Show me the path where I should go, O Lord; point out the right road for me to walk. Psalm 25:4
- We all need God’s guidance in our lives.
- We sing: ‘Guide me O thou great Jehovah.’
- It is because we need God’s leading and guidance in our lives.
- The joy is that we can ask God to do just that for us!
PRAYER: Lord, I pray that You will lead me and guide me and show me which way I need to go. Amen.


Just got back from finally meeting my long time friend @genderbendyandtheinkmachine (hope)!! I’ve known her for almost 4 years, we met on Minecraft and I showed her how to draw, WHICH WAS THE GREATEST THING I’VE DONE IN MY LIFE she gave me lots of her cool drawings in which I fricKING LOVE THEM ALL<33??

Now, the tablet? It’s gonna arrive sooner than I thought! which is super neat! I can’t wait to draw on it and fINNALY BE BACK FROM THIS HIATUS!!

Blog update and smols character: I’ve notice a lOT of childlike and soft cute bendy’s lately, originally I wanted smol to be like that, I always thought this blog was gonna be a side thing to do, when I’m bored I could just run this blog… so I didn’t really need to think about the characters, but now that I’ve gotten “1,600″ followers I should really put more effort and time on these characters and their stories. so, smols personality has changed into a

sassy, open-minded, selfish, flirty, social, really childish and immature character, as of his design did change as well, he's less of a 3-year-old he’s now more of a 7 or 8-year-old, even 10? I already applied these changes about a month ago, I’m pretty sure you noticed, but I’ll keep on changing smol so he’s a character many people can enjoy. I’ve already finished his backstory, with enough angst for everyone.

anyway, that’s it, I’ll update the blog once I get my tablet, in which should arrive in tomorrow or 3 days, bye-bye!!

And then this happened yesterday. (That’s my son in the background.)

My wife and I got to taekwondo class early on Saturday. Master Chung was there and gave us our make-up belt tests since we were out of town last weekend. It was super short and to the point - he had my wife do a handful of her advanced forms, and I had to do taegeuk 4. Then we did our self defense forms. I squared off against Patti (she’s either a 4th or 5th degree). I threw her down to the mat a few times, and then had to wait as my wife finished off her knife defense forms (against her attacking partner that looked like he was angry at her? Maybe she threw him to the mat extra hard). Then on to breaking. I had to do a reverse hook kick. Broke it on my first try. Then my wife had to break four boards in succession. And that was pretty much it.

Master Chung brought out new belts and presented them to a few other students who had yet to receive theirs from last week, and then Master Lee took us through a pretty tough class - I already got my new belt sweaty :)

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Hey there is this account Skamily21 on Twitte that gonna post clips and episode and texts from season 1 to season 4. Basically we're gonna relive Skam so if you like then go follow them

Ohh cool concept! Posting this in case anyone here wanna follow!

Things I would’ve loved to see in the last clip:

Elias talking to Sana about her and Yousef, now that they’re actually kind of together

Sana and Even finally talking

Mama Bakkoush!!!!! Her properly meeting the girl squad. Her meeting Yousef again after knowing about Sana’s feelings for him.

The girl squad spending some time together.

The Los Losers van? We never saw it again, did we?

The balloon squad teasing Yousef in front of Sana about him being a lovesick puppy.

The serious side of Magnus and Vilde’s relationship. (I’m glad they hinted at Magnus knowing about Vilde’s situation and being there for her but I would’ve loved to actually see it)

More of Magnus and Mahdi.

Eskild’s gift?!

Eva, PChris, Noora and William together. Best friends being with/dating best friends, yet we never saw those 4 together?!


Sana’s other brother????? 

Also Jamilla - I loved the clip with her so much. She’s such an important person for Sana, would’ve loved to see her meet the girl squad.

I understand it can be frustrating watching the new Twin Peaks. Especially tonight’s new earth-shattering (literally) episode. But keep in mind we are barely 2/4 through what is to be considered an EIGHTEEN hour film. You have only seen eight hours out of eighteen. Of course things don’t make sense...yet. Give it time.

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On saturday I was at the pool with my best friend, but I can't swim so I cling onto her whenever we go past the 4 foot section l because I freak out when my feet stop touching the ground lol. But I couldn't help but think of what H would do If I didn't tell him I couldn't swim because I was embarrassed and we went swimming and I clung onto him like a koala :(

Oh my god he’d love it. He’d absolutely love it and giggle whenever you clung to him.

“Baby, s'not that deep.”

“Well why can’t I touch the floor?!?”

“Because you’re short.”


TalesFromYourServer: Rant about a work related group app, long hours and crazy owners

I work at a small restaurant owned by a couple, we have 4 full-time employees (two servers, and two cooks/bartenders/servers) We don’t have bussers, or cleaners or kitchen-helpers, every part-time worker is capable (we hope) to do multiple things to save money and time. We have a small kitchen and serve about 10 meals for dinner. We started out as a lunchroom but now our kitchen is open until 9 o'clock. (restaurant opens at 10 in the morning and closes at 10 at night) One level above the restaurant we host parties, weddings, meetings and small gatherings up to 60 people. (I have worked here since November 2016, and work roughly 150 hours a month)

Do you guys have a work group app? Because they are truly hell on earth. At my job we have two group apps, one with the full time staff (including me) and the older part-time workers (30+) and one with the younger part-time workers (18-).

I am in both and I must say the conversations that are being held are truly awful. The owners send us pictures of things that are not cleaned up like cappuccino cups that have not been rinsed thoroughly, or a small piece of dust under a table, crumbs on a chair, a towel that has not been folded neatly. (last week we got send a picture of a fry that was on the ground… during rush hour…)

We have to manage the purchasing ourselves, we have a large storage room with all the sodas, beers and wines with a small fridge for things like cheese and salmon etc. You can clearly tell that it started as a lunchroom, because during lunch we work with fresh products but after 1700 everything comes out of the freezer. As soon as we almost run out of something we write it on the grocery list and if we’re lucky it will be in the storage room the following week.

They often blame us in the Group Apps (or call us directly when we have a day off) when we ran out of something even though we have evidence that we send it to them over phone or took pictures of the lists. Today I got send a picture of a shard of glass that came out of the dishwasher even though I told them yesterday and even hung a note on the dishwasher saying so (we had a new kid yesterday and he was a little rough on the wine glasses)

On another note, we often work 13-16 hour shifts and they get mad when we have zero energy at the end of the night. They start drinking at 4 in the afternoon and give away up to 200 euros a night of free rounds. Last week I found out that the owners also take their share of the tips (I have no idea whether this is legal or not because I’m from Europe and tipping is really different here) This is really getting out of hand and I have no idea whether this is normal or not. None of my colleagues ever experiences any of this in previous restaurants and neither have I.

By: lil-ghost

2017 should be renamed The Year of the Master - we have 4 versions at work this year

Missy (Michelle Gomez) throughout series 10

The Saxon Master (John Simm) in the series finale

The War Master (Derek Jacobi) in his own audio series in December, and

The Unbound Master (Sam Kisgart) in the new Bernice Summerfield box set

We’ve got Masters coming out of the woodwork!

First Lines

Rules: List the first lines of your last 20 stories. See if there are any patterns. Then tag 10 of your favourite authors!

Tagged by @jadepresley and @bixgirl1 !! :)

A bunch of my last stories were from the things you said meme that I’ve posted here and have been uploading to AO3, so I’m going to skip over those and go with stories before that. I’m also skipping over Heart’s Honest Truth.

1. “You know the rules?” Harry asked, his voice stern but light. - Lighting Matches (just to swallow the flame)
2. Draco twitched irritably. - Heat of the Heart
3. Their angry shouts echoed in the corridor along with the hurried slapping of first year’s feet running around the corner for help. - Shadows Where We Meet
4. “I — You’re sure, sir?” Draco asked, trying to arrange his expression into something that wasn’t shock. - Write the Way Out
5. “It’s too big, please, I can’t take it—” - Take Your Fill
6. Their giggles echoed off the walls of their bedroom, interrupted by their kisses as they rolled around in the bed. - Everywhere and All Over
7. “Okay, ready?” Scorpius asked with nervous excitement. - La Petite Mort
8. Lance and Keith were carefully making their way through the lush, jungle-like terrain of Thalgor on their search for the resources Coran had sent them to collect. - Stuck on You
9.  A week later they pulled into the same alleyway, outside of the very same club. - On Display

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Thoughts on last night's Doctor Who

Gonna try to do this spoiler free:

1. Oh fuck that’s what Capaldi meant…. not good.

2. I don’t want Missy to go. She’s the best

3. I wish they’d never told us Simm was coming back. It would have been that much more awesome. But that reveal? OMG.

4. We have a week. I am holding off on anything about Bill

5. Can we get a spin off that is Simm and Gomez wreaking havoc through the universe?

6. Moffatt, why weren’t you giving us this kind of writing throughout Capaldi’s run. I feel cheated

1. Hello.
2. I miss you.
3. Can we talk?
4. I hope I’m not annoying you.
5. I want to see you.
6. Please tell me you’re doing fine.
7. I’m worried about you.
8. Let’s listen to our favorite song.
9. Do not let other people bring you down.
10. I hope you’re truly happy.
11. I love you. I really do.

We started from 1 and I felt 11. Sometimes we do 8 with comforting silence. You used to remind me about 9. And I will always be grateful about everything we’ve had. Wherever you are, and whoever you’re with, please always remember 2, and 10.

—  ma.c.a // 4 but 7,3,5 and 6 : An Indirect Message From Me
Last Young Renegade Track List


2) WE DO NOT ENCOURAGE DRUG USE…But you know, what happens on Warped Tour… by Alex Gaskarth 

3) Someone please teach this bitch, how to use a washing machine by Alex Gaskarth 

4) WE AREN’T BREAKING UP by All Time Low 

5) Once you break up it is over !! …Unless you marry her. by Alex Gaskarth 

6) Where’s Waldo? More like where is my will to live? by Alex Gaskarth 

7) CASPER, FUCK OFF! by Alex Gaskarth 

8) Every album needs a sex song, you should know this by now by Alex Gaskarth 

9) MAN I FUCKING LOVE SPACE by Alex Gaskarth 

10) Listen to my sick drum beats by Rian Dawson 

  • Persona 3: We part as colleagues who accomplished an important mission at great cost.
  • Persona 4: We part as good friends who will always remember growing up together during our wonderful year in the country!
  • Persona 5: Shit, the feds are on to our polyamorous Satanic crime ring, everyone get in the van.

From this:

To this:

Gray and Juvia have come such a long way.

The first picture was the drawing Mashima-sensei made for Gruvia day back in 2013. He had said at that time, “I like the combination of these two. Right now I like the one way relationship, but I do not know what will happen in the future.” 

And here we are nearly 4 years later, and I think it’s safe to say he’s decided on that future. That one way relationship is no more. These two people are properly in love.