Time Stood Still, Part 5: The Mummer’s Farce Is Almost Done

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“Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!”

Every dream-narrative has (to borrow from IMO the finest example of the form, Mulholland Dr.) a Club Silencio moment. Right before our hero wakes up (in Davos’ case, on Unicorn Cannibal Island), the author lays it all out for them: here’s what the dream’s been about, here’s what all the symbols meant, here’s what you learned. 

Indeed, Davos IV ADWD is in essence a full-length commentary on, counterpoint to, and occasionally critique of Davos III. The structure is identical: Davos starts in a cell (though GRRM dwells on that more here), is brought before Lord Wyman, a discussion ensues about the war so far and where they should go from here. Robett Glover acts in private where Marlon Manderly acts in public, similar issues of loyalty and injustice are raised in the confrontation, and the meeting even takes place directly below the Merman’s Court, where the last one took place (that was the public face of Wyman Manderly, this the private one). This sort of echoing strikes me as unmistakably similar to dream-narratives; not that other kinds of narratives don’t have echoes and parallels, of course, but the feigned/real divide, the way the symbols are used, and the way everything is tied into Davos’ own internal struggle is what leads me to the dream-construct. 

If you take what we’re seeing here as Davos’ dream, for example, the setting should feel like we’re wandering his subconscious, right? And just like in the last three chapters, it does. 

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Wex Pyke (requested by melarahetherspoons)

“He climbed the heart tree and hid himself amongst the leaves. Bolton’s men searched the godswood twice and killed the men they found there, but none thought to clamber up into the trees. Is that how it happened, Wex?”
The boy flipped up Glover’s dagger, caught it, nodded.
Glover said, “He stayed up in the tree a long time. He slept amongst the branches, not daring to descend. Finally he heard voices down beneath him.”
“The voices of the dead,” said Wyman Manderly.
“The lad is ironborn, so he thought it best not to show himself,” said Glover. “He listened. The six did not linger long amongst the ruins of Winterfell. Four went one way, two another. Wex stole after the two, a woman and a boy. He must have stayed downwind, so the wolf would not catch his scent.”
“He knows where they went,” Lord Wyman said.

Logan Lerman as Wex Pyke, and Ian McNiece as Wyman Manderly

Two more weeks :(

Omg. I didn’t know training starts on the first of November.

You’re on to the fourth stage. :|

You’re a step closer in reaching your dreams.

I don’t know what to react. I don’t know if I should be happy for you, or be sad coz you’re just a step away from the 6-month training. I want to be the most supportive girlfriend, as much as possible, but I don’t want to pull you away from your dreams either. Gah :| 6 months is a loooooooooong time. No communication, you don’t get to go out of the training camp, no me. NO MEEEEEEEEEEEE :( This is gonna be tough.

As the days go nearer and nearer to November, I get weaker. We can’t celebrate pur 2nd anniversary together :( We can’t watch Breaking Dawn together :(( God, fast forward to May 2012 pleaaaaaaaaase :(

Well, we still have two more weeks, baby. :( Let’s make the most out of it. I know this is for the future. Yes, FOR THE FUTURE. 

I’ll be waiting.