Femslash Week (Day two → canon divergence/universe alteration) Eric as a maiden of Frigga/Kira as a messenger of Inari Ookami

I may have misunderstood the emphasis of universe alternation.

a;cohol because I was drunk when I wrote this but no alcohol mention


There’s an old notion of the love of foxes to wolves, the pristine kinship of canid species who ran together through the infinite span of twilight like day would never become night.

Foxes were messengers of the good god Inari Ookami, a wolf deity watching over grain and artisans with the snow white purity of song in her tails. Her praiseful eyes looked on while the kitsune carried her bidding, good little soldiers passing on through living and dead when spirits were as restless as their padding paws.

And when foxes wandered too far, past the reaches of twilight and the kingdom of the east, to where the western fronts had different beliefs and gods to kiss their foreheads, new troubles arose for them.

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honorablebarnes asked:

I'll be honest, I was surprised you turned out to be James' soulmate, but at the same time I'm so glad that you are. You make him so happy, and that's all any father could want. Not really a question, but there.

           He hadn’t been expecting this, not in the
           least. It wasn’t exactly like they went around
           advertising it. Still, it was a relief to know
           there was one more person in the world they
           didn’t have to hide from. 

                “I– thank you, sir. I can’t do much, but
                 if Bucky is happy, then so am I.”

Change of Registered Office Details

Change of Registered Office Details


31 August 2015

Change of Registered Office Details

Winmar Resources Limited (ASX: WFE) (Winmar) advises that, effective from today, its registered and principal place of business has changed to:
c/- Kimberley Diamonds Ltd
Please note the address and contact details for Winmar remain as: Address: Suite 1, Level 39,
Australia Square Building
264 - 278 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Telephone: +61 2 8243 7517
Facsimile: +61 2 8243 7599

For further information, please contact:

Mr Luke Humphreys Ms Carolyn Patman Executive Director Company Secretary Winmar Resources Limited Winmar Resources Limited P: 02 8243 7517 M: 0412 686 556

c/-Kimberley Diamonds Ltd

Level 39 264-278 George Street, SYDNEY NSW, AUSTRALIA, 2000

P: (02) 8243 7517

F: (02) 8243 7599



I was tagged to do the #bookishlatestpurchase tag, but I can’t find who tagged me??😕 Anyways, Water For Elephants, Lolita and The Horse Whisperer are my purchases from yesterday, but I don’t have a decent pic with all 3, so here’s 1 ☺️
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