Kris Nations Makes A Splash This Summer With Exquisite Jewelry For Back To School

Along the 1-highway off the central coast of California is a small town called, Half Moon Bay. A place where sun and sand mix with the offshore breeze to engulf you mind, body, and soul. I took a trip up the coast last year and had the chance to visit Half Moon Bay and it’s unlike any other place in California. Everything from the bohemian-beachy cottages to the laid-back vibe of the town is every artists’ dream come true. It’s a place where once you visit, you can’t help but leave a piece of yourself behind, and you take a piece of Half Moon Bay with you when you leave. A town that leaves just as big an impression on you as the residents and artists that live there.  It’s also home to the jewelry duo Kris and Kim Nations. Sisters, who started their company Kris Nations, not long ago.

And it is this unique jewelry brand that has captivated my heart and my pocket book. The sisters unique designs, simplistic and subtle have a way of grabbing you from first glance. The designs are not overly ornate, yet manage to blend complex and organic designs into pieces that you will want to wear every day of the week, everywhere you go and never want to take off. Having been lucky enough to review a few pieces from their latest collection, truth be told, it was difficult to give these stunning pieces back. If we could have, I would have kept every single handmade ring, bracelet and stud earrings they sent us.

Each design is stunning and can stand alone on its own. When worn together, Kris Nations delivers complete jewelry looks that will take your style from bland to OOTD in no time. Kris Nations is a brand that every woman, teen, and girl need to have in her arsenal of jewelry go-tos.

When you take a look at the jewelry, upon first glance you are immediately transfixed, from the way each item is packaged to the beautiful stones and details that make up each piece. You want to pick-up each item, hold it in your hand, put it on and never take them off. That said, I was thrilled to receive each item and even more excited to share the brand with all of you.

The first item I tried on and totally fell in love with was the Dulce Montezuma Cuff; I received it in gold with a black diamond in the center. (I wore this bracelet for three days straight, only removing it to shower and sleep). Stunning in its design, and the subtle sparkle when the light touched the diamond created the perfect pop making it one of my very favorite pieces. I stacked this bracelet with its sister bracelet, the Dulce Montezuma Cuff in gold with the Pacific Opal as the center stone. Gorgeous! I received so many compliments on the bracelets. I would recommend wearing one or more, and you can wear them to work, out on a date or just hanging with your friends. The Dulce Montezuma Cuff is a WFTR favorite. Shop it HERE.

Then, I didn’t think love-at-first-sight was possible, but apparently, I was wrong because the Classic Stacked Arc Rings are perfect. Delicate, trendy and beautiful. You can wear them to any event and know you will be sporting unique pieces that embody a bohemian-chic design while remaining classic in gold. Snag the Arcs right HERE.

The same can be said for the Stacking Rings. A set of 3 gold and delicately hammered rings add that touch of something different, unique and to put it mildly…I wore these rings every day for a week. They’re perfect in every single way. Simple, yet refined and a touch edgy. I love them, and you will too, they’re perfect for heading back to school and make a great gift for yourself or for someone you love. Get them HERE.

Last but certainly not least, are some Kris Nation’s staples known for their stud earrings and unique state-pride necklaces I was thrilled when I received a pair of the Circle Stud Earrings. I wore them for a week; I received so many compliments on them and everyone wanted to know where I got them. They’re a Kris Nation’s steal at $35.00 and the best part about these earrings is that they are made from recycled brass and plated in sterling silver or 14k gold. And attached to sterling silver posts. I wore the gold ones, and I couldn’t have been happier. I only wish I had a few pairs of my own. I think these babies are totally affordable and on-trend it’s a crime to not own at least one pair. You can grab them HERE.

With that said, Kris Nation’s is the best-kept jewelry brand you’ve never heard of but should know. Not just because you are supporting a small business, but because Kris and Kim design with heart and deliver a line that is meant to be touched, meant to be shared and most importantly meant to be loved. I hope you’ll shop their collection and if you are ever in Half Moon Bay, I hope you’ll ask around in some of the local boutiques I’m sure they will carry a few Kris Nations pieces. And if you are lucky, take a moment to enjoy the simplistic and beautiful setting of the town, I’m sure it will remind you of the brand, the way it reminds me.

On a WftR bender

I’ve spent the past couple days focusing on WftR, since it’s easier to execute than Gamma. I’ve mostly been doing UI stuff and expanding the engine for network play. I did it in engine rather than in WftR itself because I’m considering a cooperative server-based mode for Gamma. Sort of like Minecraft multiplayer, where the server that hosts the world can be on a dedicated computer, and players simply log in to the server to get up to wacky antics. I considered this as an option given that I was already planning on having multiple characters in single player all occupy the same world instance. There can be an option to reset the world, but that would delete all the characters. This is for one so that it doesn’t take up so much hard drive space; a world is going to be a lot of data. Secondly it’s to incentivize tenacity; if it takes a while to reset the world for a fresh start, players will be more likely to stick it out with whatever character they roll, rather than scumming for their favorite option.

Currently WftR has some of the menu and lobby screens worked out for back end functionality; I’ve still got to get some shitty placeholder art in there until I can get someone with actual talent doing my art for me. Right now I’ve got the interface for character creation, which is based on a Warhammer-esque points system. You invest points in stats, equipment, and perks, and leftover points become your gold at game start. There are some items that you can’t get with points in loadout creation, you can only get them in game. However, reaching a place where you can buy items will hopefully be difficult, so having a good early game loadout is also valuable. Right now my balance is entirely untested, since all I have is logic and no actual play testing, so expect some of these details to change in the future.

Not much else going on right now, I’m trying to recruit some more guys that’ll actually do work. I can’t do this entirely on my own. We’ll see how that goes.


Manic Panic Teams Up With Nicole Richie’s House of Harlow for Pop-Up Shop

July 3rd brought a POP of color to The Grove with the original punk-rock brand, Manic Panic. A brand widely used by the likes of Fernanda Ly, Katy Perry, Kesha and others teamed with Nicole Richie’s House of Harlow to bring joy to all. With a unique pop-up shop, Grove goers could purchase a piece from the House of Harlow collection and receive a pop-of-color from Manic Panic. The pop-up ushered in a wave of color and glam to customers. Shoppers were gifted with a choice of either Pink Cadillac or Pastel, Ma Belle!  to take home. Note: The Pop-up is running from July 3rd-19th 

Both brands were received with open arms as beauty babes, bloggers, and fashion lovers rejoiced. Having been a huge fan of Manic Panic, the Bellomo sisters and HoH since its launch in 2009, we couldn’t refuse and when we were offered to review Manic Panic’s full lip collection and hair dye we were thrilled.

Manic Panic’s unique style and marketing tact make it a brand worth flaunting. With unique product names especially like those in their latest Lethal Collection such as; Atomic Turquoise, Kiss of Death, Naked Under Leather, Vampire’s Kiss, White Witch, Starry Night, Deadly Nightshade and Bad Boy Blue play into the current youth market. That said, product names aren’t the only reason we can’t stop panicking over this POPular brand. With colors and hues that span the complete rainbow, it’s enough to get any color-loving, pop-junky, and beauty blogger’s pulse running. You literally want to change your lipstick color every hour and with this many shades to choose from, why not? Prices for a single stick of Lethal Lipstick run roughly $15.00 a tube, so it’s not that cheap. But, the colors are rich enough that you can apply once in the morning and ensure that the color will last well through lunch and into the afternoon with minimal reapplying required.

I love the lipsticks so much that I’ve been hoarding the lot in my purse and makeup drawer, it’s become quite the issue with my boy as he’s made a few remarks concerning my “lipstick problem” as he refers to it. That said, currently, I’m wearing the Glamourose, (which is a deep purple/fuschia color) and I blend it with Naked Under Leather (a pale nude color). It really brightens and adds a subtle pink undertone to the darker shade. I find that I only have to reapply it once and the color lasts about 5 to 6 hours between each application. The lipsticks come in three textures from creamy to matte, and opalescent. Naked Under Leather has a creamier texture while Glamourose is a bit more matte.

Having been gifted with so many to choose from I suspect, I’ll be changing out my lipstick quite often. Maybe even giving a few away on our Instagram page. Lipstick aside, we were also sent some great hair dye to use. I’ve been waiting for my current color to fade a bit before trying to apply some new color. But, that doesn’t mean the colors we were sent should go unused which is why we’ll be giving away one or two on our Instagram as well. For those that don’t know, Manic Panic is a vegan based beauty brand, so you don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals or products being tested on animals. It’s cruelty-free and fabulous for a flawless look every time. Hair dye prices very but, the Amplified bottles of color cost on average, $17.30 per bottle, whereas the Dye Hard temporary tubes of color cost about $4.99. Not bad for a temporary dye job.

To learn more about Manic Panic we encourage you to visit their website. Get social and follow them on Instagram and Twitter. 

We give Manic Panic an overall brand review score of 8.5/10

Lipstick Review 9/10

Hair Dye Inconclusive - (product has not been tested, yet)

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Enter The World Of Martin Cruz

Human trafficking is an issue in the U.S. that many people don’t like thinking about, and some don’t even know is a problem. However, human trafficking is a very real issue in America, and many women suffer at the hands of this masked problem. It’s an issue that needs to be addressed and one that desperately needs funding. Because it’s such an underserved issue bringing light to this subject matter is difficult, with many Americans turning a blind-eye to the issue. Not because they don’t want to believe it happens but, because they simply don’t know it happens.  All of that is about to change thanks to one brand. Martin Cruz is a brand trying to make a difference and to help bring relief to those women.

Founder and CEO of Martin Cruz, Pablo I. Pilpe believes with the right awareness and funding the brand can finally make a difference in the world.

I know it sounds cliche, but it is our ultimate goal to be able to leave a legacy behind through our unique view of fashion. As we see it, when a customer purchases one of our pieces the investment is not in the accessory, but the people that will benefit from the profits created by the purchase of the accessory. Much like fair trade and world relief, Martin Cruz believes in people.  We believe that all people should have the opportunity to get an education to have a trade and be able to provide the basic necessities to their families. Through the purchase of these products, our customers are supporting rescued victims of human trafficking and their families. Martin Cruz invests in people, not materials. We offer a personal touch with every piece of jewelry, a craft with every gem, and a story with every collection.”

With the goal to use their jewelry line as a means to help the world. Martin Cruz has one mission: to make the world a safer, better place. This philanthropic brand believes in the power of charity and the importance of responsibility. “Our Jewelry is designed to empower those who wear it and to help those who make it.” to start the brand will be donating 15% of specific bracelet sales and 5% of general sales to the Nominetwork, an organization designed to help women recover from human trafficking.

Their partnership with Nomi Network does more than just provide money for women recovering from human trafficking and bring awareness to human trafficking issues in America.the brand is also working towards employing women who were once human trafficking victims. Giving them a chance to work both to help themselves, and to help bring meaningful and beautiful jewelry into the world.

However, doing so has been a challenge for the young brand. “Handmade jewelry is a difficult market. It can be troublesome to balance between the crafty, and expensive.”

Yet, Martin Cruz stands behind their designs promoting them as fashionable and stylish. “We work to keep them updated so that, as the wearer, you can afford to stay in fashion.”

When asked about why the brand was founded, Pablo Pilpe said, "Accessories have always fascinated me. I worked for a European fashion watch company for a few years. That experience made me see that when you buy a piece of jewelry or a watch you buy more than the accessory you buy a piece of a culture, you buy something that identifies you and shows a bit of your personality.  Handmade jewelry takes this concept even further because every piece has its own imperfections that make them unique.”  

And they’ve made some great progress. Having only been in production for a little over a year, with a full up-and-running website, plus the brand has gone through testing and reception phases, taking into account customer reactions. They’ve also started advertising and have branched out through various social media platforms engaging their customers through targeted campaigns and reasonable pricing. That said, they’ve also managed to team with notable bloggers and press. The brands reception has been met with warm reviews and open arms.

In speaking with Daniel Pilpe, (Partner and VP of Operations) “Our product is a lifestyle, a culture, and a fashion. The product is more than an accessory, it is a statement. Martin Cruz is a bold movement during a time where small revolutions are lost in the white noise.”  and as the brand moves forward they’re hopes are high for the expansion and success of Martin Cruz. They’ve been working diligently to launch 20 new models for Summer 2015 and have 10 models that will be released for this year’s winter collection.

Martin Cruz jewelry can be purchased directly online through the company’s website. When asked if the brand had a motto, Pablo said, “We recently decided to focus more on pearls. We haven’t yet settled on a motto but for now we are using “Think Pearls, Think Martin Cruz”.’

Not bad for a company who’s only been in business slightly over a year. When the brand approached us about working together, we couldn’t have been happier to support their mission and cause. Seeing first hand the detail and craftsmanship that goes into each piece of Martin Cruz jewelry, has made it easy to say, this is a brand with heart. From the delicate needlework on the packaging, (the brand handstitched our name into the muslin pouch that the jewelry came in. See our Instagram for a picture), to the beautifully hand-selected pearls that make up each piece. Martin Cruz is delivering jewelry, to the world in a unique and beautiful way.

With prices starting out at roughly $60.00 for the Turquoise and Pearl bracelet, seen below. You can own a piece of Martin Cruz Jewelry and help others while doing so. We encourage you to shop the collection. Questions, comments or would like to learn more about the brand? Engage with them socially, follow @Martincruzworld on Instagram and Twitter.

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When Fashion and Film Collide

This week we take a look at two industries, when they stand on their own are equally powerful, but what happens when we combine the fashion and film industries? WFTR contributing writer, Brittany Pearlman takes a closer look, When Fashion and Film Collide.  

Fashion and film have always intertwined as art forms. They inform on each other as they both continue to push the limits of creativity into a new generation of shock and wonder. So it’s no surprise when ingénue’s of both industries collaborate to create a hybrid kind of art. No, the surprise isn’t that these creative people are collaborating; it’s what they’re creating that inspires and awes audiences and fans alike.

There’s a long-standing tradition in the film industry of asking designers to outfit an entire cast or at least a leading role with an entire ensemble for a film, but unless your name is Audrey Hepburn and your personal stylist is the original Givenchy, it’s rarely a newsworthy collaboration. But what happens when you combine a sci-fi thriller with one of the most sophisticated and respected houses of fashion like Armani? And then what happens when you learn that the designer is not going to design otherworldly creations for the male and singular lead of the film Elysium, Matt Damon, but rather his arch nemesis of the film, played by a woman: Jodi Foster?

The dystopian film breaks several norms in terms of roles of power and casting choices— using a recently out Jodi Foster presents an entirely new perspective on powerful women and how they interact on the screen with audiences, a message with even more punch when packed with the fact that Armani, the leading designer of suits for men, is designing a futuristic and predominantly suit-centric wardrobe for the Oscar winner. We’re not exactly sure what the target or intended fashion-motivated message is here, but we can’t wait to find out once this film arrives in theaters on August 9.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, a favorite LA-based fashion house, Rodarte, is borrowing one of Hollywood’s most respected sci-fi/ fantasy heroes of all time: Elijah Wood. Longtime friend of Rodarte’s duo designers, Kate and Laura Mulleavy, Wood, will star in an upcoming short film, This Must Be the Only Fantasy, showcasing the summer ’13 collection of medieval-fantasy themed designs. Also starring supermodel Guinevere van Seenus and Sidney Williams, the film will follow a “mystical journey complete with a nefarious cloaked horseman, young hooligans who are not who they appear to be and a white unicorn.“(The Hollywood Reporter)


This is not the first fashion crossover film from the Mulleavy sister act. They have previously collaborated with photographer, Todd Cole, who is also working on this project, and stars like Elle Fanning and Natalie Portman. The film will be airing on Vice-owned website, The Creators Project, tonight Wednesday, August 7.

               (Elijah Wood - Still taken from - The Creators Project)  

So as it turns out, there really is no definitive line between fashion and film, only a very complex spectrum. At the end of the day there is only art and beauty, and as these two collaborations prove, there seems to be no shortage in sight.

Brittany Pearlman for Wordsfromtherunway 


Here is some of our interview with Designer - Jason Andaya of Andaya online. Check it out now. 


August, 27th 2012 

This past week I had the time of my life. I spent the week in Las Vegas covering WWD/MAGIC/S.l.a.t.e./Project/Pool tradeshows. As some of you may or may not know in addition to running WFTR I am also the Managing Editor for We had three photo booths running all week long. One was held at S.l.a.t.e. on the second floor and the other two were held in North Hall. Here’s an image of myself and some of the LAFM team from Day1: 


           |Pictured above: Laura_Lily, Steven__Strozza, Dana Elizabeth of (lafm/wftr) |

you can check out the site by clicking the link above. This week kept me busy running around, not only did I conduct several on camera interviews with some amazing designers, but I was also interviewed on You can listen to the radio broadcast by visiting the site later this week. I will also post a link once it goes live. Below is a picture of Csaba Fikker (Owner and Editor-In-Chief) and Myself standing in front of our Magazine display. 


          | Above: Csaba Fikker and Dana Elizabeth |

 I was also caught on Camera interviewing designers wearing the “Top-Gun” skirt by HauteChocolate Clothing. The team at HC originally sent me the skirt to be a part of their sisterhood of the traveling skirt series, but afterwards allowed me to keep it! I just love the hi-low hemline it is spot on with what is trending right now. I usually don’t wear leopard print but this skirt is a total exception to my rule. You can purchase the skirt by visiting:   


   | Photo above: Henri Bendel Bag, Haute Chocolate “TopGun” skirt, Steven Madden Shoes| 

Here’s another image of myself on Camera wearing the “Top Gun” Skirt. In the background you can see the LAFM team hard at work. The photobooth was always full. We had so many brands to shoot it was such a great turn out. 


      | TheLAFashion, HDFASHION.COM, Haute Chocolate Skirt, WWD MAGIC, Photobooth | 

The week went by so fast. To be honest it felt like one long day, one extremely, extremely long day. Below are some more images of our week at MAGIC: 

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Kate Frances | Silhouettes With Simplicity & Finesse

July 6, 2012 - Katie Kiesler For WFTR

British designer Kate Frances has made a strong entrance onto the American fashion scene with her first collection. Noted for her ability to highlight the feminine silhouette with curve hugging cuts and bold use of color, Kate Frances has already impressed the A-list crowd. The bright, fitted blazers from her Spring 2012 collection have been spotted on stars Kourtney Kardashian, Guiliana Rancic, and Vanessa Lachey.


          |Photo above courtesy of: Bollare-West Hollywood | Kate Frances | WFTR | 


            |Photo above courtesy of: Bollare-West Hollywood | Kate Frances | WFTR

It’s hard not to love the effortless elegance of the signature silk separates in Kate Frances’ first collection. With a focus on creating styles for strong, carefree, and confident women, one can easily take these outfits from the beach to a night on the town. To Kate, “simplicity is key” and she hopes her line “evokes a sense of finesse without ‘trying.’”


             |Photo above courtesy of: Bollare-West Hollywood | Kate Frances | WFTR | 


            |Photo above courtesy of: Bollare-West Hollywood | Kate Frances | WFTR | 

We wanted to know more about this exciting new designer, so we asked Kate Frances to fill us in on everything from her inspiration to her own personal style.

WFTR: What inspired you to start Kate Frances?

Kate Frances: Creativity has always been at the heart of everything I do. I’m inspired by real women not what we are “told” we should be wearing this season.  Different cultures fascinate me and fashion came strongly through that. I wanted to create a line for women to feel empowered wearing but still retain their femininity and elegance.

WFTR: You blended in what you love to make and wear, so how then would you describe your personal style?

KF: My personal style has definitely evolved over the course of time. I’ve traveled a lot and have absorbed different themes from each place. Paris attributed a large influence on my style but so has the bohemian expression found in London. Living there, I spent hours shopping through the vintage stalls on the Portobello Rd.

WFTR: How does your British background influence your designs and why is your favourite piece in the collection?

KF: Being British, I lived in London and did my “time” in the city, although I will always be a country girl at heart. The blend of country versus city are seen in the first collection. The chiffon print maxi skirt is one of my favourite pieces, it embodies the carefree aspect in the line.

WFTR: What can we look forward to in the next collection?

KF: The next collection will incorporate more of my own personal style. You will see prints emerging and a romantic flirtatious element will appear whilst keeping the key signature silk pieces that every girl needs in her closet!

Find the Kate Frances collection online at and at stores across LA such as Bleu Clothing Westlake village and Chameleon in Sherman Oaks.

Thanks and remember to keep it here for more: wordsfromtherunway 

-Team WFTR

Crisis averted

I managed to recover my code, and in the process I improved the organization to be more better. Going forward I shouldn’t have more issues, improving engine functionality should be quick and easy, and my side project should be able to start with a fair deal more work done than I started Gamma with.

On that note, I may as well discuss my little side project. I myself play quite a bit of Dota, and have recently tried getting into League of Legends. What I’ve noticed from both of these games is that the quantity of information necessary to make informed decisions is staggering. They are so byzantine in nature that for anyone to attempt to start is a daunting task. With that in mind, I have decided to deconstruct the moba genre and simplify it for a casual audience with my own game, War for the Rose. You’ll note a similarity in the name; this is intentional. The Rose is my engine and mythos that I’m basing both games off of, so naming should be similar as well.

War for the Rose, or as I’ll be abbreviating it from here on, WftR, is a hugely stripped-down moba that caters to casual play as much as competitive, and actually emphasizing the latter in being designed with spectators in mind. The issue plaguing the current competitive gaming scene is that the only fans are other hardcore gamers; the people who’ve put in the exorbitant amount of time necessary to grasp the simplest level of play. Dota currently has 109 heroes and counting. League currently has 123 champions and counting. All of those characters get regularly played because they’re all balanced equally. I have six heroes. Well, races, but it functions the same way. Also the racial abilities are going to be of a much more supportive role than offensive, so that spectators only have to see folk slapping each other with swords. There’s still going to be balance and nuance in how gameplay goes down that will allow for a deep high level  play, so that there’s interest among competitors for leagues to form.

I also plan on having regular sanctioned tournaments for different skill brackets, just as a means of strengthening the community. Proper tournaments are fun for all skill levels, and again reinforce community among players, as well as giving regular scheduled good matches for spectators.

I’ve been rambling for far too long now, so I’m going to leave now. Be excited for WftR, it’s less ambitious an undertaking than Gamma but just as exciting. You’ll likely hear about it in the future alongside Gamma news, so I’ll start tagging posts appropriately for which game I’m discussing.



This Fall the only girl you need is Cate McNabb. This line of mineral cosmetics are paraben-free, cruelty-free, non-pore clogging and derived from natural ingredients. Uncompromising on color and coverage, and is made for those who are “Bold by Nature.” 

We’re talking about beautiful colors, in a perfect fall palate of browns, and nudes. Their Naked Truth lipstick is perfect for every skin tone. I’m wearing it right now. (No, seriously…as I type this). It goes on smooth, and matte and has lasting color-staying-power and it’s the perfect price point for the perfect lipstick. $16.00 is a steal! 

The lipsticks come in all shades and colors like, Be Mine (which is a pink-based satin red), or London (which is a Blue shade of red). Looking for something a little darker? Try on, Medusa. This is a fun twist on purple. 

But the lipsticks are just scratching the surface, their line of shadows and eyeliners are what sets CATE MCNABB apart from the rest. I’m wearing their fall eyeshadow in brown AKA, Puppy Love. I’m definitely in love with this color. It’s so perfect for my skin tone and I’m one of those girls that hates to spend a ton of time applying eyeshadow…but with Puppy Love it does the trick, it adds just a touch of shade to my lids, which is more than enough for a dramatic difference. (Just smudge a little across your lid, sweeping back to your brow-bone and then towards your crease, contour with a Q-tip and voila! You are done). it’s in my make-up bag and it’s never leaving my site. 

Now for a day-to-night look? They have these amazing cream gel-eyeliners. I wear the Black gel eyeliner and it’s only $22.00. Get it here. 

And because their products are free of waterproof polymers, impurities and other agents, it’s a no brainer. Especially since I have super sensitive skin and have been known to breakout a time or two, (what self-respecting girl hasn’t dealt with acne in her life? Literally if you say you have never had a breakout your lying,) then Cate’s line is for you! sensitive and/or acne-prone complexions need not worry, your go to cosmetic line has arrived! Ladies, it’s time to try Cate on for size. This fall, when your basking in the glow of adoration from family, friends and loved ones…(because your skin and make up look flawless) be sure to thank Cate. She’s gonna become your new best friend.

Make sure to visit Cate McNabb on Facebook, Insta, and Twitter. Let’s not forget Pinterest. And while your falling in-love with the product line, please be sure to mention Words From The Runway. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram

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xo - Dana Elizabeth