I wonder in which episode is this gonna be aired in. Guigui doing her first event for Taec in Everland! Frankly, I’ve always felt a little bad for Taec whenever Gui gives him something cause it’s always one of her cute alien merchandises. and he always ends up having to wear them for the sake of the show, hahaha! So this event looks alot less burdensome in comparison :) 

On another note, not sure how true this is, but I’ve came across similar stuff. Fangirl behavioral issues! Anyways, I read somewhere that fans who followed Taec to Everland were shouting bad words and bashing Guigui. And since they knew she couldn’t understand Korean they shouted in English. Laugh out loud. Like, seriously?? Apparently, some Korean/Intl’ fan girls are hating Gui alot. Well, if the Everland bashing even has an ounce of truth in it.. these fangirls are pathetic. I’d feel embarrassed for their behaviour if I were some crew or unknowing tourist who happen to be walking past them. Even though Taec and Gui are possibly already used to being thrown with such rude behaviour from fans or the press.. it’s still quite offensive! 

Here’s making a wild guess that these fangirls were feeling immense territorial pangs over their idol. Cause admit it, it’s easy to feel that way. but STILL. Taecgui were filming. What they were doing is ultimately part of their work. Whether or not you have issues with your Taec oppa developing feelings for a Taiwanese actress– give them some respect, sheesh -.-

Would personally love to see one of these dysfunctional fangirls in action ^ ^