” levi kicks off the wall and starts toward the exit.

“erwin.” he says, unabashedly placing his hand on the small of levi’s back. levi doesn’t twitch, doesn’t move away from the touch. instead, he sways into it, his shoulder touch into the man’s ribcage.

levi pulls out his phone to text petra. tells her he had to leave. he’d explain to her later, and he hoped he could explain to himself at the same time. he had little hope that he would be able to.

“levi.” he answers.

“levi.” erwin echoes. and it doesn’t feel like his name anymore–that it always belonged to this blonde, gorgeous stranger. “what a lovely name.”

Neoh boy...

WH: Hello, heros! White hat here with more goods you need to stop the villains in your life! Like this! *picks up the small circular machine* My brand new anti gravity ray! It ha-… uuuh… Hey, Slug? How do I activate this thing?

Dr. Slug: Uh, that’s actually more than a device than a ray-

WH: Yeah, yeah, but does it work???

Dr. Slug: Ugh!! Yes, it works!!! Jeez, just hit the green button!!

WH: *presses the button, then suddenly starts to float in the air* !!! Whoa!! What’s happening, Slug????

Dr. Slug: I tried to tell you, idiot!!! It’s an anti gravity device, not a RAY!!! It makes everything in the area float away!!!!

WH: *wraps his arm aroung him* Daw, you silly little Slug! No one wants a whole ROOM to float away! *Notices Clementia chewing on the device* Hey, can you get us down, Clementia?

Dr. Slug: W-wait!!!! don’t hit the- *Clementia presses the button. WH and Slug fall and he lands on the ground while WH lands on a cloud out of no where then gets back on his feet* button… =_=

Clementia: Sorry! *presses the button and everything floats again*

WH: !! W-whoa!! why did you hit it again?? :o

Clementia: *shrugs and floats around, as 6.0.6 just stares at her and the other two* Weeeeeeeeeee!

WH: *notices 6.0.6.* !! Oh hey! Mind helping us out, buddy?

6.0.6.: … *grabs the device and looks at it* …. *smirks evilly and suddenly eats the device*

WH: O_O *Clementia is trying to tickle Slug in the background* Well, ok, never mind then.


and another for Shunk Week. LATE ENTRY RIP

ao3 link here!

Summary: Hunk twists his ankle. (rip in pieces precious boy)

for Day Four: Healing/Hurting

Word Count: 615

Hunk buried his face in his hands, almost as if he could suffocate himself with his palms. His hands were big enough.

From beside him, kneeled down on one knee with a face that shone of worry, was Shiro. Who had literally just witnessed Hunk take a dive down the ramp of his Lion and sprawl across the hangar floor in his haste. And who, upon hearing the dull thud and sharp cry that followed soon after, immediately rushed to his side as if he’d been fatally wounded.

His pride, maybe.

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Solangelo Headcannon

Nobody expected Nico to be a cuddler.

Especially Will.

Will’s POV

I laid in Nico’s bed in the Hades Cabin, watching the boy beside me sleep. This was the first time I’d ever slept in the same bed as him, so needless to say I was nervous. What if I drooled? What if I snored?

He was fast asleep, having dozing off ages ago. I couldn’t sleep. It was so cold in the Hades cabin! It’s always hot with about 40+ other teens around you, not to mention that it was always hot in the Apollo cabin, considering he was the sun god. But it was only Nico and I.

In my random half-asleep thoughts, u realized I was literally sleeping with death.

What a strange thought.

Suddenly I felt a body press up to mine, and I stiffened. Nico was… cuddling me?

I glanced down and took in the sight below me. Nico had his head wedged against the space between my arm and shoulder, and had entangled his legs with mine. His torso was pressed against my lower stomach and hips. The heat from his body warmed me up instantly, and I snuggled into him.

I’d never thought him to be a cuddler. Yet here we were, and I was loving it. Nico never really went passed hugs or short hand holds, and this was a huge step, even though Nico was unaware of it.

I grinned. I could now call him “Cuddly death bear” and have a logical reason behind it.

The second time it happened was at the fireworks.

Nico and I were sharing a blanket, watching the light show with large smiles. Gods, how I loved Nico’s smile. He smiled a lot nowadays, and I swear it could light up an entire room when he did. Wh-

A body pressed against mine, this time both hands wrapped around my waist, pulling me close. Nico’s head rested right below my chin, and our legs tangled helplessly together. Delighted, I wrapped my arms around him as he buried his face farther into my chest. My giant sweatshirt was laying nearby, so I pulled one arm away to grab it and laid it over us neatly.

Nico was completely hidden beneath the sweatshirt and my arms, not to mention my baggy sweatpants probably hid his legs.

No one would know he was there. I felt myself slowly start to sleep, and I gave in to the crashing waves to darkness.



Someone was shaking my shoulder to get me awake. I groggily opened my eyes, just making out the faces of Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase and Chiron.

I could feel Nico still sleeping soundly in my arms, his entire body still tangled with mine.

“Will? We can’t find Nico. The entire camp has been searching for the past hour. Any clue where he might be?” I heard Percy ask as I awake fully.

I just laughed, realizing that he was so well hidden no one could see him. And he was right here!

“Why are you laughing? He’s missing! He could be dead!” Percy said a little louder, worry lines deep in his face. Annabeth seemed on the verge of panic. Chiron was frowning and seemed deep in thought.

I put a finger to my lips, and slowly unraveled one arm from Nico’s waist and drew the hoodie back a little, showing off part of Nico’s face and torso. I put it back quickly though, for the fear of waking him.

Their faces were priceless.

Percy looked shocked, Jaw hanging open. Annabeth squeaked and turned a bright red, trying to contain her giggles. Chiron looked exasperated and was smiling at the same time. I mouthed “He’s safe.” and snuggled closer to him, closing my eyes once again. I heard the pattering of footsteps as they walked away and the faint shouting of them telling the other campers he was safe.

More footsteps came and went over the course of 5 minutes, people coming to see the truth for themselves. Lots of cooing was heard from the Aphrodite cabin and lots of giggles from the Anthea cabin. Will heard the Apollo cabin saying that they’d never let him live this down.

And he didn’t care, because right now he never wanted to move.

Coco Pt.3

Originally posted by lostfallendreams

They  stumbled into her apartment, pulling on each other’s clothes, unable to get the other naked fast enough. Their lips moved together in a sloppy kiss as he kicked her front door shut, groaning as he felt her press herself to him. Yongguk wrapped his arms around her waist and held her close. He missed how it felt to have her body on his. He groaned again and she opened her mouth to him, allowing him to slide his tongue inside where it tangled with her own. Her hands slid against him, burning against his bare skin. Unable to watch where they were going, she tripped, falling backwards,  pulling him down with her. She huffed as the weight of his body fell on top of her, making her breathless. She burst into a fit of giggles, hiding her face in the crook of his neck. Her body shook against his as she continued to laugh. He smiled down at her and shifted, leaning his weight onto his hands. She wiped her eyes and laid fully on her back, her legs falling open. He settled between them, smile falling from his face. He licked his lips, gaze boring into hers. Yongguk’s lips were on hers before she could form a thought. He lifted her thigh to his waist and held it there, groaning again as he rolled his hips down.

 If it were any other night, she would have let him take control and do whatever it was he pleased to do to her body. But tonight, oh tonight, she’d had a few drinks and she was ready. Ready to show him what he missed out on. Ready to show him what he left behind without so much as a phone call. She pushed against his chest, making him roll to the side and on to his back. “Wh-..” She pressed a finger to his lips, interrupting him. “It’s my night, Yongguk..” She cooed, straddling his hips. He smiled and gently rested his hands on her upper thighs, “Your night, huh?” He rolled his head to the side and raised his eyebrows. She suddenly felt every bit of shy. Her face flushed and she cleared her throat, shifting on top of him to get comfortable. “Y-yes. It’s my night.” His smile widened, “Don’t get all shy on me now, love.” Too late. She wanted to hide and pretend like this never happened. She’d already lost her nerve and now she was sure the moment had been ruined. Yongguk rubbed his hands up and down her thighs and shifted under her, “C’mon now, love. I know you’ve got something for me.” She didn’t. Not anymore anyway. Maybe if she’d had a few more drinks in her, she’d be able to do it without feeling like an idiot.

She shook her head and hid her face in her hands. Yongguk sat up then, wrapping his arms around her waist, “Ya, ________. All this talk about it being your night and you can’t deliver? Should I go home then?” She shook her head no and dropped her hands from her face, “I think the liquid courage is starting to wear off..” She whispered. He chuckled again and knocked his knuckles gently against her forehead, “Idiot.” His hold on her became firm as he moved on to his knees and laid her on her back. “Let’s try this again…” He laughed. Her face flushed again and she bit into her bottom lip, looking away from his gummy smile. Wasting no more time, Yongguk pressed his lips to the base of her throat. She sighed at the familiar feel of his lips on her skin and he kissed lower, between the valley of her breasts. Unable to help herself, she pushed her hands into the softness of his hair, pushing his head down to where she wanted him to be. She heard him chuckle as he complied, lips moving further down her body. 

The first initial lick between her folds sent her reeling, spiraling out of back into that wonderful, lust-filled space she went to whenever she was with him. This was the kind of thing she craved…his tongue on her. The way it made her feel was something that couldn’t simply be put into words. There was no way to describe how it felt to have him licking into her with precise, calculated movements of his blessed tongue. He was blessed, she was being blessed. This was a blessing. She pushed her hips against his face in gentle, shallow movements. Moaning, she pushed her hands into his hair, grabbing a fistful of it at the nape of his neck. Yongguk lifted one of her legs over his shoulder, pulling her hips closer to him. Regardless of the fact that this was a blessing, it wasn’t what she needed after weeks of being deprived of the one dick she wanted. She yanked on his hair, pulling him away from her, “Yongguk…” She breathed. He licked his lips, and moved to hover over her. She didn’t need any other words because he knew exactly what she was getting at. He’d had the same thought. After weeks of not being buried deep inside the tight, wet, heat of her body, simply eating her like she was his last meal didn’t even come close to what he wanted. 

Her hand cupped the back of his neck and she yanked him forward until their faces were mere centimeters apart, “Don’t hold back.” She whispered, staring right into his soul. A silent, tension filled moment passed, neither saying anything. The only thing that could be heard was the sound of their breathing. She yanked him forward again, crushing their lips together. He lowered himself, molding his body to hers, reveling in the sweet feeling of her skin against his once again. She was always so soft and ready for him, body welcoming and so willing to bend to his liking. She was a work of art. Every single inch of her was made for him. He fully believed this, repeating it in his mind as he slid into her, stretching her open. He exhaled deeply, every muscle in his body tensing. Stay in control, Yongguk. A tug on his hair snapped his focus. He opened his yes and found her staring at him. Yongguk’s body quivered as he slowly rolled his hips forward, eyes trained on hers. They’d started slow before, but never like this. He was drowning. Drowning in the overwhelming feeling of her wrapped around him like a custom-made glove. He hadn’t even begun to use any kind of force, but he was already breathing hard. Every second spent sliding in and out of her at an almost glacial pace was like a punch to the lungs. “Yongguk….” She breathed, “Destroy me.” That was all he needed. The okay to do what he’d come to do. 

She locked her legs around him and he drove his hips forward, getting into a rhythm. Whimpers turned to whines. Whines turned to moans. Moans turned into something fierce. He’d never heard her make these noises before. These were new. He could swear that she was crying as she buried her face against his shoulder, lifting her hips to meet him thrust for thrust. Her nails raked down his arms and back, causing his skin to burn. This wouldn’t stop him. He was going to do exactly what she wanted him to. He was going to destroy her. Break down everything that had built up over the past few weeks. She dug her nails into the back of his neck, forcing him to look at her, to watch her come undone before him. He’d never enjoyed someone’s undoing as much as he did with her. It was addicting. The way her face contorted in pleasure. The way she clung to him, breathy, choked off moans filling his ears. The way she called his name. The way she tightened around him to pull him into his own release. “Fuck! Just like that…just like that.” She rasped, eyes closing as she let her head fall back. His knees dug into the floor as he changed the angle of his thrusts, fucking into her harder. “Yongguk!” She gasped, mouth dropping open. There wasn’t any sound coming from her as her body tensed around him, shaking. She was close. He reached between their bodies, rubbing skillful circles into her clit, pulling high-pitched screeching noises from her. 

Her body shook harder against him as he pushed her further, winding her up tighter and tighter until he was sure she’d fall apart. The dig of her nails into the back of his neck was harsh. Painful enough to push him to keep going. Three. Two. One. 

She screamed his name, thighs locking around him in an iron grip. She clamped down on him with a strength he didn’t even know she had. His hips jerked to a halt as he spilled into her, groaning into her ear. He collapsed on top of her, trying to suck as much air into his lungs as he could. He rolled off of her before his body could relax completely, “Shit.” She rasped a laugh beside him, sweat slicked skin sliding against his. It was then that Yongguk realized something, “I’m never leaving you again.” He blurted. She rasped again, swatting his stomach with the back of her hand, “You better not.” He laughed along with her, as ridiculous as it may sound, there was no way he’d be able to go without her again. The time he spent without her was torture. No one could make him feel like she did. There was no comparison. None at all. “I’m serious.” He breathed, turning his head to her. “So am I.” If he hadn’t just used every ounce of strength he had trying to hold himself up, he’d have brushed her hair away from her face. “You okay with only having me?” He asked her seriously. She rolled her head to the side so that he could see her face, “Are you sure you’re okay with just me?” 

Was he okay with just her? Only time would tell…..

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Period Pains - Derek Morgan Drabble

Derek x reader

Summary: You get sick and Derek looks after you

Derek stood in the elevator with Spencer, Emily and Rossi as Spencer rambled on about some film Rossi had been planning on watching that night. Spencer stopped as Dereks phone rang and they all looked towards him. ‘Sorry’ Derek reached down picking up his phone and smiling when he seen your name on the screen. ‘Hey’ He beamed picking it up as Spencer started talking again softer this time. ‘I’m on my way home now, you want me to pick up something?’ He asked and Emily raised her brows looking at Rossi who looked back at her a questioning look on his face ‘Der’ You grunted out.

Suddenly the smile dropped from Derek’s face when he heard your grunt of pain. His lips pulled together as did his brows his face overcome with worry. ‘Baby?’ That caused Spencer to stop speaking. ‘Yeah, would you mind picking me up from the Doctors’ You paused as another wave of pain hit you causing you to almost double over in the waiting room. ‘Wh-’ He began pressing the garage button consistently. ‘I’m fine, they’re just going to give me some painkillers and I’ll be okay’ You breathed almost through gritted teeth. ‘I just can’t drive’ You told him but the worry never left him.

You could almost feel it radiating through the phone. ‘It’s just cramps Derek, really bad cramps’ You told him in a hushed voice as the Doctor came out gesturing to you that they were ready for you. ‘They’re really bad this time?’ You grunted in agreement standing from the wooden seat you were on. ‘You’ll pick me up will you?’ You asked and heard him agree. ‘Thank you’ You muttered before hanging up.

Derek nodded. ‘You’re welcome Baby’ Derek muttered after you hung up. ‘Everything okay?’ Spencer asked him and Derek nodded. ‘Yeah, yeah’ He said absentmindedly. ‘My girlfriend’s just sick’ He tried to think of the Doctors office you normally went to when you were sick. ‘Woah, girlfriend?’ Emily’s ears perked up, she didn’t know he had a girlfriend. ‘Of a week’ Derek had the map up on his phone. ‘Who is it?’ Rossi asked. ‘Y/n’ He answered too preoccupied to even filter what he was saying. ‘As in Y/n that came to the Christmas party with you? As a friend?’ Emily raised her eyebrows and Derek looked up when he found the Doctors Clinic. ‘Yeah, its new but we’ve been friends for years’ He nodded.

The ding echoed through the elevator and Derek’s head snapped towards the doors. ‘See you Monday’ He nodded to the others as he rushed into the garage towards his car. ‘Tell her we send our love’ Rossi called after him and Derek waved at him climbing into his chair.

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[see Part 1 for a brief narrative history of Till’s murder]

  • Till Headline from The Chicago Defender, 17 September 1955: Published by John Sengstacke, The Defender was one of the most widely circulating Black newspapers in the country, and initially one of only two national papers to publish Emmett’s story.
  • Emmett Till Protest Rally Flyer, 21 October 1955
  • Eisenhower’s first Cabinet Secretary, Max Rabb, sends this memo to the WH Press Secretary, Jim Hagerty, explaining why “it was felt inadvisable to make a courteous reply” to anyone just yet regarding the Till case. In three short paragraphs Rabb tears down Mamie Bradley, describing her as a tool of the CP USA and claimed, “Mrs. Bradley was discredited for using her son’s death as a means of making a living.” She actually worked as a civilian clerk for the U. S. Air Force. Rabb also noted that “The boy’s father, incidentally, was executed by the Army in Italy on a sex charge.” Mamie separated from Louis Till back in 1942, and Emmett was only 4 years old, and an ocean away, when that happened.
  • Jackson Mississippi Daily News Says Till’s Father Executed for Rape: Mississippi senators James Eastland and John Stennis, who were apparently provided this information by someone with access to Louis Till’s confidential military files, leaked this information to southern papers. Although the trial was already over news about Emmett’s father remained on the front pages of Miss newspapers for weeks, in both October and November.
  • Louis Till’s (Emmett’s father) Ring: This ring is how they were able to ID Emmett’s bloated corpse when it was pulled from the Tallahatchie River, 28 August, 9 days after his arrival in Money. 
  • Look Magazine interview with Till’s Murderers: After receiving $3,800 for their testimonies, Till’s killers go into great detail in describing just how and why they really did torture and murder him.
  • H. R. 6127, aka, The Civil Rights Act of 1957, 9 September 1957: Till’s murder was one of the reasons for the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1957. Although primarily a voting rights bill, it established the Civil Rights division of the Justice Department to intervene in local law enforcement issues when civil rights were being compromised. Don’t miss the irony that this same justice department which came into existence because of Emmett Till’s murder has thus far failed to prosecute the murderers of Trayvon Martin, Mike, Brown, Tamir Rice, etc.
  • Emmett Till & Tamir Rice …or is it… Tamir Rice & Emmett Till
  • The More Things Change… : Just as in the case with Emmett, the media seems to think smearing Tamir Rice’s father absolves the child’s murderer of all responsibility. Do you see the importance of studying history, yet?
Now over 12,000 news articles about the sequester cite the cancellation of White House tours, while less than 1,000 cite the cuts to housing assistance for the poor.

And reporters were all over the ‘tour’ story in today’s White House press briefing.

[Ari Melber via Google News.]

Wishful Thinking

I REALLY do not want Aaron and Robert to go through any more crap especially relating to the trial but I can’t stop picturing scenarios. I SO want Robert to come home to Vic’s from the courts, having been accused by Gordon of somehow brainwashing Aaron into filing the charges, he’s questioned by the police as a result but they have no evidence so they let him go.

When he gets home, he grabs a beer and just crashes on the couch drinking and not talking for a couple hours til Vic gets home, she’s heard about what happened at the trial and asks Robert how he’s feeling, and how Aaron is handling things. Robert doesn’t respond at first but Vic is his sister and she pushes just the right buttons to get him talking.

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VIDEO: WH Press Secretary awkwardly tries to explain why Obama is "not an emperor"

This gem of an exchange comes courtesy of ABC’s White House reporter Johnathan Karl, who seems to be one of the few people over at the ABC News team still doing any actual journalism.  White House Paid Liar Press Secretary simply does not have an intelligent answer for why Obama is planning things today that he said he was unable to do last year because he is “not the emperor of the United States.”

here’s the video:

Partial transcript:

Jonathan Karl: Does the President still stand by what he said last year when he said, quote, I am not the emperor of the United States. My job is to execute laws that are passed. Is that still operative?

Josh Earnest: Absolutely.

JK: Not a king either?

JE: That’s right.

JK: Because he was asked very specifically about expanding the deferred action executive order for the dreamers to their parents, and he said, September 17th of last year, very clearly, if we start broadening that, then essentially I would be ignoring the law in a way that would make it very difficult to defend legally, so that is not an option. Is that still operative, when the President said specifically that expanding the doc executive order is not an option because it would be ignoring the law. Does he still believe that?

JE: Well Jon, I don’t want to get ahead of any sort of announcements the President may make before the end of the year about executive actions that he may take to fix our broken immigration system. Since this interview aired, the President did direct the Attorney General and the Director of Homeland Security to conduct a review of the law…

JK: So just to be clear, you’re saying that this is no longer operative because we’ve had a review. So when the President said that expanding the docket to apply to the parents of the dreamers for instance, would be broadening and essentially ignoring the law in a way that would be difficult to defend legally, that it’s not an option, that that statement is no longer operative?

JE: What I’m saying is that we’ll have an opportunity to evaluate the actions that the President has chosen after he’s announced.

JK: But I’m not asking about the options. I’m just saying…

Shorter Josh Earnest: “We decided that we no longer care about the law or the Constitution.  Yes, Obama is now an emperor.”