All the drawings from last year are being turned into a book! :D 

We are kickstarting the project right now, so if you like what got posted last year, this might be a little goodie for you. This is the first of 3 books we’re making out of it, and it comes with all the stories written for each sketch as well ^^


Thanks for all the kind words and the support c:



Towards the end of May in 2014 I met a guy on Tumblr. We started getting close quickly, texting all the time, constantly face timing too. Eventually, in just a few short months we started dating. It was a long distance relationship. Due to financial situations & the distance between us, we weren’t able to see each other. But we didn’t let that stop us. For close to 3 years we were going strong, and although it was difficult at times, we were able to make it through.

Yesterday we finally were able to meet and I can’t even explain how amazing it was! It was only for a few short hours but i was happy with anything at the moment. As corny as it sounds, having this person who i literally fell in love with through a screen being actually there in real life is a feeling I can’t even explain. I cried when I seen him. Cried even harder when I had to go but I know it won’t always be like this.

To those who are in long distance relationships, I understand how hard they can be. It is important to put love before all the doubts, the fears & any other negative thoughts because in the end it will be beyond worth it ❤️

(Left pic, first time we FaceTimed in 2014. Right pic, best day ever, 6/26/17)

Like We Used Too {Part 3}

Mark x Reader
Genre: Angst
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It was a turn of events that was for sure. Had Mark not told you that he was ending things with Monica? Had you two not confessed just a few hours ago your love for each other? You stared at the two of them from across the table, Monica holding Mark’s hand as she beamed at you but Mark continued to avoid eye contact.

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All these years of theorizing will be over. We will have the answers they want us to have, We will see the end of an ERA. PLL has made such a big impact on so many lives, Including my own. These fan theory pages we made, Will eventually fade away. Nothing but a memory.

Thank you, Marlene King, Cast & Crew for such an amazing ride ❤ You made us mad, sad, happy, excited…You made us feel ALL OF THE EMOTIONS over the course of your show, And as much as it pissed me off sometimes….You all did an amazing job 👏🏼

And thank you to those of you who spent days, weeks, months, coming up with theories and giving us something to think about. Some of your stories were better than the actual show, And I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of your crazy ideas for the past few years.

Now, Lets get ready for tonight. We have 3 more hours with this wonderful show.

Then……Its time to binge watch all 7 seasons together. 😊😊😊

Regular vs Guest(recurring)

Well, I will be extremely optimistic in this post, because I’m seriously done with all the negativity around.

Floriana is not a Regular for s3, that’s what we know.

The ex-Producer said that they will have her for multiple episodes. (not few, nor just 4, but multiple) 

In s2 we had 3 important guests, Calista (4 eps), Sharon (7 eps), Katie (12eps).

Calista’s case is the most complicated, since the actress herself couldn’t movie to Vancouver. By default her case can not be considered similar to Flo’s.

While Sharon and Katie as similar cases of guest starring, it’s important to mention that Sharon’s screen time is about half of that of Katie’s, which can be linked to multiple unflattering reasons, but the most convenient one being that M’gann was linked to J’onn’s story(a simple regular’s), while Lena’s to Kara’s, the title character. 

For that reason alone, and because Alex is a co-lead character and not just a normal regular, I will associate Maggie’s case to that of Lena’s. 

Lena as a guest in s2, appeared in 12 episodes

Maggie as a regular in s2, appeared in 18 episodes

Their screen time was almost the exact amount, also Lena had about 3-4 episodes centered to her. While Maggie had just one. 

In fact we know more about Lena Luthor, and her life, than we know about Maggie.

Now their status is reversed, and while I do not wish for Katie to get Flo’s treatment (that was by itself an ugly case of underused talent, and waist of time), I do wish that Flo at the very least gets Katie’s s2 treatment.

If Flo gets 12 episodes, with some of them centered to her backstory, it will be way better than the 24 seconds per ep with no lines, she got in s2 just to cover the ep. quota of a regular.  

When Chyler talked about logistics, she meant that the writers now will be forced to pack a lot more of Maggie in fewer episodes (therefore write something more significant, like they did for Lena), than give some scraps to her per ep. 

Overall, if multiple episodes are actually more than 10, then I still have high hopes for sanvers. 

I only trust Chy and Flo with the sanvers storyline, Chyler seems to be involved with how it is approached. And yes she might not be able to do more than what she has done already, but keep in mind that it is probable, that EVERYTHING sanvers we got in s2 is because of her pushing(which would explain the difference in quality with the rest of the plots). 

Floriana seems to have Chyler’s back on that, and also shows that she loves both Maggie and sanvers herself. 

I, like many of you, do not trust the writers, I only trust my two goddesses and saviours.  

tl:dr: I’m optimistic as long as the amount of episodes Flo gets is the same or more than what Katie got in S2


When I say guest I mean recurring, I always thought it meant the same since I based “guest starring” to this:

This is from the 2x22, Calista is not a guest it seems

So Floriana is said to be recurring for s3

toadmaniaboy  asked:

Jack Skellington for the character meme

1: sexuality headcanon: Somewhere on the ace spectrum. And not because he’s a skeleton, he just doesn’t seem the type to find sex appealing. 

2: otp: ‘ We can live like Jack and Sally if we want ‘

3: brotp: I’m going to say ‘with Zero’, but let me state I also really love seeing him and the Mayor on screen together. But honestly Jack seems like the type where he likes everybody (except Oogie) but he hardly has somebody he’s close enough to have as his best friend. So his ghost pup fills that role.

4: notp: I have nothing against it, but I do find Victor/Jack kinda boring. Hit me up with some Sally/Emily though.

5: first headcanon that pops into my head: I know the Closing on the soundtrack mentions Jack having ‘four or five skeleton children at hand’, but I like to think they both would adopt kids. (I would prefer diverse monster children, but I’m still cool with skelly kids.)

6: one way in which I relate to this character: Happy-go-lucky with a side of depression. Also…. there’s a pattern of ‘obsessive’ here.

7: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character: Nothing really. I’ve watched this movie so many times that I can recite it. The closest thing I can think of would be that stupid formula he wrote on his chalkboard. As a gag it’s funny from a writing point of view. But as an in-character thing it’s just… Dude, you’re thinking too hard about this. It’s a moment where obsession blindsides him TOO much. Not surprising, as we’ve seen with the rest of the movie. But still.

8: cinnamon roll or problematic fave? Christmas Appropriation Perpetrator

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From time to time i watch (or listen) the 1D bread van video and that one twitcam video just so i can kind of witness Louis and Harry kissing. It's so beautiful they do that in real life! <3 we haven't seen it (yet) but those vids are the closest one's we have...

i still yell at “he was just drinking from his water bottle!” like mmm maybe but that sure didn’t sound like it

Okay, there seems to be some kind of situation, so let’s clarify a few things:

1) We can’t speak about anything regarding the Thomas Sanders allegations. None of us, afaik, follow the dude, and we don’t necessarily keep up with the discourse. And we haven’t really posted abt it or talked abt it on the blog, so? It’s not exactly clear how or what purpose that serves tbh.

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3) We really appreciate the discussions and asks all of you send. But we can’t always control nor respond to the discussions, especially as they take place in the reblogs. We sometimes try to, especially if the information is pertinent to the post or something we feel folks should know about, or if it makes a relevant point, or if it’s a rebuttal of some sort. But asking us to keep track of reblogs in the posts, especially if they’re older posts from at least a couple of years ago, is not something that we can realistically do. 

4) There is more than one mod running this blog, and we have changed mods over the last couple of years, which means that there isn’t a single person who’s been making all of the posts y'all refer to sometimes. And sometimes, the mod who made the post you might be referring to might not with the blog any more. 

We do our best to keep things as clear as possible, but things can still get confusing. However, please don’t come into our inbox to shout at us and then get angry when we don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about (see exhibit A, and exhibit B). If you really want to respond to someone’s post, and you’re not totally sure which blog made the post, just ask us, and we’ll do our best to get back to you. 

But I really can’t stress enough the fact that we’re not a fucking monolith here, so if you’re sending us criticism or hate, er, please make sure to point out what you’re talking about exactly, because otherwise we won’t know.

- Mod A

Swimming Lessons

Took H to the local pool for swimming lessons tonight. We’re 3 weeks into it & I take her every time. We always swim & play & have a great time. For some reason tonight I was incredibly self conscious about being shirtless. That’s not really like me. Even at my heaviest I was never the guy to leave my shirt on around the water. It sure what was going on in my head but I’m not thrilled by it. I don’t like my time with my daughter shaded by my body issues.

1- eevee admires riolu immediately, though they are still nervous about asking for their help when they first meet, but riolu also really hates bullies and almost goes into the cave alone before eevee even speaks up
2- having to explain how the world and items work to riolu took a lot of time since their policy is more “figure it out as we go along”
3- riolu doesn’t show it, but during the expedition they do notice how much eevee has grown and they’re secretly proud of them
4- once riolu figures out the aura powers they have, they try to talk more with eevee since they can sense eevee’s hesitation with everything, and they grow closer because of it
5- riolu sometimes likes to just pick up and carry around eevee, eevee doesn’t like it at first and just wants to hide in their own fluff but they slowly warm up to it (just please stop trying to carry them thru town)
bonus!6- both of them have their moments in the future and in the hidden land, eevee quickly coming up with the plan for celebi to help them get closer to the portal and speaking up without hesitation in the slightest, and riolu in the hidden land when dusknoir arrives and attacks them, riolu is quick to stand up and just START YELLING about everything and especially their anger towards dusknoir and “I’M TIRED OF YOU, YOU- YOU OLD MAN”

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1. Shake the Disease - Depeche Mode
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3. Don’t Look Back in Anger - Oasis
4. Stylo - Gorillaz
5. Choices - E-40
6. Raise the Flag - Machine Gun Kelly
7. Catfish Billy - Yelawolf
8. Forgot About Dre - Dr. Dre ft. Eminem 
9. Medicine Man - Dr. Dre ft. Eminem
10. Till I Die - Machine Gun Kelly

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besides clace this episode was pretty solid imo, I really liked and appreciated the amount of screen time luke got, every scene felt important and it didn't feel misplaced, also alec navigating his new job. the discussion of unfair treatment to downworlders was A+, I even kinda liked it better than last weeks, i did miss maia though :/

i completely agree anon, 2b has been great so far.. i honestly don’t want to jinx it but the past 4 episodes have been pretty damn enjoyable. i still like 213 more (its my favourite sh episode tbh), but 214 didn’t fall far from it at all. I MISSED MAIA TOO, i can’t believe we have to wait 3 weeks to see her :(

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Rules: We’re snooping on your playlist. Set your entire music library to shuffle and report the first ten tracks that pop up! Then choose ten additional victims!

1. Soothe My Soul - Depeche Mode

2. Want - The Cure

3. Radio Song - REM

4. Ain’t That Peculiar - Japan

5. There’ll Come a Day - The Damned

6. Mask - Bauhaus

7. Longest Day - Soulsavers

8. The Hanging Garden - The Cure

9. Macro - Depeche Mode

10. (We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thing - Heaven 17

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