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She’s Cute



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losing your bikini 

embarrassing them

going missing

knowing a lot about Health Care

drummer of a girl group

wanting an abortion

rejecting them

asking to be their fake bf

shy gf acting hyper

your dog constantly taking their food

your crush (girl) not liking you back


WGM panelists: Is Solar alone in her place?

Moonbyul: *speaks*

WGM panelists: (stay silent stay silent STAY THE FUCK SILENT!!!!!!)

Ok, so it may have JUST NOW hit me at how popular Jota is becoming

Like, everyone recognizes him, they all know who he is or have heard of him 

Fellow idols and athletes are recognizing HIM

He is a KNOWN name

I see news of him everywhere

He’s the #1 trending topic on Naver and Daum and least once a week

Professional athletic coaches love him for how good he is. (Coach Cho {who is an Olympic medal winner} from Juto CKOTB praises Jota for his skills, even carrying Jota on his back after Jota won the gold in a Juto competition. Jota cried because he went far into overtime and ended up winning even though he was injured. Coach Cho even told him to “cry all you want” and said that he got goosebumps when Jota started crying on his back. He’s the coach for the Women’s Judo team that is training for the Olympics and they were jealous because he doesn’t show that concern for them. The coaches who helped him train for the Dream Team Vault Special and High Jump Special loved him. The coach from the Vault Special said during another episode that Jota would break the speed finish record of the course they were playing, which he did. The coach for the High Jump Special said he knew Jota would win, and that the record Jota ended up setting wasn’t anywhere near as high as Jota could jump. The coach for the wrestling special that aired last week {August 2nd I believe} said that Jota had a body made for any mixed martial art and that Jota was so good {a member of the national team couldn’t throw him, instead Jota scored a 5 pointer by literally picking up a dude out of his weight class and slamming him on the ground]. And that Jota would only need 6 months of training before he would be good enough to enter into the Olympics.)

Other idols and athletes see him as a threat, a challenge, and admire him for his skills even though he is technically a retired athlete, but he is still not in his prime yet

(not to mention the commentators for every show he is in, esp CKOTB and Dream Team, are obsessed with him. Go watch the Dream Team 10:100 Flag Special if you’re curious)

He is bringing in so many new fans

and he was on Laws of Jungle Tonga and WGM and



I literally can not believe that I’m watching one of my top biases becoming a loved top star.

I know I’m not the only one seeing this happening


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WGM GE S2 E15 <END> Heechul X Puff’s goodbye

Heechul prepared a really beautiful farewell. A photo shoot to make up for his bad choice of wedding photo pick (vampire Heechul). They rode on a bike since Puff wanted to do this when they first met and a super sweet goodbye by both of them at a Planetarium.

Puff cried and he told Heechul she hated him :)

Doctor Stranger review by Ixands@soompi

Hi, I just finish watching DS recently, boy was I late to join the fun…

Reason why I was so late….

~ Reading the synopsis….North Korea…bla bla bla…spy….bla bla bla…another Kings 2 Heart, too heavy for me.. #-o

~ Jin Se Yeon… action/combat/romance…Bridal Mask…Inspiring Generation…dead heroine  :-w 

~ Kang Sora…WGM, cute….Dream High 2  %-(

~ Lee Jong Suk, Park Hae Jin….who??? :-?

~ comments..good drama bad ending-> unsatisfactory ending-> sucks ending~ me  ^#(^

But I still curious abt the drama since I heard it won many awards & good critics, asked a friend, told me it’s actually a happy ending though not with the couple she favours…

So, I watched…cudnt stop watching…finished it in 2 days marathon…Lesson learn - Dont trust synopsis too much….NEVER read comments before watching

Unlike those comments that made me reluctant to watch, I really love the ending. For me its one of the most clean & well executed ending that tell a story of a pair of lovers who’s been tru hell & back again…The ending also wrap up other characters story nicely…

Honestly I dun understand why some making a huge deal abt the ending just becos PH ends up with the love of his life, SJH @ HSH. I mean from beginning to the end tho there were  2 couples, there’s only one love story. PH & JH’s…

From the young, sweet romance to tragic love, and eventually their love turn  into a mature, selfless love. Although both were brutally separated, meeting again by chance 5 years later, once again they both share the suspense yet thrilling & romantic bike ride tru the city of Budapest before they were once again tragically separated. 

All thru the years PH never once stray from his sweetheart, missing her in despair, trying all his might to look for her.

As for the other couple, HJJ & OSH, it was the girl who betrayed the relationship. Regardless what his initial intention HJJ never mistreat her while they were dating. And along the way he falls in love with OSH for real.

To me OSH is the one who’s unfaithful to love. She’s not a competent doctor to begin with but has an easy ride with a hospital’s director father & very skill head surgeon bf. However she thinks highly of herself, even her dad knows it & try to transfer her to the mgt side. Then later for the competition surgeon bf promised her to be his assistant during surgery but director dad hinted that HJJ needs to appoint a more capable doctor becos its not a show him but other people. So when bf surgeon decided to chg his assistant she threw tantrums & sulk, refused to join bf’s team surgery. 

Came along a talented, young & handsome surgeon who desperate need staff, she’s ready to throw away her bf. Watching from there on, there’s never a time PH show any interest on her as a woman nor does he ever lead her on. All along he thought she’s the head surgeon’s gf, which one reason he’s more comfortable with her. He never even think of her during his free time on personal basis. At most she’s just a co-worker, a junior & a friend, and she weight no more importance in PH’s life than Nurse Min does. In his life there’s only his love JH, his mom & CY. However OSH crash into PH’s life & poke her nose everywhere, much to PH’s annoyance. He made himself clear to her that he’s not interested in her, yet she not only interferes, but also defying orders that almost cause a life just for her own selfish reason.

She probe into his home & personal stuff despite him telling her not to come & when finding him with JH she acted as if she’s the victim. its okay for her to hurt her bf HJJ, but she went ballistic seeing PH with his own gf JH. For heaven sake OSH is not his anything, she’s just being in love all by herself, but she keep poking into PH’s love life. Even if HSH isnt JH, what is it to her if PH dates HSH? Even CY has more importance in PH’s life but she knows better than to interfere, Again PH impatiently told her to mind her own business. Of cos later after he cool off he begins to worry, not so much on OSH’s feeling but more that OSH wud expose HSH’s real identity to the authority that he went looking for her to talk and calm her down

As for HSH & PH, I love the checking out the heartbeat hug, then the look PH gave HSH/JH for assurance, support, approval etc. At time he looks like a cute puppy wanting JH to pat his head when he did sumthing great. JH wud always happy to cheer for him in their secret way until the time she decided PH wud be better off without her & she tried to pair him off with OSH. But of cos PH knows her to well that he catch on real fast..

As for HJJ, say he’s an evil whatever but I think he still is a good man with conscience despite his motive to avenge his parents death. I really think OSH is one very lucky girl that he accept her back again in the end without question. But at times I do pity OSH. She’s a nice girl most of the time & a hardworking one too, however despite hes nosy quack everywhere she was still clueless to the end abt the President surgery & the premier gunshot that followed by emergency surgery done on by PH & JH

So to me, I’m very satisfy with the ending. Although they didnt make it clear but they leave clues everywhere…PH & JH fall into the river, Mr President help them as he promised but he did it very discreetly, sending JH back to China as refugee to resolve her 2 identities before bringing her back legally to SK. HJJ return from US, assuming he will return to MR hospital & OSH return back to him