jughead doesn’t have an answer         


jughead drinks his morning coffee       


jughead comforts a friend                    


jughead sells drugs to local teens        


jughead becomes an archeologist


jughead has a theory about the killer and turns out he’s right


jughead finally has a place to live with his best friend


Bughead kissed. Jughead choked on his words before he kissed her. Betty was like “BOy SPIT IT OUT.” I am not okay. The anti-bughead people are kinda making me mad, like you are aloud to not like something but why hate on it once it already has happened? Idk, its just annoying. 

I was already risen LMAOO

Honestly think I’m gonna re-watch the kiss scene just to see Jughead choke on his words because it made the kiss seem so much more genuine and pure. 

This episode was actually really good and I was interested. Some one is definitely trying to set up Jughead or something.

sitting next to you (means stealing your food)

read on ao3

pairing: Betty/Jughead

summary: They’d think Archie was the one that glued them all together, but Betty and Jughead were connected through food and misfortune.Or the one where Betty and Jughead share food.

“Hey Juggie,” the cheerful voice calls out to him. A six-year-old Betty Cooper is standing behind a small table on her front lawn, with a jar of pink lemonade and plastic cups. “Wanna buy my lemonade?”

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