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Can you do an imagine where y/n and Norman go to your ultrasound of your baby

You sat with Norman in the waiting room clutching his hand as you smiled in excitement

“We get to see our baby Norm” you laughed, he chuckled along with you

“Yes we do babe” you both sat in silence the happiness almost over brimming as you waited to be called on.

It was another 10 minutes before a doctor walked out with a patient before looking down at the chart he was holding

“Y/N” you almost jumped like you were in a trance

“Yes thats me” standing you pulled Norman behind you as the doctor lead you into a room

“Could you please get up on to the bed and lean back for me” you nodded climbing up onto the bed you smiled at Norman as you leaned back he lent forward to press a kiss to your fore head, you gripped his hand as you waited.

The nurse entered the room with a rolling tray you smiled at the nurse as she looked up, she smiled in return as she approached the both of you on the opposite side of the bed.

“Hello hun” the nurse smiled

“excited?” you nodded gripping Normans hand

“Okay could you pull up your shirt and i’ll apply the gel” you nodded pulling up the shirt smiling at the small bump already apparent

“okay this will be a little cold” you murmured you flinched as the cold gel was applied to your bump. You looked up as the doctor walked through the door smiling

“Ready” you nodded as they approached

“okay this have a look at your baby” you smiled as she pressed the machine to your stomach focusing on your baby bump you watched the screen hand still gripping Normans as you both watched

“There you go” the doctor announced, pointing out to a blurred but apparent shape visible on the screen

“Oh my god” you gasped staring at the screen you felt Normans smiled against your head as he looked as well.


“Welcome to Bates Motel!”

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Can u do a imagine where people from the set of the walking dead come to the hospital to see yours and Normans new baby thanks I love your imagines Ty for writing them

You were sitting in your bed your baby curled in your arms as you watched them sleep Norman was laying next to you on his side a hand slowly stroking your side as he watched as well, a quiet knock caused you to lock up only to smile when you found some of Normans cast mates and crew members from the walking dead.

Norman moved from your side quietly smiling as he enveloped Andy and Steven in a hug and then Greg after that, you giggled as you sat up a little and then beckoned them over they all stepped over quietly and paused at the edge of the bed as you moved the baby out so they could see them. Every body sort of awed at the same time all leaning in for a closer look and they all stepped back when you offered for them to hold.

You chuckled at the alarmed looks on their faces as you asked again

“C’mon guys they don’t bite” Andy stepped forward first scooping them into his arms and rocking them

“They’re so sweet” you smiled

“Yeah we did a good job” Norman had perched next to you on the bed again and sort of half chuckled half snored.

You smiled as Andy passed  the baby onto Steven who looked awkward but seemed to be enjoying holding them and then Steven passed on to Greg who smiled and rocked them

“You both did a great job” you smiled as Greg handed them back to you just as they started getting upset

“Don’t worry she’s just hungry” you murmured moving so you could get them to start feeding you looked up as Andy started speaking again

“We’ll come visit in a couple of days okay” you smiled

“See you soon and thanks for visiting”