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“Look at him strut, like he’s so cool, with that goofy look on his face and his stupid brown hair,” I muttered watching Daryl near the campsite carrying two jugs of water. Carol raised her eyebrow at me and I frowned still watching the younger Dixon near.
“And his dumb redneck vocabulary, big ass crossbow carrying, no good for nothing… well that’s a lie but you know what I mean!” I said outloud and Carol chuckled and looked at me.
“Sweety, if you like him go talk to him.”
“I don’t like him!” I snapped at her and she laughed while the blood flowed to my head causing me to go bright red. 
“Whatever, you need some rough lovin’ and Daryl’s the guy that’ll help you with that. Come on, I see you two sneakin’ peaks at each other,” she says and I grunt but watch Daryl as he comes up to us.
“Got some fresh water from a nearby stream, one of you want to go back with me and get some more since we’re running low?” Carol gave me a push towards him and I almost stumbled, I glared back at her.
“Alright, let’s go sunshine,” he told me before dropping the two jugs for Carol to take care of and we grabbed empty ones.
“Have fun you two,” Carol called back towards us as we walked off. 

Our walk wasn’t too long before we got to a stream in the forest. It was a small open clearing and the sun streamed through openings through the trees. It was warm outside and when I bent down to put my hands in the water it felt soothing.
“So you think I’m a dumb redneck with vocabulary problems huh?” Daryl asked me and I felt myself blush.

“What?” I asked dumbfound hoping he hadn’t heard me earlier. But alas.
“I heard you talkin’ to Carol, you got a problem with my prononciations?”
“No… well… I just…”
“Well, you ain’t perfect either princess.”
“I ain’t a princess ya punk!”
“Now I’m a punk huh?” he said standing up and towering over me slightly.
“Yeah, a smelly one too, you big-” he grabbed me by my jacket and pulled me towards him, his lips crashing into mine and holding me close against his warm body. He didn’t let go for a few seconds, and when he did I almost fell backwards. I looked him in his grey mesmerizing eyes and couldn’t find any words to say, so instead I grabbed onto his jacket and kissed him again, firmly and full of desire. I could feel him smile and I pulled away.
“You knew,” I muttered.
“That you’ve been watching me like a hawk?” he asked with a grin but still looking deep into my eyes.
“You’re the one who started throwing glances,” I remarked and he shook his head and chuckled.
“So I can’t look at you?” he asked and I blushed.
“Hell, at this point you can do whatever you want to me.” He tilted his head with interest.
“Maybe I will.”

Carl Being Fluffy

Anon asks : Can you do a really fluffy carl imagine pleas? Thank you :)

Carl Grimes was your boyfriend before the apocalypse, and he was still your boyfriend now. You really loved him and you knew he really loved you. Today it was your birthday and Carl was trying to make this day special to you. He was always trying to not make you work a lot. You were really thankful to Carl since he makes this day a really good one. You were now in your cell that you shared with Carl, relaxing in his arms. He was playing with your hair while telling you sweets words like babe, honey, sweetheart, etc. You and Carl never had your first kiss but today he was going to change that “ I still have one gift for you “ he tells you. You look at him “ What is it ? “. He bent down and kisses you softly on the lips. After few seconds, he stops the kiss. You smiled. You weren’t expecting that but you loved it. You heard someone whistle and clap in hands. You look and saw Daryl “ Congratulations! It was beautiful “ he said. You were sure that you were red “ Come on Daryl, leave the lovebirds together “ you heard Carol says. Daryl smiled and left with Carol, leaving you and Carl red like tomatoes

Breaking Up with Gareth and Ending With Rick

Anon asks : Hm, Well I suppose a gareth x reader type. Starting before the apocalypse then during it? Thank you xx

Hope you’ll like it, it’s long.. very long and I kinda add few things :)

You and Gareth had a child, a boy named Caleb. He was three years old. You and Gareth were married for seven years. You were pregnant of eight months of a baby girl. You and Gareth were happy to have another child.

One day, you were taking care of Caleb when you felt your water broke. Gareth was outside. You quickly get up and say to Caleb to go search Gareth. He ran outside while you were taking the bag that was close to the door. You walk outside, lock the door and enter the car. Gareth drives to the hospital while you were calling your mom. You told her you were in labor and that you were all on your way to the hospital. She answers you that she was coming. Few minutes later, you were on a hospital bed, waiting to give birth. Few hours later, your baby girl was born.

It’s been now five years you gave birth to Laila and now you were in a apocalypse of zombies with your husband and your children. You were protecting your children first. Gareth was protective to all of you and his brother Alex either. Mary, was paying attention to your health. One day, you had a fight with Gareth about the fact that he is eating people “ Do you want our children to take this habitude hen, do you want them to kill human just to eat them “ you practically scream at your husband “ But babe, it’s to survive “ he tells you “ I. Don’t. Want. My. Children. To. Eat. Humans. Understood ? “ you tell him “ (y/n)… “ he try to say but you leave the room in a angry mood.

Few days later, you were preparing yourself to leave the Terminus with your children, when you heard new voices, probably new people who were going to be killed to finish in your husband stomach. No. They weren’t going to be killed. You were going to help them. You were tired of Gareth attitude. You went outside, with your gun and you saw the four new people, three boys and a girl. The two adult men were kinda pretty. Nobody saw you, except of the guy in front of a crossbow. He looks at you and you gave him a reassuring look. You take your gun and shoot the men who were armed. Gareth turns and saw you. All of the men were dead. You were a pretty good shooter. “ (y/n) ? Why have you done that “. The three boys and the girl took back their weapons pointing at Gareth. The little boy, who was probably aged of 14, was pointing at you but the crossbow man told him that you were a good person, well it was maybe like that because the little boy stop pointing at you, pointing back at Gareth. “ I’m tired of you attitude Gareth, I’m SICK of it ! “ you scream. You saw Caleb and Laila coming “ Mommy, what are you doing “ you heard Caleb says “ We’re leaving baby, wait here, I’m coming with these persons and we’ll leave “ you saw not looking at your son still looking at Gareth “ You can’t leave (y/n), you can’t leave “ “ Well that’s what I’ll do “ you say. Gareth took his gun from his pants and points it at you. You heard your children gasp “ No daddy “ Laila said. You heard the sound of a gun charging. You were going to die and being eat. That’s what you tough until you heard a gunshot and saw Gareth letting go of his weapon. It was the little boy who shoot. You heard a guy shot again and saw Gareth falling. You first tough he was dead but no, he was only hurt. He wasn’t able to move anymore so you, your children and the four people, left to go inside take you thing and leave. When you enter, you saw guards trying to shoot the people but you kill them. When you had all your things you left with the people “ Thanks for saving us of that guy, Gareth “ a guy say. He had blue eyes, curly hairs and a beard “ Your welcome, he was crazy anyway “ you say “ Wasn’t he your husband ? “ the guy asks again “ Yeah…but it’s been a while that I was preparing my escape with my children “ you tell him. He nods and after a while of walking he says “ I think we can all be agree that you three can be in our group “. The others you delivered were all agreeing. That girl, Michonne, was also agreed, Carl, the little boy, was also agreed and Daryl, that pretty guy was agreed too. You smile and thanks them “ I’m (y/n), my son Caleb, eight years old and my daughter Laila, five years old “ you say. Rick smiles.

Few months later, you and Rick get to know each other. One day while you were taking care of Judith, he enters “ Hey (y/n), I was wondering if I could talk to you “ “ Sure “ you say “ I know you lost your husband, and you know I lost my wife few months ago but.. I love you, I don’t know if you feel the same but… I was in need to tell you “ he says. You smiled. You loved Rick, who doesn’t. “ I love you too Rick “ you says smiling. He smiles and kiss you.