“I want to thank all of you for making it such a happy time for me. Truthfully, the time I spent on stage meeting and singing for you guys is well treasured. I will think of the time we spent together, the good times, the happy times and that is not the end. As I mentioned, we rehearsed today and had spent 8 years together. As I see it, there is no other like our members, so please continue to value them. Since Super Show 5 had already started, please support and give it more love. And I hope no one will forget me. I love you. Thank you.” → Yesung ©


Starting from Kibum, going on to Kangin, Hankyung, Heechul, Leeteuk, and now you. I keep telling myself that this will only be a little while and our baby will be back, but I’m not ready to say goodbye! SUJU obviously won’t be the same with our alien like oppa! Ahhh~ I’m gonna miss all your selcas!!! Just work hard and come back soon!!! ELFs and Clouds will be waiting until 2015 for you to come back!  사랑해요! 기다릴게 김종운!~ 예성오빠,화이팅!  우리는 엘프 에요!~

he just sort of quietly slipped away, which is what he wanted. but still.

I know you said you didn’t think you were strong enough to face us with a smile, but we weren’t asking you to be. You have the whole Saphhire blue sea surrounding you and the Clouds above you.

Yesung, come back to us safely after Kim Jongwoon completes his mission.

you will be missed.

we’re waiting.

Kim Jongwoon, level 4 soldier.

Yesung will be serving as a Level 4 Soldier A.K.A Public Service Officer/Personnel. But before he can start his duties as a Public Service Officer/Personnel he have to train for 4 weeks at the training camp he enlisted to.

In the first 2-3 days at their camp; new recruits will receive supplies (i.e. uniform, boots, and underwear) Strictly speaking, no soldier in the training center is allowed to have any private item – everything is provided by the military. A recruits personal items (usually the clothes he wore when he entered the camp) will be packed up and sent back to his parents. Since Yesung will only be serving as a Level 4 Soldier he would only learn how to use a gun, grenade and the basic knowledge of combat and the army (Those who are in active duty must learn more and it’s definitely more painful and hard). After training trainees are free to do anything they want to kill time. Training usually ends at 5PM at the most.

*What does a Public Service Officer do?

He will work in the city hall, subway, factory and other places, like a government worker. Depends on where he is assigned.

*Will he go home to his own house or is there a dorm for all Level 4 soldiers?

He will go home to his own home. Basically, a Public Service Officer has a normal job and ends at 5PM-6PM. 

In other words, even though he will be away from the public eye for 2 years, he can still live with other Super Junior members.