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Julia’s relationship with Adalbert and Conrad analyzed

So we know that Adalbert is 150 years old in Seisa ( Novel 12, Chapter 5 ). Making him 130 years old when Julia died.

But, how long did Adalbert and Julia know each other?
How long did she and Conrad know each other?

We’re about to find out! Thanks to a wonderful MA friend (I never know if ppl wanna be mentioned or not), we were able to figure out how long they had known each other.

The three stories I’ll be referring to are: Falling in Love (novel 14); Lost Flower (gaiden 3); and Name of the Star (gaiden 3). As well novel 7, to use Wolfram as a reference for military training.

Adalbert and Julia

First let’s establish a timeline for when Adalbert and Julia met:
According to “Falling in Love” Adalbert was training as a cadet when he met Julia; and once he graduated and started training for officer, is when Julia fessed up about liking him for ‘a long time’ and wanting to marry him.
At that time, Adalbert asked her if she was of marriagable age, and she said no. He said that Julia was younger than him and that he himself was 'only an officer in training’, and marriage was something that was far away and not on his mind.

If we think that Wolf is of marriagable age (80ish), they should both under 80.

Now let’s use Wolf for comparison in regards to military training:
Both Addie and Wolf’s were/are future heads of their territories, so we can assume they both had to have the same training in the military.

Wolfram participated in the Great War

Wolf was a soldier during the war (Novel 7, Chapter 6)
(Maxine)“Wh-… I was already 15…”
(Wolf) “A new recruit then. That reminds me, I remember letting a frightened recruit run away around Dormael. He had pissed himself in his terror and I couldn’t stand the smell.”
(M)“I was never anywhere near Dormael.”
(W)“Hm, I’d thought that a new recruit’s first battle would have been just like that pathetic little skirmish. ”

But Wolf was also 'in charge’ of logistical support. To be 'in charge’ he’d probably had an officer rank (Novel 7, chapter 8)
“That’s true, but His Excellency has military rank as well.  He might have been mostly put in charge of logistical support, but he has some experience with camping out.“

All of this before the age of 62 (Wolf).

So it would be fair to say that when Julia fessed up she had liked Addie for a long time, he could have been in his 50s? 60s? Let’s say 60.

In Lost Flower (before total warfare with Shimaron), Julia is engaged to Addie, and Del Kierson isn’t very happy. Lost Flower takes place 6 months prior to total Warfare. We don’t know how long this 'Total Warefare’ lasted. Let’s say that lasted 1-2 year tops. (Maxine says he was 15 at the time of the war and is 35ish in Seisa, so it fits )

Time that Julia and Adalbert were together: 60-70 years before her passing (50+ of those years with Julia already having confessed to Adalbert)


Conrad and Julia

The timing of when they met, and how long they knew each other, is determined by 2 stories: ” Lost Flower" and “Name of the Star”

Lost Flower takes place in spring, ten years after Stuffel had began the wars. Conrad’s unit was already famous for being one of the best in the country. In this story we hear that he has abandoned his post as the commanding officer (for an unknown reason in the middle of the war), to go train Del Kiersen Wincott, Julia’s younger brother.

Leaving his unit in the middle of war doesn’t sound like something Conrad would do. I’d like to think it was Cherie who, wanting to get him away from the battlefield, asked/ordered him to go to Wincott. Cherie is Julia’s friend.

Conrad did not know Julia at this point.

The story ends with Conrad staying at Wincott palace, not yet having met Julia.

Since Cherie was in the Wincott palace when Conrad arrived, and he was going to stay there training Del Kiersen, we can assume Cherie introduced Julia to Conrad right after this story. (For his opinion on her dress as mentioned in Gaiden 1)

“Name of the Star" takes place in fall-winter. Conrad still doesn’t know Julia well at all, so we can assume that this fall-winter is taking place 6 months after “Lost Flower”. Considering how even after living in the same castle, Conrad didn’t know Julia, this story couldn’t have taken place more than 6 months after they met.

Name of the Star is also the moment when Julia says goodbye to Conrad, who is going back to war (presumably because the war got worse and he was heading to Arnold)

Time that Conrad and Julia knew each other: 6 months


“That’s too dangerous, Rick.” Michonne says and in silent you agree with her.
“She’s the only one he doesn’t know. It would be just for a few days.” Rick responds.
“I’ll do it.” You say and Rick smiles thankful.
That could be your only chance to find out Negan’s weakness.

In torn jeans and an old shirt you go through the woods. The blood pulses in your ears and your heart beats in your throat.
To say you’re nervous would be an understatement.
“Hands in the air where I can see them!” You hear a man saying behind you.
You’re doing what he wanted and turn slowly around.
’That must be Dwight.‘ You think as you look to the blonde man with the burned face.
“Y-you can have my su-supplies. But please do-don’t hurt me.” A few tears running down your cheeks. “Please.”
“Are you alone?” Dwight asks, still pointing a gun at you.
Quickly you nod and he seems to think for a second about something.
“I’m Dwight.” He says while he lowers the gun. “You can come with us.”
“Us?” You ask in panic and as you look around you notice around 15 men.
“Wh-where are we going?”

As you reach the factory, you’ve to admit that you’re impressed. It’s surrounded by walkers which they use as protection.
“Follow me.” Dwight orders and you nod.
Your heart stops beating for a second as you come in the factory and see the many people. From somewhere you hear the laugh of children.
“You’ll meet Negan now, our leader.”
“Maybe I should go.” You mumble to yourself.
This is the complete opposite of what you’ve expected.
“Who the fuck is that?”
Your stomach flips as you hear the smooth voice of a man, probably Negan.
“(Y/N).” You respond as Dwight looked questioning at you.
“We found her in the woods. She was alone.” Dwight explains and takes a step to the side.
And then you finally see him, the man who killed one of your friends.
Negan chuckles amused as he notices your gaze.
“Why were you alone, sweetheart?” Negan asks and comes closer to you.
As you begin to tell him the lie, you made-up yourself, Negan smiles slightly and nods.
“Well then, welcome to the Sanctuary.”

‘A few days… A few days.’ Over and over again you hear the voice of Rick in your head.
Meanwhile you’re here for almost two weeks.
“What are you thinking, pretty?” Negan asks as he comes to you on the roof.
“I ask myself when you let me out of here.” You respond and raise an eyebrow.
“I thought you’d fucking like it here.”
“I do.”
And that wasn’t a lie.
It is surprisingly pleasent to live here and even when Negan killed one of your friends, you’ve a bond with him, neither him nor you understand.
Whenever you walk through the Sanctuary, Negan is near.
“I have a surprise for you.” Negan whispers after he hugged you from behind.
The smell of leather jacket and masculinity tingles your nose and you close your eyes in enjoyment.
“Your friends are here.”
Panic rushes through you and you try to get away from him, but he holds you tight.
“Psst, I’m not fucking mad.” Negan says, his beard’s scratching over the skin on your neck.
“Since when do you know it?” You ask quietly.
“Since the moment you’ve moved your fucking ass in my factory.”
In the corner of your eye you watch him, seeing his resigned look.
For an irrational moment you want to apologize and say that you want to stay here with him.
But you can’t betray your friends.
And so you bite on cheek until you taste blood, a single tear running down your face.
“Go and never fucking come back.”
“Negan, I..”
“Fucking go.” Negan pushes you away from him and without turning around you leave the roof.
As you come downstairs everyone is looking at you.
“(Y/N)!” Rick pulls you in a hug and you can’t hold back your tears any longer. “It’s ok. We can go. Negan gave us a final chance. Let’s bring you home.”
You wanted to tell him the truth, but as you look in the relieved faces of your friend, you close it.
As you get out the Sanctuary you look up to the roof where Negan still stands and watches you how you get in one of the cars.