My new WFXPDL button-downs arrived today, after what felt like eons but was actually three days! I tried them on as soon as I got home (‘scuse the weird dark pictures, my lamp broke) and boy oh boy, are these magical or what!

Not only do they look hella spiffy (and kind of make me feel like my dad? Not a bad thing) but they actually fit. Buying shirts (/anything) is generally the worst but these are on point. The sleeves get a little short when I stretch my (weirdly long) arms out but that’s about the only thing I could manage to scrounge up a small complaint about, so I think I’m good.

They’re lightweight enough to wear on their own in early fall and then layer up when it gets colder, but unfortunately the temps are hitting 90° again tomorrow so I don’t think I’ll be able to take any of these for a spin until the weekend. You can bet that when the weather allows, however, these are going to be in heavy rotation. The WF crew also hooked me up with some dope suspenders that I’m looking forward to sporting as well. Photos to follow, duh.

All that remains is figuring out how to fit the remaining 5 WFXPDL styles into my budget, because I need that to happen.

(PS that bottom pic is me trying to figure out if I’m as cool as dese tomboys yet… still workin on it.)