so i’m just getting over my cold

and i feel so accomplished today like

i did my bedding (which i’ve never done before)

and cleaned my room (which my mom usually has to threaten me to do)

and it’s really nice out and its my first day of spring break

and im blasting the lumineers and my dog is looking at me funny


its a good day

Okay no you know what of COURSE a lot of the ‘fire Wilson’ stuff is reactionary - the team just went 1-9-1, so feelings have boiled over, and RIGHTLY SO.

No one thinks firing Wilson will fix all of the team’s problems

but 1-9-1 isn’t acceptable

we want accountability 

yes the team has sucked but coaching has something to do with that

I mean look at our dismal special teams? and they’ve BEEN dismal for how long now?

the fact that he barely communicates with this team frustrates me too

coaches are hired to be fired and it’s just time for him to move on

the “fire Wilson” sentiments have been there for a long time and it’s just TIME

for this team to go from a virtual playoff lock to pretty much  no hope to make the playoffs is pathetic and in most other cities would result in some sort of firing.

bye bye Ron