How Anne and Dan find out Venom is back
  • Dan: So Eddie you're enjoying the steak?
  • Eddie: oh yeah, Anne wasn't kidding about it being good.
  • Anne: And you wanted to doubt Dan's grilling skills.
  • Eddie: hey can someone pass the salt?
  • Dan: Sure th-
  • * black tentacle grabs the salt bringing it to Eddie*
  • Eddie: Thanks V!
  • Dan & Anne: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wei Wuxian: Good job, Jin Ling!

Jin Ling: You’re giving me a sticker?

Wei Wuxian: Not just any sticker. It has a kitten that says, “Me-Wow!”

Jin Ling: I’m not a kid 

Wei Wuxian: Alright, I’ll take it back then

Jin Ling: I earned this, back off!

Headcannon about Wei WuXian

Do you guys think that because of his adoptive mother, who, while mean to him, is a really powerful woman, and due to his love towards his sister, Wei WuXian is a respect wahman guy? Like he absolutely apologizes if he makes a girl unconfortable while flirting, loves badass female cultivators and actually listens to them? In Gusu there might be even a sexist rule or something and WuXian breaks it and when Lan Zhan comes to be angry at him he stops because WuXian is fuming in rage, yelling with Jiang Cheng about how he wants to torn those stupid rules apart and when he sees Lan Zhan he just. Grows a few inches by pure rage and gives the longest “female are queens” speech of all and wow, Lan Zhan couldn’t be more aroused and scared.

Do you guys think that happens or-