Title: winter falls and warms the heart: chapter 2
Recipient: demonfoxgirl

It’s not that she was possessive. Carmilla was her own woman, and really, people don’t own people, and anyone who’d feel otherwise were just really wrong. It’s just that it rubbed her the wrong way, the possibility that the people here didn’t know Carmilla was dating her (which was pretty high, since she’s pretty sure she didn’t know 95% of the people in this room even existed until now). //Prompt: Laura and Carmilla dancing the waltz in Victorian costumes.

Notes:  For tumblruser demonfoxgirl! A Carmilla Holidays 2014 production. (I’m sorry it took me so long!!! I’m really bad at getting motivated to write haha)(also the quality of my chapter 1 discouraged me lmao but i like this one significantly better)

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