Stefan Karl and cancer

1. STEFAN KARL HAS NOT DIED!!   Why would anyone even post that, without a legitimate source??  His children could see that and they do not need that! 

2. We Are Unicorns is not a legitimate source.  For anything

3.  NO ONE knows how long he has to left to live.  Miracles happen.  Medicine happens.   He could respond better than expected to treatment!  He could live YEARS, for all anyone knows.   Is it likely?  Maybe not, but it is POSSIBLE.   So, let’s quit trying to bury him before he is dead, okay? 

4.  There is not a single legitimate source out there that has said he has only days or weeks to live.   “His candle burns quickly” does NOT mean that and she wrote that just after receiving terrible news!  The only sources that say that are just regurgitating speculation.  Most of them are tabloid trash.   

5.  Hope is better than just giving up on him.  We haven’t consulted with his doctors.  The man himself is thinking positively, WHICH IS VERY IMPORTANT WHEN FIGHTING CANCER.  Yes, the situation is grave and doesn’t look good, but that doesn’t mean he or anyone else has to give up. 

6.  The last thing Stefan Karl needs is to get on the internet and see that he has been written off as dead by his fans and meme friends.   He doesn’t need to feel abandoned by us.  How would you like to see a headline stating you only have days or weeks to live, when you’re trying to stay positive and fight back against cancer?  Do you think that helps?   I think it would be discouraging and that can only hurt him. 

7.  Where there is life there IS hope.

“When I take photos with fans at Supernatural fan conventions, people ask for specific poses. Some fans want hugs, some want to kiss me on the cheek, some want some something that subtly suggests Destiel, and many ask for the “Awkward Prom Date” Pose.

The awkward prom date pose is one I have been perfecting for many decades. I was an early adopter! As evidence, here is me beta-testing this pose with Vicki. Yes, we now have 2 kids. And yes, this was us putting the “Awkward” in “Awkward Prom Photo” a quarter of a century ago.”

–Misha Collins

Excerpt from  MISHA’S Concise AutoBiography

1. it was christmas eve, we were in my living room and you asked me to dance. we swayed under the lights of my christmas tree for an hour. i never thought anyone would ever love me. but then i met you.
2. we had broken up. most of the time we barely spoke. but on my birthday i came home from school to find a bouquet of my favourite flowers from you. still to this day i don’t know why you did it, but ill never forget it.
3. i had been having a really fucking bad day and i texted you about it. not even twenty minutes later you called me and stayed in the phone with me until i felt better. every time i need you you’re there.
—  three times i knew you were the one for me// 4am

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Hi I was wondering if you knew of any fics where stiles is a werewolf and can do the full shift into a Wolf? Thanks

We only have 2 recs for you, sadly! Be sure to check this AO3 search and if some of our followers have recs, feel free to send them our way!


A new pack by Lesatha

“We’ll stay at your old pack’s camp for several days. You can meet us there if you want.”

The Alpha shifted back into his wolf body and left, his Betas following, trotting calmly as if he hadn’t ruined Stiles’ perfect plan –surviving alone. Now he felt torn between that possibility and another one, much more appealing. Finding a new pack, a real pack. This new hope made everything worse.

A rogue pack kills Stiles’ family and kidnaps him. Then enters Derek Hale.

My Wolf by Dexterous_Sinistrous

“If he wants to mate Stiles, why not let him?” Jackson asked, ready to part with Stiles if need be.

“Because if I did that, I’d be demoting Lydia,” Alpha Stilinski replied.

“We don’t even know how good of a Beta he is,” Lydia countered, bristling some that her status was being challenged.

“That’s because he’s not a Beta,” Alpha Stilinski stated. “He’s an Alpha.”

“We only have 2 female characters in midst of a male-dominated cast though”

Yes and their most popular headcanons revolve around their sexuality, of course, because any female that’s not a lesbian or aroace could potentially compete with the popular mlm pairing. So fandom does everything in order to not give her that chance. Also for some reason male characters that weren’t given an actual role in the story yet are already more popular than said 2 female leads

Told the kids about the Disney trip in Feb. The boy asked if *insert ex bf’s name* is going to surprise them and show up like he did 2 years ago. Considering we broke up 2 years ago next month and haven’t talked since I don’t think so. It makes me sad the boy misses him so much, he really loved him.

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Do you know when or if there's gonna be a season 4?

Do I know when? No

Do I know if? Well… Not really

But if we look at the fact that the Haikyuu manga is still ongoing without any signs of stopping, the fact that we’re getting 2 OVAs this year, if we look at all the new merch that’s been coming out lately, there’s some Haikyuu cafe event going on in Tokyo etc etc. it looks like we WILL be getting a season 4, but when that will happen is something I don’t know. I’m guessing next year? Like probably not this year because of the OVAs we’re getting… So yeah. 2018…. Hopefully……

The Curses We Utter, Pt. 2

Part 1
Part 3

Part 4

Summary: Sam and Dean find out who, and what you are, with a little help from a feather friend ;-)

Warnings: Cursing, adult themes, violence, blah blah blah. Don’t read if you aren’t 18. :-)


So here you are; staring down the barrel of Dean Winchester’s gun. His large strong hand still wrapped around your neck, keeping you still and just barely making it difficult to breathe. He wanted you like this. On the edge and scared shitless. You’re hands were grasping his arm in front of you, holding tight-but you weren’t able to escape his grasp.

‘What the hell have I done?’

“How much harder do I need to squeeze for an answer?” His voice was too calm for comfort. Your (y/e/c) eyes widened at the statement as he squeezed your throat hard, making you wince.

You were gasping for air, clawing at his arm in a plea to release you. After what felt like an eternity (it was probably only about 30 seconds) of his strangulation, he finally let go of you. He took a half step back but kept his gun aimed at your head.

You collapsed down to the floor, holding your neck like that would help you catch your breath.

You faced the floor on your knees, coughing, trying to form words as fast as you could before he could shoot you. “Okay! O-Okay-” Your dry bruised throat paid you no heed. More coughing. “I’ll tell you everything. I swear. Please-d-don’t kill me yet…” You started to cry again.

'Grow the fuck up!’ You told yourself. You dared to look at Dean through strands of your (y/h/c) hair that hung in your view.

Dean’s face contorted in a way you couldn’t read. And just like that he lowered his weapon.

“Get the hell up.” He ordered.

You reached for the bed to pull yourself up, your weak legs were unreliable again. Not being able to walk for a few weeks would do that to a person. And thankfully you were able to stand.

In that moment, the tension between you and Dean was indescribable. Your eyes pierced one another’s. You were about to open your mouth and spill the beans-about everything. Who and what you were, your real last name even. You’d tell him if it meant you’d get to leave…alive.

But just then, Dean holstered his pistol in the back waist band of his dark blue faded jeans.

“Come on. Let’s go.” He ordered.

Dean reached for your upper arm, and in fear you tore away from his grasp. That only made it worse for you. Dean found your arm once more, gripping it so tightly you thought he’d rip it off-and he began walking out of his bedroom pulling you forcefully behind him.

“W-Where are you taking me?” You whimpered. Tears stained your face, and you dug your heels into the floor, hoping to slow him down…but to no avail.

And from Dean came no reply. Only silence through his clenched teeth, his jaw bones protruding in and out in anger.

The two of you met the end of one corridor, then turned and started down another one you hadn’t been down yet. It was darker, and looked like they didn’t come this way very often. His stride was too fast for you to keep up with now, your long tan legs began to quake once more.

“Please Dean! S-Slow down, what are you doing?!” You begged him, trying your best to gain a response-a word, anything would have made you feel better.

In that moment you were so focused at trying to read his face, you broke your concentration on keeping your stride moving.Your legs give out as he is dragging you behind him mercilessly by your arm, the one he’d just patched up not an hour before.

You hit the floor and caught yourself with your free arm, crying out in pain at a searing pain in your left leg.

'Shit! My stitches…’

You’re stitches burst at the abrupt landed you’d just had, a fresh trickle of crimson blood running down your leg.

Dean hadn’t let go of your arm yet, the fall happened so fast. To your disbelief he paid the sight of new blood coming from your leg no attention, and ripped you off the floor by your arm once again.

He still said nothing. Ouch.

You made damn sure you stayed on your feet this time. Dean Winchester was in no mood to carry you, that was for damn sure.

Dean drug you up to a door at the end of the second corridor, and stopped in front of it to fish out a pair of keys from his jeans’ pocket. Turning the door knob he led you in past a sliding bookcase, then flipped a light switch to his left.

Terror flooded your eyes the moment you saw what filled this room-it was like a dungeon, or a torture chamber-you weren’t sure which, but you didn’t care. Shackles, hand cuffs and weapons hung from every wall, and the solitary light bulb illuminated a single chair in the middle of the room. Right in the middle of a Devil’s Trap. The chair had it’s very own set of restraints, with spell work galore.

You were fucked.

Dean’s grip tightened as he sensed you were about to bolt, to try to fight your way out of this. And he was right.

'No no no!!! Not again. I can't….RUN.’

You didn’t realize it but you screamed 'No’ at the top of your lungs as you tried to break free of Dean’s hold on you. You punched, slapped, scratched and kicked at him-you gave it all you could in your state.

“Stop!” Dean yelled, who had managed to dodge nearly every fist you punched at him. And just like that, fiercely he whipped you around to face away from him, held you flush against his solid body with his arms around your waist and lifted.

He carried you over to the chair kicking and screaming.

Dean planted you roughly in the steel seat, and before you knew what hit you you couldn’t move your feet, arms, or even your head. Spelled metal restraints held you every which way, even around your neck to the back of the chair. Then you felt it…you couldn’t explain it, but the spell work on the restraints and chair were keeping you in a way that made your spine quiver.

And you stopped. You stopped crying, you stopped kicking and trying to break free; you just shut down. You didn’t know it then, but mentally you couldn’t handle it. You’d just escaped the horrendous grasp of demons and torture, for weeks you’d endured pain you’d never imagined; you couldn’t grasp going through something like that again. You were on auto-pilot.

“Dean?!” Sam’s voice bellowed through the bunker.

'Oh my god, maybe he can talk some sense into him!!’ You hoped.

“Sammy! In the dungeon!” Dean hollered back through the door way.

You’re gut wrenched at the word, and you squeezed your eyes shut quickly. You didn’t want to hear that word.

Sam’s footsteps were nearing the door as he started to yell out to Dean again. “You okay?! I saw the blood in the hallwa-” He saw the scene unfolding before him. His mouth dropped and glanced between the two of you.

“-Dean what the fuck?! What the hell is going on here?!!” Sam jogged over to you. “Are you okay?!”

You only got the chance to meet his eyes before Dean cut you off. “She’s not who she says she is, Sam!” Dean pointed his finger at you.

“What the hell are you talking about?!” Sam exclaimed, taking one quick step backward.

“Just trust me, okay?!” Dean rose his voice annoyed that his brother was questioning his judgement.

He walked closer to Sam to explain.

“Sammy, think about! Those demons-it’s probably a freakin’ set up man! I mean, SERIOUSLY-what if they knew we were on our way to gank 'em, huh? The whole…”

Dean gestured to you as Sam’s head was cocked in interest. “…The whole 'insanely sexy damsel in distress’ dangled right in front of us…she’s probably working for 'em! Maybe, just maybe they wanted someone on the inside of the bunker…”

Dean’s voice trailed off, and damn it! If you were Dean you’d be thinking the exact same thing right now. Of course, it’d be perfect-but unfortunately for you, that was going to make it harder for them to believe you. And at the same time, your inner-goddess was blushing because Dean Winchester just called you 'insanely sexy’.

'Well, there’s one win at least…’

You looked at Dean then at Sam, but they were completely ignoring you. You expected Sam to come to your defense, but when he didn’t, your heart sank.

He ran his fingers through his hair and cursed out loud, with an angry huff. “Damnit! How could we have been so stupid?! I told you we shoulda left her at the hospital, Dean!” He pointed his finger at his older brother.

“Hey, excuse me for tryin’ to help her out!!” Dean protested.

They were both angry at the scenario they thought to be true.

“No Dean, you got all googley-eyed over a pretty girl, and you let your guard down!” Sam yelled at Dean again, who’s annoyance was building.

You wish they’d stop talking about you like you weren’t there. But you guessed that was how they acted in front of monsters. Monsters.

'I am not a god damned monster…’

You knew you had to speak up while they paused. “Will you let me tell you the truth?…Please?” You managed the words out, they were quiet and broken, but precise.

They both turned to you, jolted out of their angry exchange.

Sam clenched his fists at his sides and stepped forward into the Devil’s Trap. “Start talking.”


Sam towered over you, waiting for you to speak. Dean joined him, both of them had their best 'bitch faces’ on.

“I’m a hunter.” You decided to start off slow, ease into the whole 'I’m the spawn of a Demon and an Angel’ thing.

You paused waiting for them to reply, but they only raised their eyebrows waiting for you to continue.

You sighed a breath you’d been holding in for a long time.

“I’ve been hunting since I was 15. My Mom didn’t come home one day, and I’ve never met my Dad.” You looked down at the floor. This was harder than you thought.

“Cool story, we’ll send you a sympathy card sometime-get to the part that matters!” Dean yelled.

You nodded, averted his gaze, and cleared your throat. “The-Uh…the special thing about my p-parents is…that they weren’t completely human…”

Dean narrowed his eyes, and Sam crossed his arms; they were intrigued.

“My Mom…she-she was an Angel-IS an Angel, I mean I’m not sure if she’s alive but-” You were interrupted by Sam.

“Wait, so you’re a Nephilim?” He asked. You shook your head.

“Uh, no…not exactly. My Dad…h-he um…” You were tripping over your words, stuttering like an idiot.

“Oh for fuck’s sake! Spit it out!” Dean screamed at you in frustration.

You jumped at the volume of his voice and opened your mouth to finish, when a man’s voice you hadn’t heard before boomed out throughout the dungeon.

“Sam, Dean! Let her go!” You couldn’t see him, but Dean and Sam both turned on their heels to face him.

Dean said, “Where the hell have you been Cas?!”

Only 2 more days until the bomb!!

Hey everyone! We only have 2 more days until the bomb starts, I hope you’re all prepared! I was notified by someone that the ‘FAQ’ and the ‘Host’ button on the blog were broken but I have since fixed the issue! I hope you all have a great day!

46 Questions "Pretty Little Liars" Never Really Answered

Well they actually did answer most of these!

1. Alex wanted to know who killed Charlotte and she wanted revenge. Since the girls were tortured by Charlotte and are always involved in crimes of course she thought they knew what happened and made the game to get answers

2. We know the liars aren’t that smart

3. Sense of smell I guess? It’s really not that crazy

4. Because they were both out for revenge because they believed they got a raw deal out of life, not that crazy or unbelievable as a motive

5. She’s MONA 

6. She was dating the cop that arrested them 

7. So crazy! It’s not like wren has ever cheated on anyone before!!

8. It happened before why couldn’t it happen again? Charlotte probably knew a guy

9. Maybe it was her favourite? Toby would know that       

10. Okay this one people can complain about. I guess Alex knew how valuable Mona was and if she kept the twincer secret she could live. Wren was sent to kill her and she must have manipulated him into letting them know that she is more valuable alive 

11. Idk he got a loan? Do we really care?  

12. They made fun of it in the show so I’m over it                                               

13. THIS. this is a plot hole to complain about. Too bad its hidden under irrelevant things we already know                                                                               

14. This I am confused about, I thought we all knew it was Wilden and that’s why he got so mad at Hanna, then the whole car thing happened                      

15. Paige? Wasn’t this around the time Cece said Ali was scared of her and all that? if not okay it is another plot hole.                                                               

16. I have no idea okay this is another one                                                         

17. He had just tried to kill his finance’s sister, and the person who pushed him off the bell tower could back her up. Is that not enough of a reason?               

18-19. I don’t remember specific details about the Bethany storyline so I’ll assume they are plot holes.                           

20. We know we has a bad dude, he was in the dollhouse for fun? AD got Sydney to do shady shit so AD probably had something on Noel too  

21. Wasn’t she about to tell Emily what was happening?

22. The treasure? that was bull shit so this one just sucks we don’t have a good reason                                                                                                                  

23. she’s too irrelevant to care 

24. Because she wasn’t visiting Mona as Charlotte. She was visiting her as Cece. Mona didn’t know who she was working for remember?  

25. We know Radley did not have the best security. Mona got out all the time 

26. Because I am sure Jason told his mom everything about his life

27. A red hearing red coat? idk pll does that all the time     

28. and why did he know Aria????? I NEED TO KNOW   

29. It’s not unheard of for someone to build a bunker          

30. I would like to know this      

31. Wasn’t it Lukas? He was having trouble walking when he was talking to Hanna like one or two episodes later.  

32. no one knows                             

33. To extend the show for another season so more money   

34. He’s doing great? We saw him? like sorry we didn’t get the last 6 years of his life and yea I liked him with Aria too but what is the problem here? 

35. Left because he was a terrible father?    

36. He played his role and then that plot was wrapped up

37. Police get away with everything don’t we know this already?

38. Do we actually care about this one? 

39. She was probably spying on them too? She was going to confess so she did some research

40. Ali was never a real suspect in Archer’s murder so they would not have a reason to take her phone. On the record, she was still in the hospital thing at the time of his death.

41. She didn’t know anything about Alison. That was all apart of the part when we thought Garett was guilty. Her death was all Nate

42. A’s favourite number? 

43. a red hearing?

44. Alex Drake? before she decided to fall in love with toby and take her life

45. Because obviously mental health awareness is not taught in their schools!

46. Because Pretty Little Liars was an amazing show! 

Please correct me if I am wrong on any of these or if anyone else has an answer for something I couldn’t remember! 


I’ve played through the second date and we will soon have our fist elimination. I hope to have an update out either Monday or Tuesday. 

Here are a few outtakes. No pictures though since I don’t want the identities out yet who did what.

1) We’ve had our first autonomous kiss. Unfortunately not between Adam and one of the lovely contestants.

2) We’ve had our first slap. Unfortunately Adam was the recipient of the slap from one of the lovely contestants.

3) Adam still looks for one specific contestant to compliment them. Fortunately this time around the contestant is favorable to receiving the compliments and hasn’t run away or ignored him. Unfortunately though they follow the compliment with trying to scare him afterwards.

This is going to be interesting! 

🐺 Warriors ( Erin Hunter ) Various Quotes Starters Pt 2

  • “We cannot change our destiny. We just have to have courage to know what it is, and accept it.”
  • “Before there is peace, blood will spill blood and the lake will run red,”
  • “Oh great! Let’s pile up all the useless ones and hope a tree falls on them.”
  • “You have no idea how much pain I’m in! It’s like being cut open every day, bleeding onto the stones. I can’t understand how any of you failed to see the blood,”
  • “Show some respect, ____. You don’t want to die in a place like this.”
  • “There’s nowhere beyond here, you know. Only darkness.”
  • “___ was born an idiot. They’ll die an idiot.”
  • “I have returned. Let vengeance begin.”
  • “What is the point of a life held in the hands of another? There must be choice. There must be freedom.”
  • “I envy your faith. You can always find hope, even in the darkest moments.”
  • “I feel as though there are two lives inside me, not one.”
  • “Who died and made you leader?”
  • “The first lesson of hunting is patience,”
  • “Loyalty and love are two very different things. All my life I’ve chosen loyalty, which has made my path much simpler.”
  • “I’m here to heal you, if you want sympathy go to the nursery.”
  • “There are no herbs that can take away memories. You just learn to live with them.”
  • “Yes O’ great one, I’ll do exactly as you say. And when we come back empty handed, maybe you’ll admit I was right.”
  • “You didn’t have to interfere, it was nothing I couldn’t handle.”
  • “That’s just what I don’t need. You treat me like a helpless kid, and I’m sick of it!”
  • “You will make things right. When the time comes, I know you will.”
  • “For once in your life stop telling everyone who belongs and who doesn’t! You don’t get to decide!”
  • “Fear is what drove you. Fear is a powerful instinct that only the strongest can resist. But now you see there’s no need to be afraid.We have shown that death is nothing to fear, it’s not the end.”
  • “Why must we hate one another over such simple desires?”
  • “Judge as much with your heart as with your mind,”
  • “Just shut up! No one died and made you leader,”
  • “Loyalty is what matters, and that exists now, not in the past.”
  • “Let me keep busy. I need something to distract me, or the memories hurt too much.”
  • “The only true borders lie between night and day,between life and death, between hope and loss.”
  • “These people are bathed in blood. It soaks their skin and laps at their feet. This is how we survive!”
  • “Which do you think would be easier for me, to die, or to go on living?”
  • “You need to know that you’re surrounded by lies, and hatred, and things that should have never happened!”
  • “You cannot live with a foot in each world,”
  • “Whatever else he might do, he will always keep his word.”
  • “Hungry bellies make hungry hearts,”
  • “Can you imagine what that feels like? To be rejected twice? To be made alone when all you tried to do was love?”