BOSTON — The 47-year-old alternative weekly publication The Boston Phoenix will close, it announced Thursday.

Its March 15 issue (which just hit newsstands) will be its last print publication, and its online issue set for the week of March 22 will be the publication’s last, according to a statement from Phoenix Media/Communications Group owner and publisher Stephen Mindich.

Sister publications in other cities — The Portland Phoenix in Maine and the Providence Phoenix in Rhode Island — will be unaffected.Mindich announced the closing at a 2 p.m. staff meeting Thursday.

In an interview with WBUR’s Curt Nickisch, executive editor Peter Kadzis said the publication’s recent move to magazine format failed to attract national advertisers.

“Our bet was that by moving to a magazine, we’d see an uptick in national advertising,” he said. “It didn’t happen. That’s what killed us.”



This makes me feel sad and kind of lost. These are great outlets for art/culture/music/independent stuff. They’ve made me feel closer to Boston the past few years and they’ve done even more for people that have been reading and listening even longer. I wish I knew how to talk about the immensity of Suck surrounding this, in a productive way, but I can’t surmise what this means for the scene they are a part of, in and around Boston. What does this mean for the conversation they’ve expanded with their media presence? 

It always sucks to watch print media take a hit but this casualty is so close to home, and what can we do for print media if the internet is part of the problem but also now so much a part of life? Is there any way for readers/listeners to do anything to help? Is there a possibility of revival is we were willing to pay money for Issues? Would that even be enough?

Too many questions, too many sads.