One of my favorite scenes in Roger Rabbit is when Roger makes the people in Dolores‘ diner laugh and in particular he makes Angelo, the jerk who harassed Eddie earlier in the film, laugh really hard. Eddie tells Roger “Angelo would rat on you for a nickel!” and Roger insists he would never do that because he made him laugh and believes in the power of that. Sure enough to Eddie’s surprise, Roger was right and Angelo refused to turn him in.

And when Roger was found out and about to be dipped, guess who was the first to remove his hat in respects for the guy who made him laugh…


This movie really explains the power of comedy and it’s importance to humanity, and why looking down on it is senseless and even harmful.

Laugh out loud as often as you can, friends!

Tadaaa <3 <3 !!!
My Jessica Rabbit cosplay is now 100% complete! (Just have to restyle the wig a bit xD)
I was so scared when making the dress! Bc I only had 3m of the fabric bc it was so expensive! So I only had one chance at making it!! BUT IT WORKED! I have never had to make such a shapy dress before, so I was working a long time on the mock up dress before I could make it in the proper fabric ;3;
I used some basic pumps that I glues a shitload of red glitter on!
The gloves I just ordered for like 2$ on Ebay >w<
only wearing one of them in the photos, bc I had to be able to take the photos on my phone, so sorry for the bad quality! Gonna get some proper photos at Metrocon! <3
(And purple stars bc no makeup, hahaha XD)

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opinion on jessica rabbit?? :)

Mod Lissy: I’ve never seen WFRR honestly, but from what I’ve read about the character she seems like a tough chick who isn’t afraid to look smoking hot at the same time so good for her 

Mod Jen: I like her. I relate to her.