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I might be wrong as I hadn't joined the RK fandom until Aug. 2010, but I remember seeing pics of Kristen at the "Remember Me" NYC premiere on the red carpet sans Ruth, I think. Then we saw the pap vid of Rob and Kristen leaving from the WfE premiere, pics of Rob and his sister in the afterparty for the London SWATH premiere: to reinforce that neither Rob nor Kristen would want their relationship to be the focal point at events such as these (especially given what happened in Cannes 2012) 1/2

Yes Kristen dressed up for the “Remember Me” and “Water for Elephants” premiere (the latter case there was no, as I recall, any pics of her on the red carpet). But don’t recall Ruth being present with Kristen at any of those premieres. I’m sure K would’ve wanted to physically support Rob on a day such as the LCOZ London premiere earlier. But she knows her presence would be focus of this premiere as opposed to the accomplishment of her husband and everyone else involved in the film 2/2


Yes you are correct Blossom. K walked to red carpet briefly for Remember Me. She didn’t sign any autographs and as you said Ruth was not with her. That was the last time she walked the carpet at one of Rob’s premieres until Cosmopolis @ Cannes in 2012.

Rob as best as I know only walked the RC for Kristen @ Cannes and both have come to premieres and after parties showing minimal fuss.

But they’ve kept their support much more on the QT since the cluster fuck of 2012. I love how ppl try to say “There are plenty of celebrity couples…what makes RK so special”

I dare anyone to find me something even remotely the same that’s happened to another celebrity couple as what happen to RK @ Cannes that year!

YES!!! They celebrate each other’s victories from afar in order to not overshadow each other!

Forbes interviewed director Francis Lawrence following the last Hunger Games release, and he spoke a bit about Rob:

“Your previous film before The Hunger Games was Water for Elephants, a Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson picture. You worked with him right in the middle of the Twilight mania, and then you went out to do The Hunger Games. What lessons did you take from interacting with Robert Pattinson, he dealt with that kind of tabloid fame and fan- that went into working with Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games right afterwards.

FL: “When I worked with Rob, he obviously had a huge fan base because of Twilight and there were women and girls, but I say women, camped out at our set every day and at our hotels when we were shooting out of town, and it was odd. He was always very shy about it. I remember having done a movie previously with Will Smith, who is also very popular, and he has a very different way of interacting with his fans, and I was trying to see if I could get Rob a little more comfortable with sort of embracing the fan-dom.”

“What I learned from him is that actually the two fandoms are very different from one another. His fans are very different from Will Smith’s fans, right, and if Rob’s fans got a hold of him, at least at that time it felt like they would rip him to shreds. They would pull his hair out, they would pull his shirt apart, I mean that guy … there was reason for him to be nervous with some of those fans. Not all but some.”

“For the most part, with Hunger Games fans, they’re really, really, passionate about the stories and about the ideas, and about the characters, and yes, they love the actors, but there’s not that same type of sexual appetite that is so ravenous that I felt when I was around Rob fans.”


have y'all seen this video of Matthew, Victoria Justice and Pierson Forde talking about No Kiss List?