While I do agree there, the problem is that, as a whole, other than the Faunus students you’ve seen in the past 4 volumes… you don’t really get a feel for the actual Faunus community. They haven’t really emphasized much Faunus related content other than, “discriminated -> an organization popped up-> it turned evil”. That’s… kinda the main focus so far. It doesn’t make you feel much for the Faunus, as a whole.

Hell, I don’t care if there’s plot to apologize for them or not (The Vale WF are definitely shit and should be held accountable). I’m stressing that the WF has become literally the cartoon villains. Other than initially when they were being introduced, they now lack depth and are just… there. The Team Rocket of RWBY.

My thoughts on chapter 5

I’ll start by saying that I definitely enjoyed it. That much is certain.

However, the more the develop Blake this volume, the more I dislike certain elements of the writing. I get that they’re trying to flip out previous conceptions about Blake on their heads, but I don’t think its necessarily a good thing every time.

For instance, most people, including myself, assumed that Blake was simply a member of the wf, but apparently she is the daughter of the original leader, and now her father runs menagerie. Far from the concept of her being a lone stray enlisted to fight for herself and her freedoms, along with her people’s.

Is it a bad development? No. It just sits a little oddly with me.

That said, I think I already like mama and papa Belladonna quite a bit. It was sweet to see Blake hug her mom.

However, the writer’s aren’t doing anything to make Sun more likable to me. I get that they’re trying to make him extra goofy and enthusiastic about everything, but to me I just find it irritating. I will stress, my general dislike for his character has NOTHING TO DO WITH MY PREFERENCE FOR BUMBLEBY. I didn’t like him much back in volume 1 either, long before I even shipped bees at all. Just to make that clear. I simply don’t like him. Hence why I don’t like him paired with Blake. Ok, moving forward:

I thought it strange that Mr. Belladonna didn’t know anything of the wf involvement in the fall of beacon, but this could be because no one at all really knows. Still, part of me finds it hard to believe. Word hasn’t spread of this? I get that the tower is down, but if news of the attack was well known, how could the man running menagerie not know of the wf’s involvement?

Those two dudes were creepy though. And they appeared in the opening, so I assume we’ll be seeing more of them.

And of course, Tyrian was creepy af too. And that poor waitress lady! I hope he doesn’t hurt her.

In summary, I enjoyed the episode, but am still struggling to find Sun endearing in any way at all…

grundpfeiler  asked:

The animation with the cat ears were great. They even remembered how they prick when a cat is excited over something. Like when Kali caught sight of Blake and when Blake got her hug. And just how the ears reacted to the sudden bang. Menagerie definitely has a problem with information flow, with st least a lot intentional by the WF. I wonder if the other kingdoms encourage the stifling of information so theat the public does t know so they don't have to deal with the situation in Menagerie?

yeah, which lends even more to there not being a CCT additional tower - otherwise general information about the White Fang’s actions overseas would have reached Ghira and Kali - but they have no idea, no one in Menagerie has any real idea the kind of damage the White Fang are doing, or perhaps even how their ideologies have changed

by not letting Kuokuana be a part of Remnant’s voice, Remnant has made things a lot worse on itself - a growing fear and animosity towards Faunus because of the White Fang, and a population of Faunus crammed into one tiny corner of the world that have no idea the White Fang aren’t a force for peace and justice, and thus more malleable to recruit and manipulate if any of the Kingdoms decided to take aim at Menagerie

So what do you think Blake’s dad has for a trait. He has to be a cat faunus (cause Blake is one and so is Kali and that he was the leader of the WF, he can’t be human)

Is he like Tuskon, had claws, or is he hiding something else or worse, whatever he had got cut off? Idk. Just throwing shit out there

anonymous asked:

Blake's parents were confusing. I would have liked it if we had indication about them even existing and they don't really make sense in regards to how Blake left the White Fang and her backstory with Adam and so on.

yeah. RT should have given some hints to her mother and father being alive. Many of us, I myself included, thought she was an orphan because it did fit into her narrative quite well. Not saying I wasn’t happy when we saw them in the new OP but RT shouldnt have made them come right out of the blue like that (though they have a habit it seems of doing that like with Whitley)

All I can think of atm for what happened is being 12, after her parents stepped down and as they turned, Blake still felt a need to stay in the WF and fight for their cause, getting somewhat brainwashed. Idk if she ran away or not because it seems she has had connect with her mother and father some how, knowing she was in Vale/Beacon when shit happened, idk. As she got older I’m sure she was able to open her eyes more and see that the WF wasn’t what she once thought it was