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That anon was really rude. Don't let yourself get frazzled by mean people. You know you're getting successful when you start having haters haha. Someone jealous? Good. It means you're doing something right. Keep going and don't you stop for anyone.

this is such a true and empowering message! thank you so much for your words!! 

everybody should read this, omg. 

A young boy stands among a group of veiled women waiting to receive food aid during a U.N. World Food Program distribution in Kabul in November 2001. “I myself remember the mujahideen’s takeover of Kabul on 27 April 1992,” says Mosadiq. “On 26 April I wore a miniskirt and a sleeveless shirt, but the day after I was terrified to walk outside without being fully covered.”

They allow vampires on Hogwarts now?|| Draco/Edythe Cullen

“Oh this is just great.” The blond Slytherin said amused as he noticed the dark haired girl. “Do they allow vampires in Hogwarts now.” He cockily added, his grin never faded.

“Which year and house are you in?” He looked at her, eyes amused. He thought Hogwarts made a mistake for having Potter at school, but now they had vampires as well. Do they know she is a vampire- oh that would be adorable.


Yesss!!! Ito na!!! Nakalimutan kong mag sub sa wong fu sa new yt account ko. Buti nalang 1 day ago at part 1 plang naman hahaha

Covered in dust || Belle / Edythe Cullen

Belle didn’t recall being this clumsy, but when someone called her name when she was trying to grab a book of the shelves she got startled and fell on her bum. She yelped in surprise and made a small cry of pain. Luckily she didn’t fall a long distance.

“Auw…” She whimped softly. “Who?” She opened the eyes she had closed in her fall to see who had been calling to her.

YEMEN, SANAA : A displaced Yemeni child, who fled Saada province with her family due to fighting between Shiite Huthi rebels and forces loyal to Yemen’s exiled President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi, eats bread at a school turned into a shelter in the capital Sanaa on August 19, 2015. The United Nations warned of a “developing famine” in Yemen, where more than half a million children are severely malnourished, and pressed for access to its war-torn regions. AFP PHOTO / MOHAMMED HUWAIS                        

They should have called me the broken boy instead the boy who lived || Harry Potter/Edythe Cullen

How he had gotten into this mess, Harry no longer had any idea. But he knew he was bleeding from his sides and he was hurt so much that he did what he believed was the best thing to do in this situation. He started to laugh, how he managed to be an unwanted child that lived under the closet to a wanted man by a psychopath wizard he really didn’t know.

But what he did know was that a lot of people he cared for were murdered, and he would avenge them. He swore on each grave that he would avenge each and every single one of them.

It was on rare moments like this he actually could believe he was meant to be a Slytherin instead of a Gryffindor.

He was alarmed by a nose, and instinctively raised his wand.
“Who’s there!” He yelled. They would have found him anyway.


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