cymbals appreciation post

because we’re not real instruments or that “anyone can play the cymbals”

also because we’re the only alive cymbal line in my school district. 

day one on the job? i couldn’t raise my arms after. cymbals aren’t light to the extent of holding them up for extended periods of time and crashing and such. if you don’t believe me, try doing scarecrows. not fun. mine weigh about 5 pounds each, but when you’re holding hi-hats for snares, it’s 10 pounds on one hand. do this while marching in time, backwards in parades. some cymbals weigh more, too, and they make them look so light. 

look at their toned arms, and the insane visuals they do. 

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going along with “anyone can play the cymbals, its just like banging pots and pans together” but not. it isn’t. we tried teaching multiple people who were like “cymbals are so easy” the cadence with visuals and they couldn’t after a minute. 

ok but everyone in cymbal line has huge bruises on their arm and on their stomachs because they accidentally pinch themselves crashing, doing hi-hat snaps, and sliding. i have some near my underarm area from choking crashes too.

cymbals are amazing instruments. they are just as important as any other instrument in pit, drum line, and the band.

(^ hella rad video scv cymbal line video and insane visuals ^)

things that annoy color guard members

-when the wind takes your flag to the other side of the football field
-when it rains and your silk gets heavy and sticks to your body/your weapon slides right out of your hands
-when you order new gloves and you have to break them in and until then you can’t squeeze
-when your flag comes untaped in the middle of flag block
-when your friend’s flag comes untaped in the middle of flag block
-when it’s windy and you’re holding a pose or something and your flag makes the “whoop whoop whoop whoop” sound
-when your instructor says “one more time” (lie)
-when you tell people you’re in color guard and they’re like “oh cool my friend is in rotc”
-when you tell people you’re in drum corps and they say “i didn’t know you play the drums”
-when you have to wear performance blacks because your uniform isn’t ready yet
-when it’s hot outside and your uniform is 72829922 layers
-when it’s cold outside and your uniform is very revealing
-glove tans