this season we have truly been through hell and back! from what once was thought to be a “doomed” season, to us being in the playoffs as the number 1 seed who clinched the Presidents trophy. I can honestly say I am so beyond proud of these boys! they worked their asses off all season to achieve a record of 36-7-5. this personally has been one of the best seasons I have ever experienced. it was amazing to be able to witness all of this and be a part of this historic 48 game season for this exceptional organization. I can not wait to see what this group of amazing men can accomplish during the playoffs! as of today we ended a 48 game season on top but we in a few days we will start a 16 game season! in the end there is only one thing that truly matters..and that would be raising Lord Stanleys Cup! #WeWantCup #CommitToCup #OneGoal #NHL #Hawkey

HAWKS WIN! HAWKS WIN!! HAWKS WINNN!!!Congrats to my @nhlblackhawks on beating the wings in the last regulation game against Detroit while being division opponents and SWEEPING the season series!! 4-0 BABY!The wings will surely be missed in the west but hey at least we can always go against eachother in the Stanley Cup Finals ;) Also a HUGE congrats to the boys for clinching the Central Division! You worked your asses off thus far but all the matters is when the Indian Head hoists the cup! #LetsGoHawks #WeWantCup! #ChelseaDagger