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when you go extra full out for your last run thru of the night and staff goes “I KNOW you all can do better than that mess, so set up for another one” even though it’s already past time for rehearsal to end


5/100 days of productivity
i’ve literally been so busy with winterguard and performing at disney over spring break i’ve been beside myself with taking notes and i’ve missed a few days of school but i’m all caught up now!! and winterguard is over (we made finals at wgi!!) so i’ll have more time to stress over grades lol :)
anyway these are biology notes, classification was a few days ago but today i made them look fancy, and the human body is our new chapter

mellojellochan  asked:

Omg I was in color guard for four years! How long have you been in it/participated? What did you learn? I've learned flag, rifle, and saber! Do you have a favorite? I like dance and flag the most. Do you compete in a regional circuit like TECA or have you competed in WGI? This is so cool man!

I’ve been doing it for a short while, about a year and a half now, but I like rifle the best. Dance is fun too, and flag is pretty, but rifle is so complex. Yes, we do compete regionally though!


“What you think will happen when you try a new trick vs. what really happens”


pulse bass
(feat. zakklikesquads’s butt)

if you missed it, here’s the side view of their feature at the WGI Regional at Valencia HS

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