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Trick or treat.

9. A kiss on the lips

Hannibal could feel Will’s body shivering against his. He heard the small moans that slipped through the corners of his gritted teeth. But instead of allowing the younger man to find some comfort he pushed further into him. Will’s head slammed against the bookshelf behind him. He mumbled something. Complained about the pain. And yet, the good Doctor merely grabbed on to the side of his friend’s neck, indulging himself with Will Graham’s erratic heartbeat and mouthwatering scent.

He pushed further into WIll and he panted for breath. Will was about to beg for mercy. Begging for Hannibal to finish it off. The cannibal leaned closer, softly pressing his lips against Will’s parted ones. A chaste kiss that ignored the urge to eat him whole. Hannibal wanted to capture every sound of pain that Will was ready to offer. “Remarkable boy.” Dr. Lecter pushed the blade of the knife deeper into WIll’s stomach, twisting it and sending violent shakes down Graham’s legs. “I think I’ll eat your heart.”

w--graham  asked:

[ Kiss me, Quick! ]

Alana’s lips were like hot iron rods that had been pulled from the fiery pit only seconds prior as they dragged against the sensitive flesh of Will Graham’s throat;  she had started from his jaw line, his scruff against her cheek just briefly scraping the already heated, pinkish skin as her lips had traveled the length of his throat all while her fingers worked to pry the buttons of his flannel button up apart. It was then that her chilled finger tips pressed and positioned themselves at his sternum and glided across the surface of his collar bone— the fabric of his now opened shirt sliding off his shoulders in the course her fingers had guided it. But in the process of doing so, her lips had found his skin again, starting right below his ear lobe and trailing along the curve of his neck, and to the right as they followed his shoulder. Each kiss yearning for more, packed with her hunger for him that built within her core. She needed him within that moment…