Refugees from Kosovë after a food distribution. Albania / UNHCR / R. Chalasani / 04.1999

Help for REAL.

Instead of sharing and incessantly reblogging such a sensitive picture to make yourself feel good you could donate money to the many organizations that are helping refugees, you could share information regarding the refugee crisis. Here are some  ways to actually help instead of only feeding your ego and insensitively sharing the picture which a friend of mine shared on facebook:

1. Doctors Without Borders is and organisation providing medical aid in and around Syria. If you call this number you can ensure your funds go directly to Syrian refugees 1-888-392-0392.

2. World Visions works in Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan to provide clean and sanitizing water. You can donate by calling 1-800-562-4453.

3. CARE operates multiple refugee centers in Syria, Jordan and Lebanon and you can donate to them by calling 1-800-521-CARE

4. World Food Program will provide food to Syrians and other refugees. Donate at

5. Islamic Relief USA is also providing food, water, and shelter and you can donate to them here

6. You can also donate specifically for children which provides things such as diapers, clothing, and food.

7. In addition to the link on my previous post, you can donate to the U.N refugee agency here

8. You can purchase items on an Amazon wishlist specifically for the refugees stranded in Calais.…

9. You can sign the following petition to have more asylum seekers accepted in the U.K HERE. Alhumdullilah it has crossed 200k

I hope this gets at least half as much popularity as the picture got. It breaks my heart to see that.

Due to the overwhelming success of the campaign launched by Shakira and Activia, Howard G. Buffett, a United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) Ambassador Against Hunger since 2007, today announced a commitment by the Howard G. Buffett Foundation to provide additional funding to support WFP’s school meals program.


The foundation will provide funding for 600,000 school meals and will match additional public donations made at for another 600,000 meals. With each meal costing just US$0.25, WFP can provide a child with a month’s worth of school meals for $5.

Shakira and Activia recently collaborated to produce Shakira’s latest video “La La La (Brazil 2014)” and to raise awareness of WFP’s school meals program. As part of the campaign supporting WFP, Activia and Shakira’s foundation, Pies Descalzos, donated a total of 3 million meals for children in need.

“I’m so happy to be able to announce that my friend Howard Buffett has joined my foundation, Pies Descalzos, and Activia in making donations to the World Food Programme; I’m grateful to him for showing such generous support and always championing for children’s education and nutrition so they have the best possible chance to succeed in life,” said Shakira. “We’re so thrilled with the overwhelming response the video has received so far, and we hope people will follow this example and help WFP support kids around the world.”

“WFP’s school meals help address the hunger challenges faced by millions of children around the world as well as enabling those children to have more productive education experiences,” said Buffett. “I am grateful to Shakira, a long-time champion for children and education, for the opportunity to partner with her and Activia on this important effort to raise awareness and support.”

“This campaign is vital in supporting the important work WFP is doing to feed schoolchildren and their families,” said Elisabeth Rasmussen, WFP’s Assistant Executive Director for Partnership and Governance Services. “And this donation from Howard Buffett and the continued support from Activia and Shakira offer individuals an excellent way to get involved.”

N. Frerejean, global marketing for Activia, adds: “We are delighted to see such a positive response for the video. Reaching 150 million views in one month is incredible and gives great visibility to WFP’s School Meals Programme that we, together with Shakira, want to support. We are happy to see new major supporters of this cause, like the Howard G. Buffet Foundation, and hope that this movement will continue.”

In addition to providing emergency food assistance around the world, WFP serves meals to more than 18 million schoolchildren in 60 countries, which for parents can often mean the difference between sending their children to school and sending them to work to help provide for the family. This allows children the opportunity to grow up healthy and to reach their full potential.


That’s why this year I’m urging everyone to join me and #PasstheRedCup to help combat hunger. Please join this social challenge and share #PasstheRedCup on your personal social channels to raise awareness of the global hunger issue. Together we can create a movement. What’s more, just by making a small donation, you can help feed a child in need. $5 will help feed 20 children. Every dollar donated on will go directly to benefit WFP and aid those most in need. So, please give today and help make a difference in a child’s life. If you can’t donate, volunteer at a local hunger relief organization in your area.