weve got that 'you hang up' 'no you hang up' kind of love

Part 2 - You find out hes been hanging with Selena

Please do a part 2 for the “you find out he’s been hanging out with Selena” fake text, it was sooo good (but can u make it a long imagine?) 😭😭😍😍😍


requests are always open :-)



lol Justin puts Y/N in her place in this one !


I shut my phone and turn it off , before actually processing what I just did . Did I really break up with Justin?

The tears were building as I got up , pacing the floors .

What was I supposed to do? He lied to me .

The tears spilled over and I let out a sob , before leaving my room and grabbing my car keys and walking out the door .


“He still loves her” I sobbed into Kylies shoulder , letting out all my frustrations and sadness from today .

“How can you be sure?” Kylie asked , rubbing my back gently .

I moved from her shoulder to look at her .

“He knows how I feel about her , about their whole situation , yet hes been doing this photoshoot with her without telling me. He looked so happy in those pictures Kylie.” I said , the tears falling from my eyes uncontrollably as I think of  it again .

“Oh Y/N” Kylie says , bringing me in her arms again .

“Why cant he love me the way I love him?” I whimper .

“He does love you Y/N , anyone can see that. Maybe you should just talk to him” Kylie says , and I shake my head .

“I cant talk to him . I feel like an idiot” I sigh , my head pounding from all the tears .

“Well , he’s kind of coming over as we speak” She says , and I look up quickly .

“Kylie you didn’t” I say , worry creeping over me .

“I didn’t! I think he texted Kendall” She defends , and I stand up.

“I need to leave then . I cant see him.” I say , standing up .

“Wait Y/N don’t go” She pleads but im not listening , already heading towards the door .

“Im not ready to see him” I say , and swing the door open , only to be met with Justin getting ready to ring the bell .

I freeze once I see him , looking as amazing as the last time I saw him , and he does the same , both of us just staring at each other .

I feel my eyes start to water as I continue to look at him and he notices .

“Y/N just let me explain” He starts but I shake my head , moving to walk past him but he grabs me .

“Let go of me” I beg , but he walks around e so that hes right in front of me , and I close my eyes .

“Look at me” He pleads , and I shake my head .

“Y/N” He began but I cut him off , opening my eyes thatw ere shining with tears.

“You know , you really had me fooled Justin” I say , laughing bitterly .

“I actually thought you loved me “ I continue

“I do love you” He cuts in and I laugh again .

“I was only a rebound. All theses years , you were using me to get over her.” I accuse , and he stares at me .

“Are you fucking kidding me?” He yells , catching me off guard .

“Paparazzi snaps one photo of us since we used to date , and you think the past two and a half years weve had together is some damn rebound?” He barked , and I stare up at him .

“Im not going to lie Y/N , I was fucked up for a while after Selena and I split up , and I didn’t think I’d ever fall in love again” He admits , and I look down .

“And then you just pop into my life and for the first time since our breakup I found hope again . I found someone who patched up the whole in my heart she left and then some.” He adds , and I look up at him once again.

“Well what do you expect me to think when I see you with her looking so happy? Like you missed those times?” I defend myself .

“I don’t know what you thought  and im sorry for making it seem that way .I don’t hate Selena. Yes , she broke my heart but I don’t hate her. We laughed , but that was it . She was the love of my life then but you are the love of my life now. You Y/N. I love you so fucking much and im sorry I didn’t tell you about the photoshoot with her . I didn’t want to hurt you like youre hurting now . I would never do anything to purposely hurt you because I love you. I love you . I. Love. You.” He says , and my entire body feels warmth.

“You cant just assume things and break up with me without even giving me a chance to explain myself . You more than anybody should know that the media is going to make something huge out of nothing . In the years weve been together , have I ever made you even think I wanted Selena back?” He states , and I shake my head no.

“So why jump to conclusions? We need to learn to communicate , and talk about things Y/N” He says , and I sigh.

“Okay , im sorry . Youre right” I admit, intertwining our fingers together.

“Im not trying to make you feel guilty baby , I just love you and I don’t want to lose you for something so stupid” He says , kissing the top of my hand .

“Im sorry. I love you too” I say , leaning up to kiss his lips .