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YOUR FANDOM: Who Framed Roger Rabbit (or Disney, depending on where you want to go with this, but I’m just focusing on WFRR).

YOUR MUSE: Jessica Rabbit

MUSE(S) YOU’D WANT TO PLAY FROM THE FANDOM: I’ve maybe debated Dolores, but if I went with the book, I’d want to write Little Rock or Carol Masters.  (Still don’t know if I can do book Jess.  >.>;;)

FAVORITE EPISODES/MOVIES/BOOKS: I prefer the movie continuity to the book sequels (although the first book was also good.  I just prefer the movie).
FAVORITE PLOTLINE(S): I…actually really liked the Little Rock/Carol Masters art sideplot.  And other spoilery things in the book.  >.>;;
LEAST FAVORITE CHARACTER(S): DOOM.  although he is magnificently done he just kind of freaking scares me.  but in a good way.  so maybe this should be someone else.  WAIT.  SID.  SID SLEAZE.  I HATE HIM.  I HATE HIM SO MUCH AND HE DESERVED GETTING PUNCHED IN THE FACE.  (…and he might not have been lying but let me err on that and believe he was please and thank.)
SOMEONE YOU FEEL IS UNDERRATED: …are there underrated characters in the movie?  Maybe the characters exclusive to the books are underrated (again, particularly the first book) simply because idk how many people read them.

FAVORITE THEORY: There is a theory that Jess is somehow Max’s father.  I like this theory.  (Even though that goes against the whole Jess can’t get pregnant thing I use.  -shrugs-)
LEAST FAVORITE THEORY: …I’m not sure that I have one?

A STORYLINE YOU’D CREATE: -looks at the timeline and cries; looks at alternate timeline re: miyoko and sighs-

A STORYLINE YOU’D CHANGE: …I haven’t finished the second book (because I got bored, to be honest), but I’ve heard enough about it and the subsequent stories that probably all of those.

WHAT CROSSOVER DO YOU WANT FOR YOUR FANDOM: Just…more of them.  Always more of them, especially considering the WFRR fandom is basically a crossover of multiple other fandoms anyway (cartoons, comics, humans (including real life people, as exemplified in the second book)).
WHAT CHARACTER FROM ANOTHER FANDOM WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE APPEAR IN YOUR FANDOM?: A really good lawyer.  Any anime character (because let’s talk about the two different kinds of Toons and how they interact and differences in culture).  If I had to be specific?  Give me Matlock or Perry Mason.  Or Jessica Fletcher.

IN THE WORLD OF MY FANDOM, I’D BE: Probably one of the humans trying to set up a church for Toons (don’t judge me.  I know I’d be one of them).