Tadaaa <3 <3 !!!
My Jessica Rabbit cosplay is now 100% complete! (Just have to restyle the wig a bit xD)
I was so scared when making the dress! Bc I only had 3m of the fabric bc it was so expensive! So I only had one chance at making it!! BUT IT WORKED! I have never had to make such a shapy dress before, so I was working a long time on the mock up dress before I could make it in the proper fabric ;3;
I used some basic pumps that I glues a shitload of red glitter on!
The gloves I just ordered for like 2$ on Ebay >w<
only wearing one of them in the photos, bc I had to be able to take the photos on my phone, so sorry for the bad quality! Gonna get some proper photos at Metrocon! <3
(And purple stars bc no makeup, hahaha XD)