I’m not good at messaging multiple people individually so I’ll say it here:

Thanks for the moral support, guys. You’re all wonderful people and I’m glad you like the content I post. I’m going to try as hard as I can to keep myself alive and keep entertaining everyone, even if I do fall into the deepest hole possible. You guys, this game and my blogs are some of the only things keeping me going along with my incredibly supportive friends and tiny bit of hope that things will get better.

Anyway sorry for cheese, I love you guys, and thank you so much for the support.
Touching Photos Show An Elephant Family That Was Nearly Torn Apart
One of the saddest things about elephants in captivity is how often mothers and babies are torn away from each other. But this lucky family escaped that fate — and their rescue was captured in a stunning series of photographs.

Fortunately, a generous donor stepped in and offered to cover the cost of transferring Apple and her little baby to the safety of the WFFT sanctuary. Rescuers arrived last week to relocate the elephants, receiving a kind greeting from the small family.

– Really heartwarming story with lots of photos. Worth taking a few minutes to read.