What, what, where are you people coming from?

Anyway, hi, sorry in advance for the mess but thank you for following me. Also, if y'all see this, what’s the origin of your url? You’ve all got pretty interesting ones, and I’m in a curious mood. And hey, older followers, this is for you too! I found a lot of your handle-things really cool, but I’ve never got around to asking about it till now…in the dead of the night.

weusedtoholdhandslikefieldtrips is now following you

As much as I appreciate you following my blog, I don’t know why you’re here since - although I am a HUGE Donald Glover/Childish Gambino fan (since the Derrick Comedy days, might I add) - I don’t really upload/reblog much content surround him (though I assume you found me because of Community gif-set that I made recently). However, if you like my blog anyway and wish to continue following me, I’d be more than happy to have you here. On the other hand, I’ll totally understand if you choose to unfollow later. Thanks for stopping by anyway; it does mean a lot to me.