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The next couple has been reveled for the idol season of We Got Married! 

It’s Hara of DOMIN8E and Sehun of Psycho Pie! That takes care of the steamy couple for this season! I’m sure Sehun’s sexy noona will be teaching him all about love and romance - we hear he hasn’t had his first kiss yet! Maybe Hara will teach him about that too? We’ll see how this one unfolds! 

Keep an eye out for more couples coming your way!


Hey netiznes! The third and final couple for the We Got Married! idol season has finally been released! 

It’s Taeyeon of DOMIN8E and Eli of KRC! This looks to be the tough image couple, but are Taeyeon and Eli truly tough offstage? We’ll find out! Look out for the new season of WGM airing this week!