[Eng trans]Khuntoria Ep 30 (FULL)(Updated)

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Part 1

Misun: Are they (2pm) practicing? Nichkhun’s hairstyle for I’ll be back is not bad.

Jake: all of them are little brothers. 5 of them.

Vic enters

V: I’m going now

Misun: She prepared something.

Nayoung: wearing shades, she looks like a Hollywood actress but is carrying a black
plastic bag

Junho: She brought a lot of stuff

V’s blackroom: today is 2pm’s comeback stage. Since it is a special day, I wanted to
give him a surprise.

Vic enters Shinee’s waiting room

V: Hello

Shinee: Oh Vic~

V: I brought you some refreshments

Shinee: Oh, really?

Jake: She takes care of her brothers well

Minho: (points to the bag that is meant for N) is that for us too?

V: hehe, isn’t today 2pm’s comeback, so I decided to make N some food. He doesn’t
know that I’m here

Taemin: oh so he doesn’t know you’re here right now (corrects V’s phrasing)

V: Yeah, he doesn’t know

Onew: So you want to give him a surprise? Do you have any ideas?

V: That’s why I’m asking for your help. Sunbaenim (seniors), please help me

Key: that’s the important recording now

V: yeah

Key: you have to ask the manager for a performance fee

V: Don’t be like that^^~ I brought a camcorder, so I’ll be recording the performance
in a while. I’ll be at the side filming Nichkhun

Minho: Like a fan

Key: Film with the filming crew

V: oh yeah, so that he won’t see me right? You guys are indeed smart

V: Do you have a face mask? I brought my shades…otherwise I’ll use something to
wrap around my face

Minho: of course you’ll be recognized

V: Really?

Shinee: It’s your husband

V: How about if I wear a motorbike helmet?

Minho: You came too unprepared, how are we to help you?

V: Hey I bought you guys refreshments already

Key: you should have written in your schedule book

V: you guys are smart, so I just came here to ask for your help

Onew: Minho is closest to them, ask him to go and help you

Minho: Ok, I’ll help you

Key: isn’t Nichkhun’s room empty? so if he suddenly sees a box, opens it and vic-
noona “zangzang” pops out

Minho: Once the performance ends, the members will return to their waiting room
with their staff and managers.

V: because the members will be there, I’ll have to make a pretty entrance

Minho: how about I tell N that his fan is here, that she would like to see N and that
she has something to give to him.

Key: Wouldn’t that lower the surprise factor?

Minho: My plan is to not give a nervous kind of event

2pm shows up on the TV screen…it only shows a bit of Nichkhun’s face

V: oh, they’re up! (the cameraman) please move to one side, (to capture N)

V: aiyoh, where did you go

-the special dance stage-

N appears to be injured a little

the studio: N seems hurt, must be really painful, what to do?

Captions: V’s smile seemed to disappear when she watched how N was in pain

Junho: His waist..he hurt his waist

V’s blackroom: It seemed really tiring…he had to practice it everyday…he even said
he went to the hospital so it must have been really painful. Because this isn’t his
home country, so I thought that by making some of his local Thai food, it will help
give him strength and cheer him up, so I made pad thai.

Nayoung: oh that time (during the honeymoon) didn’t V observe how the locals
made it


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