One of the things I love most about being a photographer is being able to capture moments like this.

This past Saturday night Naptown Roller Girls (Indianapolis, IN.) Crass Knuckles proposed to her girlfriend Kentucky Fried Carnage. KFC had just finished skating in a bout with Naptown’s B-team the Warning Belles against the Cornfed Derby Dames (Muncie, IN.) in the Indiana Farmers Coliseum at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, Indianapolis, Indiana. As KFC and the rest of her teammates circled the track getting high fives from the fans, Knucks and a couple other teammates snuck to the center of the track with the proposal. I was photographing them lining up with the signs while the Belles milled around the bench area celebrating their win & gathering up their gear when I heard a couple of the Belles behind me yelling, “KFC! Look! KFC! Look!” I turned around just in time to catch KFC’s reaction as it sank in what was happening. KFC skated out to the center & Knucks dropped to one knee & asked her to marry her. Knucks stood up, gave KFC the ring, turned to the crowd that was still lingering & screamed, “She said Yes!” They shared a kiss & a moment to themselves before getting swarmed by Belles teammates along with teammates from Naptown’s A-team the Tornado Sirens, as well as, Naptown’s C-team the Third Alarm.

Loren Mutch’s footwork breakdown. 

Note how she transitions: not completely, but until she is able to set her fore toestop down. 

Then she hops on her toe stops just to get out of the initial proximity of the Gotham blocker, only to scooter push around the turn. 

Gotham is quick to recycle, so no time to exhale! She gets low into an aggressive counter blocking stance so that she won’t be easily tipped into turn 2 and out of bounds. 


Turn Down For What?