Ike Concept Art

[4] Ike’s initial weapon “Ettard.” Though often overshadowed by Ragnell, you can see the delicate features of the sword and belt’s design here.

[6] The divine sword Ragnell. Aside from the golden blade, it shares its design with the divine sword Alondite.

[5] Three views of Ike as a “Hero.” His physique and equipment has gotten bigger, but his bandana is the same one from three years ago.

[7] Three views as a “Vanguard.” His armor and equipment has become more splendorous. His cape is more fluid, too.

Scans, translations, and edits by Kantopia

Honestly think I’m gonna re-watch the kiss scene just to see Jughead choke on his words because it made the kiss seem so much more genuine and pure. 

This episode was actually really good and I was interested. Some one is definitely trying to set up Jughead or something.


Is it possible to make an epic sci-fi trailer/music video from a sitcom? 
Yes. Yes it is.

(Shout out to the tumblr people who suggested action scenes. Special shout out for @thisiswhyilovecakemorethanpeople for putting up with my screaming and watching my drafts.)