Starting from Kibum, going on to Kangin, Hankyung, Heechul, Leeteuk, and now you. I keep telling myself that this will only be a little while and our baby will be back, but I’m not ready to say goodbye! SUJU obviously won’t be the same with our alien like oppa! Ahhh~ I’m gonna miss all your selcas!!! Just work hard and come back soon!!! ELFs and Clouds will be waiting until 2015 for you to come back!  사랑해요! 기다릴게 김종운!~ 예성오빠,화이팅!  우리는 엘프 에요!~

he just sort of quietly slipped away, which is what he wanted. but still.

I know you said you didn’t think you were strong enough to face us with a smile, but we weren’t asking you to be. You have the whole Saphhire blue sea surrounding you and the Clouds above you.

Yesung, come back to us safely after Kim Jongwoon completes his mission.

you will be missed.

we’re waiting.

It's not easy being a fan

Being a fan isn’t easy. We fall in love with people who will probably never even know who we are and yet we still devote our time and love to them. We do it because they’ve helped us in a way that no one else can. They bring us joy and happiness on a whole different level and we can’t help but to fall deeper and deeper in love. It almost feels like a one-sided love. But then there are times like this where we are reminded that it’s not a simple celebrity crush. Times like this where our bias is on the verge of tears, telling us that he doesn’t want to let us go, even for a short period of time. They remind us that they are just as dependent on us as we are on them. And isn’t that what true love is all about? Depending on each other and always staying by their side, no matter what comes in the way. We try to keep that in mind as we cry together, knowing that they are leaving for enlistment soon. We stay strong when that time comes and we wait patiently for them to come back. And in the mean time, they are always in our hearts.

People call us crazy and just some emotional fangirls who need to grow up, but they don’t understand. This is the commitment we made when we decided to enter the fandom. This is the promise we made to be there till the end. And we intend on keeping it, no matter how much it hurts us to see them leave.

So my dear Kim Jongwoon, it’s hard to believe that this time has already come. We knew this was coming and we tried to prepare ourselves, but we're still not ready to let you leave. Even though it’s just a short 2 years, you will be missed deeply. We will wait for you just like how we are waiting for Heechul and Jungsoo. Please come back to us safely and remember that this is not a Goodbye, but a See you later.

Yesung Fighting!